Hello, I'm Raisa. I enjoy writing, gaming, mobile devices, and emotionally investing myself in a bundle of pixels. This is my personal blog. Have fun!

Operation Magenta


Or as my best friend put it, “GO RIN OR GO HOME.”

I’ve been dreaming of and basically stalking the Pinterest tag for magenta hair for a couple of months. I still liked my dark hair, but I was also itching for a change. I figured the winter to spring transition was the perfect time to take the plunge! I was a little scared because I’ve never had brightly-colored hair before, but I’m so happy now that I’ve done it.

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New Phone Theme

phone1I’m loving my phone’s new look! Paring it down and keeping it simple for now. My HTC One M7 is a beautiful phone, and I’ve hardly been able to look at the build quality because it’s covered in a case all the time. Read more…


mirror-14For International Women’s Day, I’m participating in the #DearMe campaign. Many thanks to the lovely Kya for this idea! I’m writing this letter to my 19-year-old self, before I made an avalanche of terrible dating decisions in my early 20s. Read more…
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