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Michael built a custom gaming computer for me last week! I’ve always wanted one and I am beyond excited you guys. I had him order all of the parts for me because I have no idea about building rigs, but he’s done it plenty of times and I trusted him completely to know what I need. I just asked him what I should budget, and I’ll save up for it. He told me to save a grand. WTF! I knew it was gonna be pricey but not that much.

I saved for it anyway over the last few months, and last week we placed the order for all the parts. Fortunately, it didn’t actually all cost a grand plus I’ll be getting some money back through rebate. He then built it for me in two days so I could use it over the weekend. How amazing is my husband?

Don’t ask me about the parts though. I really do have no idea.

I now have dual monitors! I tried to take a picture of my entire setup, but our room is pretty cramped and the wires under my desk are a mess (ugh). I can now play games and work/derp around the internet at the same time, because if there’s anything else I need, it’s more distraction.

And now the reason I bought the rig: ULTRA SEXY GRAPHICS.

I modded my favorite game ever, Fallout: New Vegas, to upgrade its graphics more to today’s standards. I don’t normally care for graphics (I love Morrowind and The Sims 2), but I modded it because now I just can.


Here’s a normal screenshot of the Strip North Gate to compare. SWEET SUNSET SARSAPARILLA THAT IS SEXY. It took me a whole day and a lot of headaches to get all of the texture packs working together but it is so so worth. It’s beautiful. :’)

I made a Tumblr post about the texture mods I used in case anyone here is interested. But even without mods, I highly recommend the Fallout series if you enjoys RPGs. They’re amazing games, and New Vegas is the best one in my opinion. I’m not just saying that because I live in Vegas, although I love that they have a lot of real life locations in the game. I’m a bit sad that they’re being overshadowed by the Elder Scrolls right now, most likely because of Skyrim’s popularity. Give me Fallout 4 already!

Here’s another screenshot because eyegasm.

Here’s a screenshot (taken before heavy mods) of my main Courier. I didn’t put any effort in her character creation, but she turned out looking so pretty that I fangirl her anyway. I have three Couriers in FNV: my main who uses rifles, my alternate who uses hand-to-hand combat and occasionally explosives, and Michael Scott.



Sorry this turned into an FNV post but it is seriously my favorite game ever and I can talk about it for days. I also ran The Sims 2 on my new rig and it works awesomely! I would post screenshots but Fraps suddenly stopped working, so there goes 20+ images. Next up on my list is import my Dragon Age: Origins saves and mods! I have a lot of mods for it on my laptop, so it’s gonna be a pain. Worth it though for the sexy visuals, worth it.


  1. That is incredible! That looks intense. I haven’t played video games in ages but I miss it. Sounds expensive though!

    Hope you enjoy your new custom gaming computer :D

    1. Not to be outdone, my brother-in-law just got an even more expensive gaming computer with better specs lol. Mine was definitely pricey too! I’m so scared it’s gonna break. This thing needs to last me years!

      I haven’t had the chance to game very much since I try to keep it to weekends. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

  2. Oh wooooooow! Jealous! I’m planning to build a new computer too but the minimum specs was £700 sooooo to hear you forked out a grand is like WOAH!

    I’m still debating if I need it since I don’t play many graphics heavy games, but friends are asking me to play FF. Still contemplating…

    Have fun at the weekend!

    1. £700 according to Google is about $1160, so that’s way more than my computer’s worth! I only paid $895 in all. Was the one you were looking at a pre-built tower? I bought the parts separately and then my husband built it, plus I already had a keyboard and monitor so those factors cut cost a bit.

      You should totally play! XD Or not, don’t listen to me I can be a bad influence lol

  3. Congratulations on getting that new system built! Michael picked out some nice parts for you! The case looks sick. It looks like it’s some cool alien space ship, haha. And it’s a plus that it costed under a grand.

    What coding is that on the monitor? And the gameplay for these two games look really awesome with the stunning graphics! These games have really progressed in their graphics! Except we need a really good computer to keep up with it XD. Hope you will enjoy playing those games!

    1. Hey! Your comment did get into my spam queue, but I approved it just now. Sorry for the late reply!

      It’s just good ol’ HTML on Notepad++. :D Looks neat from far away though! I have a lot of newer games in my Steam account that would make the most of my computer, but I’m still stuck on games at least 5 years ago. :’D

  4. *drools* That’s so pretty and holy crap you screenshots are so HQ I cry haha.

    And that’s cool that you got your computer for under a grand! I’ve always wanted to build my own (one day!) but I’m told it involves a lot of reading about parts haha.

    (Also I didn’t know you could customize your courier? I thought you only had an option of a male courier haha. But then again, I’ve only ever watched a guy roommate play it lol.)

    1. Yeah, from the way my husband was cursing the whole time, it looks really hard haha.

      GURL MY FALLOUT FEELS LET ME TELL YOU THEM. Yes, you can change your courier’s race, age, and sex. It’s pretty neat. :D Out of all the playable Fallout characters, the Courier has the cleanest slate so I’m as invested in my Courier as I am in my Sims. XD

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