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I bought the Humble Sid Meier Bundle today even though I already own Civilization V because I have no self-control. I mainly got it for the Gods & Kings DLC which I’m totally here for. Now if only my Steam would actually work. I game on a six-year-old desktop computer running on Windows XP. It still runs faster and render graphics better than my much, much younger laptop. Plus it’s just much more comfortable to game on a desktop in my opinion, and the screen is much larger too.

My desktop starting to show its age though. Saints Row 4 couldn’t run at all because it required DirectX 11; XP only has up to DirectX 10.  And the Elder Scrolls Online beta kept crashing on me when I tried to play.  Not to mention Windows is halting security updates for XP this coming April. Now is a good time to get a new computer. My husband’s excited that he’ll get to build another custom PC. He has all the parts sorted out already, and now I just need to save up for it. By my calculations, I should have the money next month. :D

Speaking of money, I need to reign in my discretionary spending until spring if I wanna have enough for my trip to Taiwan in March and a new computer. I tend to have a problem with stress shopping (because emotional eating is just not enough). I went over my shopping budget two months in a row. I need healthier ways to cope with anxiety.


  1. Oh the woes of budgeting! I know money doesn’t bring your happiness, but about a million and one of my problems could be solved right now with a little more cash in the bank…I’m just saying! haha I have the exact same problem with stress shopping and I buy the weirdest things as well! I wish I had some tips, but I really don’t… :(

    Good luck getting the money for that new computer and Taiwan trip! I’m going to be so jealous when that all comes together for you! I keep finding myself looking up computer parts, because I want to custom build myself a gaming PC, but I don’t have a permanent residence at the moment so there’s no point me carting it around.

    Yeah, I love the HTC One, but you are SOOO RIGHT about it being so slippy. It’s a little larger than comfortable for my hand and I recently switched to a crappy, SUPER thin plastic case, which made me terrified climbing up stairs with it in hand.!

    1. Thanks! Budgeting really is the only way to handle excessive spending but it’s so hard to stick to for me! I’m too impulsive. I might have to hold off on the PC for a while, but being patient is the least I can do.

      I’ve collected so many cases for my phone! I can’t stand the slipperiness anymore because I’m so clumsy and I drop it all the time. My HTC One’s been acting up lately actually. I might have to root it soon.

  2. Your layout is really nice! I really really like it & I don’t even like orange!! It’s got a great color scheme & it’s responsive (props!! I need to get on that responsive train).

    You can try stress cooking instead so that you can save money so you can emotionally eat at the comforts at your home & still be healthy! Or instead, just pin all the things you want to buy but shouldn’t right now so you don’t stress shop!

    My brother is really into civilization. I’ve never played, but I don’t have time to get hooked onto a game right now! Hopefully you figure out your budgeting issues soon!

    1. Thank you! You should’ve seen my layout when I first launched it. Non-responsive and non-retina friendly. :’D It was surprisingly easy to learn though.

      Yes I’ve been cooking a lot lately! Not exactly healthy food but still better than fast food. Plus it’s cheaper. Eating out adds up! In reality, I think my spending isn’t that bad. I track very penny on so I know exactly where my money’s going. I’m just miserly and stress over every dollar.

      Civ V is so much fun, but definitely don’t play it unless you have a lot of spare time! It’s addicting and very time-consuming the deeper you get into it.

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