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A Personal Uniform

First off, I just want to give out a big thank you to everyone who participated at our link up this month. I know it was kinda last minute, so I really appreciate those who posted and left comments. We’re doing it again next month, and I hope to see you all then!


Mossimo coat, Payless boots, Forever 21 earrings, purse from Syndrome Store, dress from the Philippines

Here’s a bootleg outfit picture from a post-Halloween party last week! It was a Tiki-themed party, but I was too lazy to think of a costume, so I just put on a floral dress plus a flower clip and went out the door. My scarves received some love in my previous entry. Well, here’s one of them in action! They’re so warm and fluffy and long. I love them so.

I like to joke about having a sham personal style because 1.) I don’t buy name brands and 2.) I wear basically the same outfits. I don’t hide the first point. A lot of my items are on the affordable side, and the lot of them are picked up from small market stalls in Asia (shoutout to Divisoria). I can’t look at my clothes’ tags for the brand because, well… there is no brand.

You don’t need to spend a lot on trendy things. There’s definitely a rise in quality when you pay more, it’s true, but save those for things that you’d be wearing everyday. Work shoes, a sturdy winter coat, basic pants and blouses, etc. These things need to last you a long time. For pieces that would be out of style in a few years, there’s no reason to splurge. That’s my philosophy.

Are brand names better? Sure. Are they a reflection of who you are and your worth as a person? Absolutely not.

That said, I wonder if I should keep posting my outfits, as fun as they are. Because approaching the aforementioned second point, I wear the same damn thing all the time. Long flowy top, tight jeans or leggings, and closed laced shoes. There. That’s my fashion blog. Thanks for reading!

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Back to Black

Pink scarfFaded Glory pea coat, Tilly’s boots This outfit post is super late because I’m no longer blonde! I dyed my hair back to black the night after I took these pictures. I wasn’t feeling the light hair anymore, and the roots were being a pain. Read more…
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