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I was feeling pretty blah today, so I decided to take a small stroll around my neighborhood. I’ve always enjoyed walking by myself. I’m one of those people who is constantly connected whether through phone, computer, or some other device. I have two computers, two cellphones, and an iPod Touch. I’m constantly checking my email or Line Messenger or Viber to see if anyone sent me a message. I’m on the internet almost every waking moment.

Every now and then, it gets exhausting. Really, I should feel more tired of it than I actually am. I feel more drained participating in actual social events like nights out with friends. Internet though… I can do that until I pass out. I should fix that.

But it does get exhausting. That’s when my solitary walks come in. I step out of the house and leave behind my devices, except of course my smartphone but I barely look at it when I walk. Walking by myself clears my head and I feel like I’m exhaling my stress out into the open sky.

I managed to find a semi-secluded area to take outfit pictures too! You know, I told myself that this time around I’d be less narcissistic and blog about more substantial things. Then I went ahead and posted more selfies in the guise of ~fashion~. I guess I can’t deny who I am.

Mossimo parka, Landmark sweater, thrifted anchor necklace, DNLA leggings, Payless combat boots, Griffith purse from Shoedazzle

I was about to reach for my black combat boots which I wear 95% of the time. Then I remembered that I have other shoes, so here I am in brown combat boots. The red leggings I picked up at Walgreens. They’re a bit flimsy but still comfortable. The rest of my outfit were either clearance buys or thrift buys in the Philippines. Talk about discount outfit.

Fun fact: Before I had to wear glasses, I used to wish I wore them. I thought they looked cool and made a good addition to an outfit, so I’d play around with frames just to get the look. I was pretty transparent about it too. Oh, 2010 Raisa. How little you knew. Now that my eyesight’s deteriorated, I want my 20/20 vision back. I was so clueless.

I’m really liking tiny chain purses lately. Something about the tininess is just so cute and easy. I’m still searching for the perfect purse to match my black and white outfits. I looked up Shoedazzle hoping to find one, but I ordered this teal snake(?) purse instead. Oh well, the search continues.

And here’s my hair! I love braided hairstyles, but I have clumsy hands so I’m not that best at it. This one turned out pretty well though. It still came out a bit uneven but it’s not as messy. I’ll take what I can get.

Gosh, how long can I talk about myself…


  1. Love the bold colours! But yeah, trying to get away from the internet and all the screens is so much harder nowadays! Are you much of a hiker? I like doing the easy paths since I can’t do heights haha. (Are there places to hike in Vegas??? O_o)

    1. Yeah, I like to hike in the spring and summer. :D Hiking’s one of the few activities you can do here in Vegas if you’re not into gambling. We have Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston. We’re actually planning on hiking again pretty soon! I’ll post about it when we do.

  2. How did you manage to take pictures of yourself by the way? Did you bring a tripod with you while you walked?

    I love your outfit! You have a very unique sense of fashion and I’ve always been a fan of bright colors. I really like your boots by the way. Where did you get them?

    1. I had a point-and-shoot, so I just propped it on a circular bench and set the timer. Very delicate work, I almost dropped it a few times.

      Thank you! My outfits are either very colorful or all black. :P I ordered the boots at Payless’s online store.

  3. It’s great that you take the time to disconnect from technology and also do something that is healthy for you. :D

    I really love the outfit and photos, they look so lovely! :D This blog is about YOU so of course we should be seeing pretty pictures. :D

    1. Walking/running is my favorite exercise. I’ve never managed to stick to any other kind. XD

      Heh thanks! My old blog had a lot of random selfies and I’m kinda embarrassed about it now. Just trying not to make the same mistake!

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