Hello, I'm Raisa. I enjoy writing, gaming, mobile devices, and emotionally investing myself in a bundle of pixels. This is my personal blog.

Life Lately

This past week has been a blur of work, side projects, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I didn’t get a real break until last night when my agency held their annual bash. Fun people, good music, and open bar. Got TURNT. We did leave early though because Michael was too far gone and I wanted to game, but as soon as I got home, I felt like mush and went to bed. ~*The glam city life*~

No hangover though. That’s something, yeah?

I’ve been downplaying my excitement for DA:I on this blog, but I’m so stoked that it’s finally here! No spoilers, so this entry will be a short one.

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Back to Black

Pink scarfFaded Glory pea coat, Tilly’s boots This outfit post is super late because I’m no longer blonde! I dyed my hair back to black the night after I took these pictures. I wasn’t feeling the light hair anymore, and the roots were being a pain. Read more…
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