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Hello everyone, I’m back in the US! We landed a few days ago, but I’ve been taking this time to rest and get over my jetlag and post-vacation blues. Going back to work yesterday was rough but it’s time to go back to regular life.

I don’t know how I feel about the vacation overall. We simply didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted because we had so many family gatherings to go to (literally every single day and there’s always some relative I haven’t met; I couldn’t keep up!). I’m pretty bummed about missing some sights and not being able to shop enough, but there’s always next time I guess. On the bright side, I got to see most of northern Taiwan.

I haven’t been able to blog as much as I planned while I was in Taiwan too. We were out the whole day and once we get home, I’d be so exhausted that I go straight to sleep. We also had spotty internet so that was that. Once again on the bright side, I got to play my Nintendo 3DS a lot, and my farm in Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns is pretty happening! I’m making some serious money in that game. Now if only I could say the same in real life.

So here’s the rest of my trip that I never got to post about!

Keelung, Taiwan

This is one of my favorite shots. I took it with my phone which apparently can compete with my dinky potato camera. How sad is that?

Fresh sashimi

We ate a lot of seafood in Taiwan. The sashimi was so. freaking. fresh. I believe they catch that very morning, and it was so tasty and I swear, it melted in your mouth. I ended up hogging the sashimi plate everytime. Oops!

Vegetable rolls

A lot of food in Taiwan is super fresh actually! I really enjoyed it. I normally have a terrible diet with a lot of processed food. That’s really my own fault because I’m too lazy to cook from scratch, but holy crap, did I mention how good the food is? Fresh as fuck, I tell you.

It’s so, so easy to get around Taiwan since they have trains connecting all the cities! Taipei is less than an hour from Keelung by train so we got to go there often. We saw a few parks, and they had these really cute exercise machines! Nothing like seeing old people going at one of these for an hour at maximum speed. I thought it was adorable.

Here’s a lame shot of Taipei 101. We were there the same day we visited the Sunflower Movement site. We ate lunch at Din Tai Fung, located on the ground floor. If you’re planning on visiting Taipei 101, I highly recommend eating there! The food was so delicious. It’s not family style though, so make sure everyone picks a dish.

I don’t have a picture for it, but we also visited the hot springs outside Taipei. I’ve never been to an onsen before so I didn’t know what to expect. My first impression was the water was scorching hot! Once I got used to it though, I find it to be very relaxing. They only let us stay for half an hour though. Boo. I’d love to do it again!

Milk tea forever and ever~ I got to try all sorts of flavors which doesn’t really say much because I drink boba all the time here, but I’ve never seen them sold in cartons before. My favorite flavors were chocolate and strawberry (so original). And they’re so cheap too! Only NT$10 for a small carton. That’s about 33 cents!

Ocean waves in Keelung

We did some hiking in Keelung and I saw ocean waves again after a very long time! Gosh, I had no idea I would miss the beach this much. I wanted to go swimming but no one wanted to go with me. In fact, I didn’t see anyone swimming in the beach at all. I wonder why; no one ever answered me.

Taiwan outfits

1 – Hand-me-down button shirt, Aeropostale jeans, wedge sneakers from Shoedazzle; 2 – Liberty of London blouse, Mossimo jeans, Payless shoes, Aldo watch, Forever 21 earrings; 3 – Zara denim jacket, Merona dress, Pierre Cardin watch; 4 – Merona striped shirt, sweater borrowed from my mother-in-law, SM dress, flats from Taiwan

Here are all the outfit posts I managed to take a picture of. I bought some cheap shoes there after while because I got tired of my sneakers. The first picture was taken in Mingyao in one of the expensive areas in Taipei. I saw a lot of cute clothes there but as soon as I saw the price tag, I immediately put them back. I did buy a bikini there (on sale :’D) so it’s time to get serious about fitness now that I’m back. I still can’t stop thinking about those ocean waves so I plan on doing a lot of swimming this summer.

And that’s it for my vacation! I still have a bunch more pictures to go through once I transfer them from my laptop to my desktop where I have Lightroom. I’m actually surprised I didn’t take much. I think I only have a little over a hundred pictures. When I was younger I’d have a thousand for sure, but then again most of those would be useless selfies. Here’s my face in Keelung~ and Taipei~ and Hsinchu~ Not to say I don’t post selfies anymore, but I’ve definitely mellowed.


