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Mossimo jeans, Shoedazzle sneaker wedges, purse from Taiwan

This post is two weeks late. I find myself struggling to blog lately, and it usually takes me days to make a post… like this one. It’s been sitting in my drafts for a while. I don’t have a particular reason as to why I can’t churn out a post. Perhaps other hobbies are keeping me more interested? If you already can’t tell, I’ve been pretty addicted to gaming lately, but what else is new?

I’ve also been getting back into drawing and I’m excited about it. My skills were never that impressive but it’s fun and relaxing, and that’s something I definitely need lately. Michael and I have been planning our big move to the east coast. We’ve found a place and I have a job, but it’s been super stressful all the same. We’re still working out a few more things (financial aid for his school and how exactly we’re gonna get there) so it’s not quite over yet. Wish us luck!

On to the outfit! I look groggy in the picture because I was. I was taking a short nap after work when Michael told me we’re going out that night with friends, so I threw on some clothes and did my makeup as fast as I could. I don’t know about you, but even after years of applying eyeliner I still can’t get it right. I have a stack of cotton swabs by my mirror because I always need to fix it up afterwards. I’ve been using pencil liner though, so I’ll probably have to go back to liquid.

I also never wear purple, ever. At least until now. I’ve had this blouse sitting in my closet for a long time. I don’t even remember when/why/how I got it but I figured I should give it some wear. I’m still not a big fan of purple but I’ll keep trying.


  1. I feel you about struggling to make a blog post *_*. Especially when I did nothing or have nothing worth sharing. For sure, taking part in other hobbies can give you reasons to blog :D! Like maybe starting a new scrapbook thing and you’re blogging your progress or something.

    Drawing is fun! Even if you don’t have pro skills, you can still make do with what you have. It’s a nice way to de-stress too unless you’re drawing under a deadline. Good luck with getting everything together!

    I like how the green and purple works with you perfectly! And don’t forget about the shoes too! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to put on makeup fast. I don’t even know how to use makeup at all besides maybe… Lip gloss XD.

    Take care~
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