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I haven’t been very active online the past week because I’m preparing for our two-week vacation in Taiwan. We fly out on Wednesday and I’ve barely packed. I’m trying to clean out our place before we leave, and I’ve been letting that go lately so it’s taking longer than it has to. I guess I don’t really need to do it, but living in a college dorm for years has conditioned me into believing I need to leave my place completely spotless before flying out.

I’m also finding it hard to pack light. Two weeks is a relatively short time, and I’m so used to packing four months worth of clothes that I can’t comprehend having only three or four outfits (what if I need my black boots instead of my brown ones???). My suitcase was bursting at the seams during my last trip in Singapore, and I ended up only wearing half of the stuff I brought, so I’m trying to approach packing with more foresight this time. Fortunately, I found a useful checklist for packing: The Maximista Packing List. It’s still not light, but it’s not excessive like what I tend to do either. This is a happy medium for me. Now I just need to get to the actual packing part.

I also decided that my previous hair wasn’t light enough, so I bleached it and dyed it over again. Somebody stop me!

I never knew how hard it was to take an accurate picture until now! It’s a bit ashier in real life, but it definitely depends on the lighting. I sort of liveblogged the whole thing on my Tumblr, and I made a short post about it there on my progress and some quick notes. I know I said I’d make a blog post about it here, but I was ill-prepared and I don’t have many good pictures. Plus, it’s really nothing that other more experienced people haven’t done before. I might make one anyway just to document my ~*first bleach experience*~. Idk.

Sometimes I feel like I spent all that money and work getting the same color because I really wanted it to be lighter, but I messed up on the bleaching and decided to dye darker to stay on the safe side. I’ll see if I can get it to where I want in six weeks. Lightening black hair is really tough! I’m just glad it all worked out in the end. Of course, I had to do it right before an important trip. I have such wonderful timing.

Anyway, back to getting ready! Next time I post will most likely be in Taiwan. See you all then!


  1. I’m an extremely good good packer probably because I just wear whatever. I’m happy that you choose to go with the happy medium! I hope you enjoy that trip! :))

    I hate bleaching huhu it’s permanently damaged my hair. How do you deal?
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    1. Thank you! Typing this right now in Korea. :D

      I used a bleach bath instead of straight bleaching, which is basically diluting the bleach in a lot of shampoo (helps with the smell too). I’ve also been using shea butter hair products lately and they’re amazing!

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