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Friday’s 10 Happy Things


This week, I’m joining the Friday’s 10 Happy Things linkup hosted by Helga! I’ll be submitting every now and then to remind me that life’s not all that bad and there are always things to smile about. :) So here’s ten things that made me smile this week and in general!

1. Kerbals in Space!
This week, I started playing Kerbal Space Program. I have become so attached to Jebediah Kerman?? His space adventures have been all I tweeted about this week. Look how happy and excited he is to be in space, compared to kerbonaut losers of my heart Bill and Bob Kerman lol. Seriously, this game is so adorable. Also SPACE!

Check out Pewdiepie’s episode on KSP if you’re curious! This was basically the game for me the first few hours. My first set of rockets failed so hard.

2. Friends Who Let Me Spam Them About Gaming
S/O to Tumblr angel maraisabella for offering me love and support as I boldly go where no Kerbal has gone before. XD

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Snaps from Sugar Land

DSC00268Most pictures I took of my weekend in Texas were of family and my grandfather’s service. We were so busy preparing for the service and entertaining guests that there wasn’t much time to go out and explore. Read more…
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