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Well, that was scary. My blog was gone the whole of last night because I’m an idiot and made a rookie mistake: I messed with my databases without backing up first. I mentioned in my About page about my old blog archives being lost in a hard drive somewhere in my room. I found it a few days ago (looking for something else) at the bottom of my jeans drawer. Why it was there, I have no idea, but I never found the white jeans I was looking for so… yeah.

I decided to import my old archive into phpMyAdmin last night, once again, without backing up first. It imported just fine, but then my blog had a redirect loop and I couldn’t access my control panel. I decided to actually look at the .sql file I imported and saw this.

Flop WordPress Backup

It drops my current table and replaces it with the old one. WHAT KIND OF FLOP BACKUP. I’m so disappointed in you, WordPress 2.0. I checked my tables and confirmed my fear. Six months worth of entries was completely gone on top of my blog not working at all. And since I didn’t freaking back up, there was nothing I else could do. I panicked big time.

In desperation, I messaged my host and asked if they have any backups for me. Fortunately, they did. It took half a day, but they restored their latest backup for me. I lost any comments I received in the past 48 or so hours, and my previous entry was also gone. At the very least, I managed to restore my previous entry from Feedly if you ever want to know a little something about my new theme. I can’t do anything about the comments though.

I’m super grateful to my host A Small Orange for working with me when I sent them a frantic support ticket at 11 in the evening. I know it was all my fault, but they were very patient and helpful. Also a special thanks to Michael for calming me down through this whole thing. I’m not gonna lie you guys. I cried.

As for my old archives, I won’t be trying again for a while.

Let this be a cautionary tale before you start messing with your databases: BACK YOUR SHIT UP.


  1. *nods* Yeah, it’s super important to back stuff up. I’m overdue for backing my blog . . . better get on it!

    I’m glad you were able to get your issues sorted out. Huzzah for webhost backing stuff up for us!
    Tara recently posted…Sweet Fuse: At Your SideMy Profile

  2. Eeeep that would’ve been really scary, awesome that your host acted so quickly! They seem awesome, I’d highly consider switching from my current one when my hosting is next due to expire.
    Belinda recently posted…At the CheckoutMy Profile

  3. Don’t blame WordPress 2.0 for that one, the DROP TABLE command is something phpMyAdmin inserts as default when you export a database – usually used to stop primary key clashes and table irregularities :p

    Best thing to do is a second install of WordPress, import the backup, then export the posts using the WordPress exporter under Tools in the backend. You can then import that properly and WordPress will handle it.
    Jem recently posted…AccountabilityMy Profile

  4. Jem’s right- I’ve followed that procedure before to import posts without all of the extra database junk.

    I used to have a plugin that would automatically email me a database backup every week, but it hasn’t been updated in years and I’m still looking for an alternative.

    I’m glad your host could help!
    Hannah recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  5. That is so scary is hell. I would also cry if that happened to me. Good thing your host is such a sweetheart in helping you with that. And your RSS feed is such a life saver.

    I completely understand you. I dealt with a problem which involved my databases years ago, and I freaked out. My blog then was my baby, so losing everything just completely made me cry. :(
    Cseline recently posted…Forgiving, Cumberbitchin’, survivingMy Profile

  6. I am so sorry you lost all your work and had to go through so much drama. Tried accessing your blog and it wouldn’t go through. Glad to have you back!

  7. WOW as soon as I saw that .sql coding I thought, “DAFUQ WORDPRESS” they messed up on that one. I’ve played with those backup files & databases quite a few times so I know how frustrating it can be when a simple command destroys everything.

    You should get that plugin that sends you a backup of your database every *insert amount of time*. I have mine set to every day because let’s face it, I’m not Perez Hilton & I don’t write every 10 minutes. BUT ANYWAY, yes, lesson learned: back your shit up!!!

    As for the old archives, try making a test blog…say “” & make a few fake posts using that lorem ipsum generator & then try to load your old archives, not with MyPHPAdmin, but with wordpress. They do have an option to do that so check that out! Otherwise, you might want to revise your .sql file (back it up of course) & re-write it so that it doesn’t drop your wp-categories & everything in the tables.
    Tiff recently posted…Birthday Love & a Vegan Chickpea Curry RecipeMy Profile

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