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A Vow Renewal Way Away

Michael and I celebrated two years of marriage last November 30. We spent the whole Sunday playing Dragon Age and ordering pizza. It was perfect. We’re a very chill couple. With our fifth dating anniversary coming up, I thought I should share a little bit of our extremely austere wedding with you guys. We both knew we wanted to build a life together (him much sooner than me). We were young and madly in love. Crazy enough, we had our parents’ blessings. In the aftermath of my dad’s hard battle with cancer and eventual passing, my mom wanted to see some happy news for once.

We were also broke.

So we just went down to the courthouse and signed the papers, and then had dinner with family and friends. Boom, married.

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2014 in Review

2014-selfiesHappy new year, everyone! I was going to skip a yearly recap post, believing that I didn’t have a very interesting year when it’s clearly the opposite. Things are a blur to me nowadays with so many things going on. Read more…
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