Ten Things I Love About Overwatch

(source: wallpapermade.com)

By the looks of the comment section in my last post, it seems that everyone and their mother has heard of Overwatch. I watched Day9‘s playthroughs of it during closed beta, but I didn’t decide to purchase it until the actual release. Both a good and bad decision because this game has taken over my life!

I haven’t had much experience with multiplayer FPS save for a very brief stint in Team Fortress 2, so I’m very green to the scene. Read more…

My Favorite Things: June 2016

Welcome to My Favorite Things, the monthly linkup for everything you love. Join me and Eirene and let us know what your faces are this month! She’s hosting so check out her blog for all the entries.

This is gonna be a quick entry for me, so let’s get to it!


Hustle Cat

I played through Hustle Cat over my vacation, and it’s so adorable! It’s a visual dating novel about Avery Grey who works in a cursed cafe that turns its employees into cats when they leave the premises. Read more…

Blog Photo Outtakes!

I take a lot of pictures. A looooot of pictures. For my blog, my Instagram, my home, and my family. If you’ve read my tips on taking quality photos, this is simply par for the course. The more pictures to choose from, the better!

However, not every picture makes the cut. Some might not turn out good, others I might not like, or it might just be that my post has too many images and I’m trying to cut down on assets. Read more…

What I Wore: Stripes and the Same Jeans

This is a bit of a strange What I Wore post, because the first outfit was before I went out of town and the second was after. I’m also wearing the same pair of jeans, but these outfits are a good three weeks apart. I guess one can look at this as a multiple ways to wear the same jeans post.

This is the same outfit I was wearing on my recent hair post! Mike and I went to a small gathering with his classmates, and I kept it fairly simple. Read more…

Mount Charleston and a Double Rainbow

Riding that vacation high for as long as I can. We hiked on Mount Charleston one rainy morning. The rain slowly turned to snow as we drove further away from Vegas. And yes, we do have snow and pine trees in the desert. ⛄

Our last day was also rainy. My sister-in-law and I were downtown and happened to be parked on a rooftop when the rain let up. When we stepped out of the casino, we were greeted with a large and bright rainbow. Read more…