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Here’s an overdue post for my latest Tumblr theme! Theme Guide managed to link it before I did. That was kinda embarrassing, but in fairness, Tumblr was being weird and still labeled my theme as pending approval when it was already live for a few days. I was waiting until it went through for sure.

Ichigo Latte theme fot Umblr

Say hello to Ichigo Latte! A sweet, frothy, and caption-friendly theme.

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My best friend came up with the name. She also came up with Orange Pop’s name. I promised her a cut of my profits in return, which is $0. :’D Just like my first theme, you can customize the look and feel with different colors, backgrounds, and fonts. I also implemented custom labels for the bottom bar and a links list for anyone who wants to put up a blogroll.

I updated my dev blog to include links to my actual works as well. I haven’t been able to dedicate a full site for them, but I did set up a subdomain ( to redirect to my dev blog. I think when I have more released, I can justify a larger site. Right now, I’m working on a fandom shrine. Guess what it’s for. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  1. Hi, this is Bel from, thanks for the comment! I just started blogging again after forever as well! I remember you! I’ll add your link. It’s so great to find people who I used to know from back when I used to make websites. :)

    Your tumblr theme is gorgeous! I’m seriously thinking about switching to it!

    I’ll add a link back to you. :) PS Harvest Moon is awesome.
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    1. I feel like a lot of old timers are coming back this year. This is awesome! I’ll link you back too, can’t wait to see your future posts!

      And thank you! I’m trying not to nitpick my code and be harsh on myself unnecessarily. :’D

  2. This is such a pretty theme! It’s hard to find tumblr themes that look this pretty as they are usually quite boxy and sterile, if you get what I mean. Great work!
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  3. Congratulations on getting your tumblr theme up! I like the cleanliness and simplicity of it :D. Good luck with your future themes and the fandom shrine!

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