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I Still Don’t Get Twitter

I will now show my internet age and admit it: I don’t get Twitter. I signed up six years ago and never use it much. I can’t wrap my head around constantly updating something in 140 characters or less. And hashtags, what’s the deal with that?

It’s odd because I use Tumblr obsessively, and I totally get that. In fact, I often post short blurbs that could definitely qualify for Twitter. But I don’t because I don’t see the point. Perhaps it’s because a lot of my online friends are on Tumblr, and anyone I stumble upon there is generally on the same wavelength as me. My dashboard is really just my mutual follows reblogging each other. Plus, I can show off my true colors as pure weaboo trash and no one bats an eyelash. Tumblr is where I belong.

I don’t know much people on Twitter. That’s the number one reason I don’t get it; I feel like I’m voicing my tweets to the void. I’ve yet to click with it. I have been making an effort to use it more often, and I mostly tweet about webdev things. If you’d like to help me understand Twitter better, feel free to add me! I’m @SWEETraiscake. I’d love to have more friends on my feed. I really do hope to use Twitter, as it seems to be an integral part of the webdev community.

But you know, I generally don’t get these new social media finaggles. Medium is another one that baffles me. I get that it lets multiple users publish articles, curated under varying topics. Mass guest blogging, if you will, but not really because it’s not reverse chronological. I’m sure it’s great for bringing traffic to your own blog, but if I want to write a meaningful article, I want it on my own blog. That’s the reason I keep one in the first place: to consolidate all of my writing. I don’t get it.

Have I been away from blogging too long? Is that why I don’t get these things? I know the purpose behind them and I understand the appeal, but I can’t get myself into them. Social media looks so exhausting.

How about you? Are there some things on the internet that you don’t get? How do you maintain your social media presence? I could use some tips.

iOS Customization Apps

iOS 7 lock screen iOS7 home screen

Since I made a post about Android customization apps, I thought it was only fair to do one for iOS too. I currently own an iPod Touch and it’s the only Apple device I have now. I love it for its pocketablity, and I always have it on me when I do chores. I’m either listening to Pandora or a tech podcast while cooking and washing dishes. It makes housekeeping much, much easier for me (I really hate doing the dishes) .

iOS doesn’t normally allow for much customization unless you jailbreak your device. I’ve never had to jailbreak mine, and you won’t have to for this purpose of this post. Nonetheless, Winterboard themes are really cute! But for me, I use two apps to customize my homescreen.

Line Deco Pettato Memo

I mentioned Line Deco in the Android post. It also works for iOS! You can mix and match different deco packs, and each pack comes with a wallpaper bundle. I’m using the Spring Memories icon pack. How cute is it?

There are a few cons for Line Deco. Not every app is customizable. For example, I couldn’t assign the Camera app with a custom icon so I’m stuck with the default one. But I consider it essential so I just keep it on my screen anyway. A lot of apps are excluded at the moment, but here’s to hoping they get updated soon. You also can’t remove the default app icons from your screen, since that equals to deleting the app. I have them hidden away in a folder on my second screen where I can easily ignore them. If you’re a stickler for organization though, that’s something to consider.

My second app is PettatoMemo. It’s like a memo widget. It lets you create an icon with notes in it, and you can choose the design to match your screen. I have mine placed on the bottom left of my screen. Creating the memo isn’t as streamlined as it is on Android, but it’s nice that Apple is catching up in terms of personalizing your device.

I hope more customization apps come out for iOS. I love personalizing my devices. I know Apple already has a beautiful design language going on, but I insist on more cute things. I hope this post helps you Apple owners. Let’s make everything cute!

Last Minute Heat

I have a nasty bruise on my arm from my annual flu shot. It’s been two weeks and it’s still there. It swelled pretty badly and the shot hurt a lot, but it was worth it. It’s important to stay on top of your immunizations. Flu season is coming, so be sure to get your vaccine soon! It should be covered by your healthcare insurance for those who have them. Otherwise, you can pay the clinic by cash between $5 to $30. Even better, with the Shot@Life campaign, your flu shot can sponsor a child’s immunization from a developing nation. Unless you’re allergic, there’s no reason not to get them.


Blouse from Taiwan, Old Navy shorts, Tilly’s boots, Pierre Cardin watch

It suddenly got hot here in Philly! Still not as scorching as Vegas, but the humidity makes summer here a tad bit more uncomfortable. I still find it a bit chilly at times. I was telling some people about how I can’t even handle 30 degree weather, and they said I better brace myself for winter then. I don’t get on with the cold at all. Pretty sure I’m gonna be wearing twenty layers this December.


It rains a lot here though. I find it so odd, but I know it’s just me. It barely rained in Vegas, and it doesn’t rain at all during summer in the Philippines. Summer showers are a new concept for me. The weather is typically considered to be a dull topic to talk about, but having lived in three different climate regions, I’m endlessly fascinated by it. I’ve never lived in a place that regularly snows either. I’ve never made a snowman or a snow angel. I can’t wait to give those a try!

Speaking of which, it’s already snowing in Calgary! That’s nuts.

Android Customization Apps

HTC One M7 homescreen HTC One M7 homescreen

How adorable is my phone? I’m so addicted to making it look cute. I have a worrying amount of non-functional cases and charms, and my collection only keeps growing. Amazon and Etsy have me wrapped around their fingers. I also have no qualms about paying for customization apps if I like them enough. If I want something, I’ll get it. Delayed gratification, what’s that?

I generally don’t mind buying apps since I earn free Play Store credit by doing surveys for Google Opinion Rewards. If you have an Android device and it’s available in your country, you should definitely have it! You only earn 25 to 50 cents per survey but they add up over time, especially if you’re a target demographic. I get way more surveys than my husband as a female aged 18-35. :P

Back to my phone, my current screen setup only has two pages. I find that I never need more than two. I reserve the first screen for my clock widget and apps that I might need right away without having to make an extra swipe, like the calculator and my email. I like to organize my most-used apps in folders on the second screen and access them that way. I never pull up my app drawer anymore. I also have my notes and world clock on the second screen. I normally keep my grocery list on memo, but recently I’ve been posting quotes.

I have two pages of docks too. I have my phone and text messages, as well as Chrome and my camera. The second dock holds my notes, alarm clock, Dropbox, and phone settings. Man, I can’t live without Dropbox. I keep all my important files in the cloud, synced across five devices (two computers, my phone, tablet, and iPod Touch). If one of them happen to go kaput, I won’t have to worry at all. I consider the apps on my dock essential. I can mess with my homescreen widgets and shortcuts all I want, but the docks stay right where they are.

Here are the apps I use to get my setup:

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The New Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield

I received a bunch of awesome coupons from the post office after officially changing my address, and one of them happened to be 10% off a single item in Best Buy. I figured now’s the time to get something I’ve always wanted: a tablet! Say hello to the Nvidia Shield!

It was a tossup between Nvidia and a Nexus 7, but I felt like the Nexus display was just a smidge too small plus Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chip looks very promising. The site boasts 5 hours of extreme gaming although I haven’t tried it myself. I’ll have to install some emulators on it sometime. I bought a tablet mainly so I could watch Netflix and read comfortably in bed. My iPod Touch is great for music when I’m doing housework, but the screen is too small for my eyes now (I’m an old lady deep inside).

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