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I decided to bite the bullet and submit my theme on the Tumblr Theme Garden. I can’t believe they approved it! It went live yesterday and I’ve had a few installs already. What is this madness!

I present to you Orange Pop! A bright, responsive theme with a splash of citrus.

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It’s customizable (example), though still not as much as I’d like. I’m taking feature requests and feedback if anyone would like to share them. I’d much appreciate it. I already submitted some minor fixes, but it’s taking a while to get approved. Argh.

I also have a Tumblr dev blog for any upcoming updates. I plan on creating a standalone theme site once I’ve made enough themes. Orange Pop will be the only one for a bit though! I wanna go back to improving my JavaScript before I decided to drive myself crazy again with another theme.


  1. Awesome!! I just installed a really nice theme for my main blog, but I’m going to install it for my other blog. Congrats on getting your Tumblr Theme approved!! It looks fantastic & I’m looking forward to seeing more themes from you!

    Are you planning on making some WP themes that are responsive for the public to use?

    1. Thank you so much! I’m catching little errors here and there and I’m being really hard on myself about it. :( It helps that people are liking it though!

      I don’t know about WP just yet! I know nothing about PHP so if I do release a theme, it’s gonna be a very hot mess. :’D

  2. Ah! I forgot to tell you, but I’m really a fan of the orange and blue colour combo! And the fonts! It looks so elegant! Congrats on having it accepted!!

  3. The theme looks so awesome, I can understand why they would accept it, because it’s very cool. :D Congratulations. :D

    I am sure you would make a mean WordPress theme as well. :D

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