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Hope everyone had a pleasant Valentine’s weekend! Michael and I aren’t big on celebrating but we did go out on a little date last Friday. Had a delicious dinner at a sandwich shop and took a walk around our local town square. It was a good time.


The weather was perfect! I went with and without my coat, and I was neither hot nor freezing. It’s getting a bit too warm for February though, even in Las Vegas. I’m not looking forward to summer this year.

Outfit: Merona duffle coat and rayon shirt, Mossimo peach jeans, American eagle cutout oxfords, Lenach purse Nails: Sinful colors in Thimbleberry and Snow Me White

Outfit: Merona duffle coat and rayon shirt, Mossimo peach jeans, American eagle cutout oxfords, Lenach purse
Nails: Sinful Colors in Thimbleberry and Snow Me White

Some more details of my outfit from the night. I’m always a bit hesistant to make these “fashion posts” because the reality is I get a lot of my clothes from cheap places. I have very few expensive pieces, and most of them were either handed down to me or from thrifting so it’s still pretty frugal for me. I like putting together cute outfits and looking good, but I also like to be sensible with my money. At the same time, I like taking pictures of what I wear. It’s fun and I get a lot of inspiration from others who do the same.

There’s no way this blog will ever be a strict fashion blog though because sometimes I just like to wear the same outfit over and over. You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has that one outfit that’s comfortable and makes them look damn good. ;)

And I know every other blog post I’ve had so far literally has my nail art on them. And not just Chris Traeger literally. Every other post! I need other things to talk about.

Anyway, my Valentine’s nails are my first serious attempt at nail art. I think I did okay! Took me two hours and some salvaging but I absolutely love the end result. I got compliments at work today too, so I’m really happy with how they turned out. I might be dialing it down next week though. I picked up this gorgeous pearlescent green/blue color the other week, and I can’t wait to wear it!


  1. You did a great job on the nail art! I can hardly paint a solid color without somehow screwing it up, so I’m utterly impressed.

    I love your outfit! I love your coat, but I have to say the coral-pink top is just too gorgeous to be hidden under that top! I think I enjoy fashion posts more from people whose clothes are from more “realistic” sources for me, so keep on doing yours! I only recently started doing fashion posts as well and I don’t exactly have much extra money, but sometimes I think I do those particular posts more for myself than the few people who read my blog.

    Sounds like you had a great, relatively chill Valentine’s Day! <3

    1. Painting nails take a lot of practice! I didn’t get good at it until a few months after doing it weekly. Pointed cotton tips are a necessity for cleaning up messes afterwards too. I can’t live without them. :’D

      And thanks! I enjoyed your recent fashion post too. I really like fashion bloggers who use more affordable brands. A lot of them start using more expensive brands once they get popular though. Makes me sad.

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