  1. Wow, it looks like you had an absolutely fantastic time! The food looks so delicious, my tummy is rumbling just looking at this photos.
    The sea looks so blue and clear, it’s beautiful! I don’t blame you for wanting to swim, I would have been straight over there haha
    Becca recently posted…University Tips!My Profile

  2. I’ve only been to Mainland China before, I’ve never been to Taiwan… but I would love to go someday! :D Ohmygosh I remember those leg exercising thingys XD haha. My grandma used them a lot.

    Although I’m not a fan of seafood, the food still looks mouthwatering :O

    Oooo I love all of your outfits! :) I especially like outfit #1 and outfit #3 ~ very chic!

    1. Yeah, it was mainly old people using the exercise machines but I thought it was so cute. They seem to be really into exercise in general. I saw a lot of elderly hiking and doing tai chi as well.

      And thanks! Everyone was dressed so well in Taipei. I felt like I needed to keep up. XD

  3. Woman, that picture of Taipai looks amazing. If you posted that on Instagram with that hashtag…uhh best_minimal, you’d get so many likes. Minimalist is the way to goooo these days. It’s trending!

    Anyway, your potato camera shots are still really good. I don’t think I ever took nice potato camera shots…ever. hahaha & you probably took less because you’re no longer shooting photos to shoot photos, but you’re actually thinking about what you want to shoot. Same goes for me. I thought I would’ve come back from the Bahamas with 1000 photos, but I didn’t. Less than 200! I was there for a week. There are only so many pictures of the ocean you can take hahaha.

    Loved these photos. I’m so excited for the photos you’ll be taking when you get your camera in the future. The exercise machine is so funny hahaha. & the ocean looks gorgeous. Ugh, why didn’t anyone want to swim? You must ask Michael again. Is it because of the water? Is the water bad? Why? Answer this. Get this answered.

    All your outfits look great too. :D It looks like you went from happy, to content, to completely IDGAF JUST TAKE MY PIC. hahaha, but I love the outfits regardless.

    The sashimiiiiiii ughhhhh love it. Can only imagine how delicious the food in Taiwan was. I’ve only had authentic Taiwanese food a few times & I always felt that it was soooo random, but also really good.

    Also: not sure if you got my reply, but I did put up a post on Tumblr for you to reblog. :) Thanks again!

    P.S. Welcome back home! Relax & get adjusted back into your life & time zone. :D
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    1. Yes, I reblogged your post a few hours ago. :D Hope it helps!

      I’m really bad at tagging my instagram pics. :’D The only ones I tagged were the protest pictures because I felt those were important. Most of these were taken from my phone actually! After realizing how similar in quality my phone and camera take pictures, I stopped bringing my camera altogether. I think you’re right about me thinking about how I shoot pictures. There were moments where I thought “Hmm I already took something like this before.”

      Oh man, I was trying to be ~cool~ like all those other fashion bloggers. DX I could never pull it off because I never take myself seriously. Plus, Michael likes to make me laugh when he takes them.

      I know not about the water and like you I demand answers. I think it’s because they have certain regulations? I know Michael told me something about having rules there if you wanna go swimming in a pool (he didn’t specify). My bikini came with a swim cap because I heard that’s required.

      Ooh do you have a post about the Bahamas? I’d love to see it! I’ve never been to the Caribbean . You should definitely see Taiwan someday, girl!

      Lol I love how long-winded our comments can get.

  4. I am sorry that you didn’t get to do everything that you had wanted, but you’re 100% right in that you can do them next time.

    All of the food looks so amazingly delicious. :D

    Ahaha, those exercise machines are great. I would find it weird to use them out in public. But I guess it is a cool incentive for people. :D
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    1. Thanks! There’s definitely more chances to go to Taiwan so I’ll just have to be patient.

      Yeah, they’re pretty into exercise! But it’s not for looks at all. Good health and a long life is very important there.

  5. I have to admit that those exercise machines look like fun, and they promote health and wellness for a good reason. I’m also glad to hear that you had fun during your trip and that you’ll be able to go back in the future. :)
    Jessica recently posted…Something Silly in the WorldMy Profile

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