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Summer is my favorite season movie-wise because that’s the time for fun action-packed films. When I see a movie with friends, I’m all about explosions and fight scenes that don’t require much thought. I like good dialogue and a tight script too, but action movies are always a better choice for outings. I don’t know if that’s just me. I prefer to watch biopics and indie films by myself, where I don’t have to explain everything and I’m not worrying if the person with me is enjoying it or not. My favorite movies, Atonement and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, both require attention and I understand if some people aren’t down for that.

So earlier this week, we saw X-Men: Days of Future Past. I don’t keep tabs on the X-Men universe so I don’t know much beyond the movies, but I enjoyed it a lot. I’m pretty interested in what the post-credit scene suggested too. I’m still looking forward to Godzilla as well! And of course, I did see my favorite superhero ever, Spiderman. I have much love for the first trilogy (yeah, even the third one in all its laughable glory), and I’m enjoying the reboot very much. I find myself strangely attracted to Dane DeHaan. /cough.

We also went out to lunch at one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants before seeing the movie. I’ve been all about their spiced Athens fries! That’s one thing I’m going to miss dearly when we move away. I’ll have to find new places to eat when we get to Philly to fill the void. If any of you are ever in Vegas, I highly recommend Paymon’s. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their fries. They have a hookah lounge too!


Merona shift dress, purse from Taiwan, Aldo watch, Guess sunglasses

Surprise outfit post! My hair getting long. Very long. I haven’t had a proper haircut in maybe three years since I’ve learned how to properly trim my own hair. It saves me money, and I can control when to do it and how much to take off. Here are the instructions I always follow: Feye’s Hair Trimming Method. It doesn’t give wispy layers or anything too complicated, but if you’re trying to grow your hair out it’s very useful for cutting out splits.


My hair is well past my waist now. I’m surprised it’s been able to withstand all the bleaching and dyeing I’ve put it through these last few months. Of course, it’s not as healthy as virgin hair but it feels fine and there’s no breakage. It’s probably because I’m only dyeing it brown. If I wanted to go even lighter, I’d have to bleach it again and I can’t say if my hair can make it through another round.

I’m actually planning on getting a haircut soon! I really like my hair now, but at the same time I feel like it’s time for a change. I guess I could go both ways at this point: keep growing and reach classic hair status or chop it all off. I’m definitely going for the latter. I miss short hair! It’s gonna take more maintenance on my part though. Believe it or not, if you want to have the easiest, most low-maintenance hair ever, grow your hair to waist. It’ll always look good (even if you just woke up, bedhead is considered sexy), and if you want it out of the way just bun it up. Boom.


  1. I agree with summer being a favorite season for movies! This summer, there’s the Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men, Godzilla, Transformers, and a few other movies out :D. Explosions and fight scenes are awesome because you don’t need to invest any sad emotions (for the most part) and they’re exciting. It sounds like this X-Men movie was really good! I still haven’t watched it yet so I gotta get to it! And same goes for Godzilla too!

    The new Spiderman movie was awesome! Garfield and Stone are so cute together! They have the right kind of chemistry in the movie! Though the end almost made me cry. . . But the action packed part made up for it :D.

    The fries look delicious! I’ll try to get my hands on those fries the next time I’m in Vegas! Have you tried Ice Pan before?

    Your hair looks so pretty! I could never trim my bangs properly ;~;. It’s either always too short or I messed up somewhere else. Do post a picture of your hair when you cut it :D
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    1. Oh man, I had the chance watch Godzilla today but I was pretty tired and went home. I’m so lame. Next weekend perhaps!

      I really love the new Spiderman because he’s so sassy just like in the comics. I’m glad they’re sticking more faithfully to the original source.

      I haven’t been to Ice Pan! We locals generally ignore the Strip because of all the traffic, and it’s overpriced compared to other places. Looks very interesting though, I’ll have to check it out before we move.

      I actually learned a good technique on trimming my side bangs some years ago. And then I grew my bangs out for a year and I completely forgot how I did it. I remember it being tedious though, haha.

  2. I liked the X-men movie too! I actually wasn’t a big fan of the previous Spider-man trilogy, but I’m really liking the new ones. I still need to see Godzilla though. I saw Edge of Tomorrow tonight, and that was also really good! Summer is my favorite movie season because of the action films too. They’re more fun to watch on the big screen :)

    You look pretty in your photos! I love that dress and purse :) Wow, your hair is really long! The last time I grew it out was for my wedding, so that I could have an updo. The amount of hair actually drove me crazy, and I immediately cut it short after the wedding happened, haha. The link you posted looks really useful. I cut my own bangs, but I haven’t tried to cut the rest of my hair. I’ll have to give it a try!
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  3. Mmm the fries look so good!
    I really enjoyed DOFP. And Dane DeHaan is oh so charming. I always think of Kill your darlings when his name pops up. Love the coordinate! It looks really comfortable and pretty.
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  4. That dress looks so amazing in you! Where did you purchase your glasses? Do you think they are available online?

    Great post! I wish it was in summer in South Africa, we are freezing here!

  5. Since we had finished our basement, we put in a 65″ tv downstairs which became our own personal theatre, so we always wait for these exciting flicks to come out on DVD so we can purchase them and watch them in our own comfort. X-Men and Transformers will be the flicks that I will be waiting for and hopefully they will come out soon!!

    I agree with your favorite flicks (I haven’t watched Atonement) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I really enjoyed that movie, and had to watch it twice to try and understand what was going on, as it required a lot of thinking and thinking outside of the box.

    Your outfit is so cute, your hair is so long and wavy, I love it! It doesn’t even look like you trimmed it yourself. Thanks for sharing the link, I will definitely try out some of these techniques!
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    1. That sounds so awesome! I’ve been thinking of getting a newer, better TV so we can hook up Netflix and use our living room for once. We don’t need cable but we can’t live without Netflix.

      Atonement’s cinematography is so amazing! One of the main reasons I love it so much. I think it’s Joe Wright’s best work. His period films are great.

  6. I am just like that! Action movies are always the best in the summer. I can’t see myself watching Fault in our starts, I’m not ready for the tears yet. I also saw X-Men, loved it. The movie basically changed the endings of the rest of the x-men movies. You need to see How to train your dragon 2, i don’t know if you’re into those types of movies, but it was nice action and i am a sucker for animated movies sometimes.

    I love the hair, it works for you. I recently went burgundy to try something new, loving it!
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  7. I haaaaate summer because Philippine weather haha. It’s also doing a number on my hair because it gets all yucky when I sweat :( I want to bleach but the texture is just gross right now even though I’ve been babying it.
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