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Hello from Taiwan! I began this blog post while we were on a four-hour layover in Korea, but I was pretty tired so I spent the rest of my time eating sandwiches and watching YouTube videos. We spent an entire day traveling which I’m not very used to (Vegas to Manila is about 16 hours which I guess would be my threshold), but we made it and I’m excited!

I did find out yesterday that I won’t be having steady internet access which kinda blows but then again, I didn’t come here to do the same things I did back home. Okay, maybe some things… I was working on a Tumblr theme that I put in the back burner the last week with the plan that I’ll finish it here, but that’s not very feasible now so it’ll have to wait longer. Minor update on that front: I now know jQuery!

I’m tethering through Michael’s mobile data right now. He told me he’ll sign up for an unlimited plan while we’re here so I won’t be too bored at our place. He’s so sweet, but I don’t want to abuse his poor phone. I say this now, but in a few days I’ll probably be doing just that.

Travel outfit

Merona striped shirt, Mossimo jeans, Scene sneaker wedges from Shoedazzle

Minimal travel outfit! I could never get on the plane in just sweat, however tempted I might be. Probably because my parents drilled into me that I should dress well in the plane. They’re people who believe in keeping appearances, and while I don’t always agree with that, I do like to look cute lol. I ended up wearing this outfit for longer that I’d like. As soon as we landed, we headed straight to the market to pick up some necessities and I felt so gross. I feel bad for being in a sour mood on my first day in Taiwan, but I feel much better today now that I’ve slept and showered.

Here be more pictures. This is actually an instagram photo dump post!

Before we left, our flowers at home finally bloomed! Spring is officially in Vegas! And since spring only lasts for a week over there, I’m going to completely miss it. :’D

Following my previous post, I managed to pack light and I even placed my toiletries in travel-sized bottles. I’ve never had luggage this light before!

Ratty airplane selfie~ I’m just sticking this here to show off my hair, which looks really blonde in white lighting! My hair is so confusing to me now. Sometimes I feel like it’s too dark, and then other times I feel it’s too light. I don’t know how I feel about being blonde.

We were signing up for a phone plan here when I saw this Samsung Galaxy J on display. They don’t sell this in the States! It is so unbelievably light. I think it has the same specs as the Galaxy S4 but with more color options and less of a rounded look. I actually got to handle a lot of phone models here that aren’t available in the US. Pretty cool!

My first official meal in Taiwan: pork noodle with sweet potato jelly! Soooo good.

That’s all for now! Sorry I haven’t been commenting on other people’s blogs lately. I’ll drop by when I can!


  1. I changed into sweatpants once I was on the plane and regretted that decision once I landed in Singapore. It was more because those sweats were fleece and it was 30 degC lol. But yeah, you look good girl :D

  2. I love your hair! I’m planning to dye my hair again (I really want pink highlights lol) but maybe in a few months…

    I hope you have fun in Taiwan! :)

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