Hello, I'm Raisa. I enjoy writing, gaming, mobile devices, and emotionally investing myself in a bundle of pixels. This is my personal blog.

The Week in Screenshots

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past week in screenshot form! Quite a bit’s happened since my last entry, and I’ve been feeling anxious about said developments on top of my new job. I’ve been channeling all my anxiety into productive activities and tons of communication with friends and family. Yay for healthy coping?

Cooking with Yummly


I’ve been cooking more often and learning new recipes which I’m super excited about! I’m getting into the holiday spirit by planning a Pinoy-style Christmas dinner on the 25th. That’s also motivated me to try out new things in the meantime. I stumbled upon Yummly during my search. Why didn’t I know about this website before? I’ve already bookmarked a handful of recipes to try. I love how it gives me recommendations based on what I liked too!

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