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If there’s anything that will have me completely obsessed with something, it’s emotional investment. I wish I could be deep and meaningful and say that I enjoy games first and foremost for the tight storyline, detailed world-building, intuitive gameplay, expansive content, and all those other things that make a game wonderful. And I do enjoy all of those. I could talk about lore and characters all day, and how every minute detail in the game relates to the canon and how completely awesome that is.

But deep down, I’m a shallow, uncultured swine. The first thing I ask when I hear of a game is, “Is there romance?”

Shepard and Vakarian, my Bioware OTP. I made this photoset while playing through the Leviathan DLC years ago. Yeah, he’s an alien. /oop

If there is romance, my second question is, “Who can I romance?” Not only do I must be able to romance someone, it must be someone I like.

Okita Souji from Hakuouki

Like this guy. Oooohhh Souji-san ooohhh.

It’s not that I’m unhappy with my own relationship or that I’m lacking something that can only be pacified with fictional romance (hmm I guess I don’t have magical powers or else I could just zap people who make me mad but then they’d probably make me Tranquil so~). In fact, my enjoyment has nothing to do with my real life. I’m sure some of you can understand. I’ve been obsessing over fictional characters since I was ten years old long before I understood the mechanics of a good story, and that’s not gonna change anytime soon. I may be committed, but I’m not dead. And hey, better to obsess over imaginary guys than real ones amirite?

Chizuru and Heisuke, my latest OTP that I’ve been obsessing over and I’M NOT SORRY. (source)

It’s not even self-insertion or wish fulfillment at this point. I just like romance. Despite my often cynical views about love in real life, the idea of two (albeit make believe) people finding happiness with each other makes me happy and feel young again.

Well, okay… maybe I lied. Fiction is the only time I can enjoy pure romance. If anyone tries to sweep me off my feet with grand gestures now, I’d just end up asking them what their annual income is and their projected career path in five to ten years. I need love but I also need stability. Fluff isn’t enough in the real world, but sometimes I wish it was.


  1. I relate “If there’s anything that will have me completely obsessed with something, it’s emotional investment” great post once again :)

    1. I played Paragon but I guess that just goes to show how Garrus is perfect for Shep. :3 And he is such a dork too. I love it!

  2. I’m not unhappy with my relationship either, but I do get into fictional romances XD I think you make a good point that fluff doesn’t work in real life, so maybe that’s why it can be addicting when it’s fictional.

    I get really into video game relationships when they’re done well, which Bioware seems to be good at. In Mass Effect, my OTP is maleShep x Tali. I love her! I also really liked romancing Alistair in Dragon Age: Origins, haha.
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    1. I was all over Alistair when I first played DA:O! :D Nowadays, I lean towards Zevran but Alistair still has a soft spot in my heart. :3

      Oh gosh, fluff in real life makes me sick but I can’t get enough of it in fiction.

  3. I’m sure at one point and time in my life, I’ve been obsessed over a fictional being above the realities of my life. I think the obsession wasn’t limited to romance; at times I wish I had super powers, like Sailormoon! Haha

    1. Me too! If I had the choice, I would trade my internal organs for cybernetics and have super speed/strength plus never have to sleep again. :’D

  4. You’re not the only one that thinks that. I’m always like, there has to be romance somewhere! It isn’t possible for people to be around each other and not fall in love.

    GARRUS~ I totally would have romanced him if I was Femshep. I love him too much. XD
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  5. I like the emotional investments that the games put you in! It makes you feel as if you’re living in the character’s shoe and experience what they experience or at least spectate what’s going on in a personal level. I totally understand what you mean. It kind of expands your imagination a bit without hitting that “reality” line.

    The game that I remembered getting me a bit emotionally invested was in AC3 with the Haythem/Native American woman part until they parted ways *_*

  6. I can live without romances in a lot of the games I play. Some of my favourite ones are the ones that do not focus on romance that much (ie: Ace Attorney). Now if they were BL romances, that’s a different story, haha!

    But HOMG. Hakuouki. I love that game, mostly because of the characters, settings, and the plot. Again, the romance aspect made me gag, but I still adore the game. I love Okita, Saitou, and Kazama. I also love Shinpachi, and I’m wondering why he was never given a route @!#!#!@#.
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    1. Yeah, my all-time favorite series (Fallout) doesn’t feature romance but it doesn’t stop me from shipping. Heh.

      Omg yes to Shinpachi and also Yamazaki! I heard they’re getting a route in the high school AU game which I hope is true! I think if you do the normal ending in Hakuouki, you don’t get a romance? I’ve never tried it myself because I already can’t handle the bittersweet romance endings. I felt down for days after Okita’s ending.

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