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Tumblr Theme: Mint Chip (feat. Grunt)

Mint Chip Theme for Tumblr

Here’s my latest theme for Tumblr! It’s called Mint Chip, a fresh and serene theme to invigorate your (tum)blog. Unlike my previously released theme, this one is much more usable and is back to following web standards!

I started making this theme about three months ago, when we’ve just moved here and didn’t have internet for the first two weeks. I had a vague idea of a fresh, easy on the eyes theme. Yeah, it’s green. I really like green themes, and I don’t think it’ll stop anytime soon. Luckily, you can change the look to any sort of color scheme. Make it as simple or as bold as you like. You can even swap the sidebar to the left!

mint-chip-bold mint-chip-simple

Much options such wow

This theme was about 90% done before I let it sit for a month or two. I moved on to other projects like redesigning this blog and fiddling with web applications. I’ve learned so much since then.

But I remembered this theme, and I decided to come back to it last week because I was so close to finishing. I took one look at the code and cringed. Hot mess. I mean, it wasn’t horrible but it could definitely be better. It’s crazy how much one can learn in a few months! So I cleaned up the code, decided to get off my lazy butt and place any styling that didn’t use Tumblr blocks in a separate CSS file (really should’ve been doing this since the beginning), and minified my external assets.

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