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Secondhand sunglasses, Mossimo cardigan, Merona dress, Payless oxford heels

The winds picked up this week and we got to dress warm for a little bit longer, but that also meant my chapped lips are back. I’ve always had trouble with dry lips since I was a kid. They’d crack and bleed at their worst and it’s pretty painful and annoying. Right now, taking iron supplements (a tip I got from a random woman who had the same problem, thanks lady!) and Nivea lip butter every night help a lot. Extreme weather takes me back to square one though. If anyone has any other tips, I’d love to hear them.

I also dyed my hair lighter for the coming spring. I’ll never be able to pull off full-on gyaru (Tsubasa Masukawa is everything!), but I can sneak a few elements here and there. I’m loving the new neogal trend right now, aka how I’ve been dressing the last three years. Finally, I’m cool!

I feel like my hair isn’t light enough though, but I really don’t want to bleach it. I used box dyes to get it to brown, but I think I’ll try a higher-end brand next. I actually dyed it twice. First time was using Palty in Milk Tea Brown, and you can kinda see it in my previous outfit post. And then I used L’Oreal Excellence Creme in Champagne Blonde, and this is where I am now.

For those who were wondering, dyeing unbleached black hair with a blonde dye will only take it up to brown, so if you have virgin black hair and would like it lighter, this is one way to do it. Don’t be scared since drugstore dyes aren’t strong enough to lift it to blonde. :)

I really appreciate my husband putting up with me asking him to take my pictures every time we’re out. There is not an artistic bone in his body (which is fine because he’s going to med school), and I had to teach him how to take outfit pictures properly. He’s improved a lot since then! I’m so proud of him.

And how cute is my new phone case? It’s usually hard to find cases in stores unless you have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. I have an HTC One which is an awesome phone but not as popular, so I’ve been ordering all of my cases on Amazon. Online shopping is my life.

Edit: The title is from our cafe trip today that I completely forgot to mention. We went to the Tea Station, and I ordered tea-flavored curry chicken. It didn’t taste like tea at all.


  1. Loving the outfit! And I might just try the blonde dye to black virgin hair idea. I bleached my hair awhile back when I did my ombre but I’m wondering now if I can achieve the same look but without bleach. Seriously, the bleach killed my hair and it got difficult to maintain eventually.
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    1. Yeah, I did a ton of research about dyeing virgin hair and this was the best way for me that I found. I actually used Sun-In for a while but it was just basically bleaching your hair over time so it damaged my hair some.

      Good luck if you wanna try it! :D

  2. Ooooo lovely outfit! :) I especially love the shoes. Your hair looks gorgeous as well. The drugstore dyes certainly did work out well for you :D

    Omg that case is so adorable! The rose makes it so delicate and elegant. Love it <3

    1. The shoes are really cheap but they’re still kicking after all these years! Payless shoes are pretty good. XD

      And thanks! Amazon is a godsend for a phone case addict like me.

  3. The outfit looks so nice and I really like your hair colour. I used to bleach my hair a lot and it did cause damage so I am trying to keep away from it for a while.

    That sounds horrible that your lips have been that bad. At least you have some kind of solution to help it a bit!
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    1. Ahaha I actually just bleached my hair last night. I’m sitting here with orange hair right now until I can go to the drugstore later to dye it over.

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