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If you tried visiting my blog the last few hours, you’d have gotten a maintenance message. Well, you caught me working on my new blog theme! Here it is, dubbed Papergreen after some vague inspiration from paper textures. I’ve been obsessed with blue-green colors lately as evidenced from my tumblr and my theme page, but I thought I should mix it up a little here with a fresher green and bright pink. I may or may not get sick of these colors soon but I can always change them later.

And so we say farewell to this:

Little Honeycomb Theme

This theme isn’t too different from my previous one in terms of layout, but I was over the old color scheme and graphics which I never completely updated to retina display-friendly levels. Speaking of which, this theme is optimized for retina displays! So if you have a corresponding device, you should be viewing my theme just fine now. I can’t say the same for my blog images just yet though. I’m sure there’s a solution, but I haven’t gotten around to implementing it. Mostly because it’s gonna be a few extra steps, and it’s gonna be annoying.

One last thing: my media queries aren’t finished yet! I’ve basically launched this theme with the bare minimum requirements (looks good on my own display + is not broken), but I’ll be working on getting it optimized on all devices soon. I’m not a very efficient coder oops.

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