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Android Customization Apps

HTC One M7 homescreen HTC One M7 homescreen

How adorable is my phone? I’m so addicted to making it look cute. I have a worrying amount of non-functional cases and charms, and my collection only keeps growing. Amazon and Etsy have me wrapped around their fingers. I also have no qualms about paying for customization apps if I like them enough. If I want something, I’ll get it. Delayed gratification, what’s that?

I generally don’t mind buying apps since I earn free Play Store credit by doing surveys for Google Opinion Rewards. If you have an Android device and it’s available in your country, you should definitely have it! You only earn 25 to 50 cents per survey but they add up over time, especially if you’re a target demographic. I get way more surveys than my husband as a female aged 18-35. :P

Back to my phone, my current screen setup only has two pages. I find that I never need more than two. I reserve the first screen for my clock widget and apps that I might need right away without having to make an extra swipe, like the calculator and my email. I like to organize my most-used apps in folders on the second screen and access them that way. I never pull up my app drawer anymore. I also have my notes and world clock on the second screen. I normally keep my grocery list on memo, but recently I’ve been posting quotes.

I have two pages of docks too. I have my phone and text messages, as well as Chrome and my camera. The second dock holds my notes, alarm clock, Dropbox, and phone settings. Man, I can’t live without Dropbox. I keep all my important files in the cloud, synced across five devices (two computers, my phone, tablet, and iPod Touch). If one of them happen to go kaput, I won’t have to worry at all. I consider the apps on my dock essential. I can mess with my homescreen widgets and shortcuts all I want, but the docks stay right where they are.

Here are the apps I use to get my setup:

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The New Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

I received a bunch of awesome coupons from the post office after officially changing my address, and one of them happened to be 10% off a single item in Best Buy. I figured now’s the time to get something I’ve always wanted: a tablet! Say hello to the Nvidia Shield!

It was a tossup between Nvidia and a Nexus 7, but I felt like the Nexus display was just a smidge too small plus Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chip looks very promising. The site boasts 5 hours of extreme gaming although I haven’t tried it myself. I’ll have to install some emulators on it sometime. I bought a tablet mainly so I could watch Netflix and read comfortably in bed. My iPod Touch is great for music when I’m doing housework, but the screen is too small for my eyes now (I’m an old lady deep inside).

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Kitty Purse


Blouse from Taiwan, Aeropostale jeans, Shoes from the Philippines, Cat Purse from Syndrome Store

Overdue outfit post! I haven’t been able to blog as much because I’m still going through a rough adjustment period after moving. I got sick shortly after starting work, and I’m only now getting better. I find myself homesick a lot too. I know I’ll get used to things here eventually and this will all pass, but it’s hard not to think about Vegas everyday. I still see it as home.

I sometimes find it hard to specify where my clothes came from. A good lot of them were purchased while I was traveling; some I just don’t remember getting. I do know that I highly recommend Syndrome Store for cute stuff! I love looking at their selections. I want them all! Still sticking to my resolution of buying only classic pieces. I picked up a fitted blazer last week that would be great for both work and outings. Here’s to hoping it lasts me a long while!


So fashun~~~ Michael always likes to take stolen shots of me after I tell him I’m done taking pictures. This is me failing to get mad at him.

Oh, and before I forget again: I got a haircut! I also dyed my hair a little bit darker. There isn’t a Sally’s in my area so I’m back to using box dyes. I’m not too crazy about my new color so I think I’m gonna bleach it again. The ash is starting to look bad too. I need to warmen up my hair. I might go golden blonde. We’ll see!

It’s crazy to think that just earlier this year, I had long virgin hair, but I’ve never liked looking the same year after year. My goal is to be able to tell how old I am in pictures with my hair. It’s been working so far! My college pictures are very discernible.

Text-Only Surfing

In my two weeks without wifi, I had to make do with my phone’s data. Most of the time, I’d surf on my phone, but once in a while, I’d hook it up to my laptop through USB tethering and I can get online from there. With a 10GB limit between me and four other people, I had to be very careful with my usage not only to stay below our data cap but also so as not to deter my family’s usage.

Images are the heftiest parts of a webpage, so I decided to disable them. I also blocked Javascript to make the most of my data limit. I was essentially surfing the internet in text-only mode. It was easy enough to do. I use Chrome, and from there you can simply go to Settings > Show Advanced Settings… > Content Settings, and choose not to load images and javascript.

The present web as text-only leaves much to be desired. With the popularity of animated GIFs, fullscreen image backgrounds, and the ever-growing state of Javascript as a platform, many websites implement heavy images and fancy scripts to differentiate themselves from the rest (whether they succeed is another discussion altogether). You can only do so much to pull off the “wow” factor before resorting to hi-res pictures on parallax scrolling.

I took screenshots of a few of my frequent sites during my embargo. Some fared fine, others not so much.

tumblr no js

Tumblr is a huge offender. Naturally, you can’t see any photosets but you can’t even post or reblog anything. I was hoping to post a little blurb while surfing without all the bells and whistles, but I couldn’t. I was hoping Tumblr had a more browser-friendly textarea. I mean, I guess it’s cool how the post box fades and then stretches to load the posting widget, but it would do just fine without the snappy effects too. I also had some issues with random code popping up all over the page when I’d go through my dashboard, but it seemed to fix itself when i moved to another page. Tumblr will tell you that Javascript is required to view their site. Viewing is fine, really; it’s posting that’s not.

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A Cool Summer

I find summers very cool here on the east coast. In reality, it’s been on the upper 80s, but here I am thinking how lovely the day is. I guess when you’ve spent summers that’s over 110° F (43° C), anything 2-digit is a godsend. I’ve even been sleeping without the fan on because I’m cold in the morning. Not looking forward to winter though!

Aeropostale jeans, Predictions saddle shoes, Aldo watch, Foster Grant sunglasses, purse from Taiwan

Aeropostale jeans, Predictions saddle shoes, Aldo watch, Foster Grant sunglasses, purse from Taiwan

It’s been a while since my last outfit post! Sometimes I feel like I’m not a ~*real fashion blogger*~ because I post outfits so sporadically, and a lot of my stuff is cheap. I don’t even remember where I got the top. It’s a no-name brand so probably Savers or some such.

I’m actually planning on transitioning to a more classic, timeless wardrobe. I’ve never paid much attention to trends, and I don’t want to be flighty about my style anymore, so I’ve resolved to buy pieces that will look good for years to come and nothing more. Of course, that would mean splurging on said pieces but if they’ll last me a long time, it’s worth it.

Still no internet at our place, but we should be getting it installed this coming Thursday! I’m warming up more and more to our apartment. It’s starting to feel like home, though I’m not too crazy about the wood floors. Looking into a few rugs to make our room seem more inviting. And perhaps a large ottoman? How do you all decorate your floors?