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Trainer Silver Wants to Battle!

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I recently took a short break from blogging and social media. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by work, side projects with ridiculous self-imposed deadlines, and my renewed art hobby. Being constantly “on” doesn’t help my mental overload, so I unplugged for a few days to focus on cleaning out our place and Pokemon Silver. This game was so magical. It still is after all these years.

I started with Pokemon Red when my mom gave me a Gameboy Color for my 11th birthday. My friends and I would trade after school until we had all 150 Pokemon, and all we got was a lousy certificate. Still, beating the Elite Four and catching Mewtwo for the first time were just a few of my fond childhood memories. Pokemon was my life up until I discovered HTML in seventh grade.

I got the Silver version a couple of years after beating Red. I was blown away by the new ~*technologies*~. A system clock! Day and night cycles! Berries and apricorn! And I can revisit Kanto? A m a z i n g.

I had an awesome time, yo. I can’t put my finger on why, but Silver was just so… good. It’s my favorite version ever. I have the Generation IV remake on my 3DS, but nah. It has to be the Generation II Silver. Nothing compares.

So yeah, I’m replaying it on an emulator and I’m having a blast. I’m stuck in Ecruteak City right now since I’m severely underleved. My current run is slowgoing because unlike during my childhood, I now have inescapable responsibilities, like work and chores. Ugh adulthood!

Did you have a favorite childhood game? Do you have a favorite Pokemon? Mine’s Clefairy! ^_^

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