Green and Purple

Mossimo jeans, Shoedazzle sneaker wedges, purse from Taiwan

This post is two weeks late. I find myself struggling to blog lately, and it usually takes me days to make a post… like this one. It’s been sitting in my drafts for a while. I don’t have a particular reason as to why I can’t churn out a post. Perhaps other hobbies are keeping me more interested? If you already can’t tell, I’ve been pretty addicted to gaming lately, but what else is new? Read more…

Video Game Romances

If there’s anything that will have me completely obsessed with something, it’s emotional investment. I wish I could be deep and meaningful and say that I enjoy games first and foremost for the tight storyline, detailed world-building, intuitive gameplay, expansive content, and all those other things that make a game wonderful. And I do enjoy all of those. I could talk about lore and characters all day, and how every minute detail in the game relates to the canon and how completely awesome that is. Read more…

Tumblr Theme: Ichigo Latte

Here’s an overdue post for my latest Tumblr theme! Theme Guide managed to link it before I did. That was kinda embarrassing, but in fairness, Tumblr was being weird and still labeled my theme as pending approval when it was already live for a few days. I was waiting until it went through for sure.

Say hello to Ichigo Latte! A sweet, frothy, and caption-friendly theme.

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My best friend came up with the name. Read more…

Blast from the Past with Harvest Moon

I haven’t been very active lately because this is now my life:

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is one of my favorite childhood games. One of my favorite games, period. I love simulation games (The Sims 2 is my other obsession), and I especially love HM:BTN because underneath the cute graphics are characters with actual backstories. If there’s anything that can hook me into a game, it’s character development and this game has a lot of it. I never noticed when I played it as a kid, but now I’m blown away at how much storyline they placed beyond the main quest. Read more…