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This weekend I attended a timeshare presentation for an acquaintance. She “won” a free trip to Disneyland, on the condition that she attend the presentation. The snag was they were looking for married couples, so she turned to me and Michael. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about it, but she promised us free dinner so I agreed to go. I will do almost anything for free food.

For those wondering, and this is from what I understand, a timeshare is real estate ownership divided among a group of people for use at their appointed time. For example, I could own a resort unit in another country for two weeks in December, and I could only use that unit for those two weeks. All the other weeks of the year, that one unit will be occupied by other people who also own it, at whatever timeframe they chose.

There’s a whole system behind timeshare. There’s the concept of trading, where you can “trade” your timeshare with someone else if you can’t make it to your unit for whatever reason, and you can occupy their space in return at the time they have it. Some companies providing timeshares might also have a points system, similar to frequent flyer miles, that you can spend on a vacation to slash monetary costs. Again, this is from what I understand and glossed over after the presentation. I don’t know much about it, and obviously the presentation would paint timeshare in the best possible light, so don’t quote me on any of these.

I do love traveling, and I think if you’re definitely planning to travel every year, a timeshare might be a good idea. Nowadays it seems to be more flexible, or at least they made it seem easy to trade timeshares. If you find yourself grounded to one place for a number of years, I’d say save your money. Much like owning a real property, there is a down payment plus a monthly membership fee on top of an annual maintenance fee for the unit, regardless if you vacation that year or not.

We weren’t going to agree anyway, we just wanted the free gifts. :P

So my acquaintance got her Disneyland tickets after we declined three times. They said there was no pressure to join, but they continued to slash the fees to make it seem more appealing (not gonna lie, I was tempted). Pro-tip: if you find yourself in a timeshare presentation, always say no first to get a good deal! For our trouble, Michael and I got free tickets to five comedy shows on the Strip, plus $100 gift card for which I was very excited about! And we still have free dinner lined up sometime before we leave. Worth it!

Cold Tomato Ramen

We made good use of the gift card already. Here’s some Cold Tomato Ramen from Fukumimi! We just had it tonight. It was my first time there, and the dishes were so delicious. The cold noodles were perfect for the hot weather and it’s affordable too! Very clean and the staff was great as well.

I don’t consider myself a food blogger, but I do love dining out and having the restaurant experience. I thought I could share some of my experiences here so you can all get an idea of what Vegas is like outside the Strip. Really, the tourist area is such a small part of Vegas albeit one that brings in a lot of money. By all means, gamble away and give us locals jobs, but do check out what else we have to offer when you’re here!


  1. I heard about these ‘presentations’ before about timeshares or some kind of business that relies on commission. At least your friend got the free trip to Disneyland along with you and Michael getting some cool ‘swag’ for attending. I suppose a timeshare would be effective if you know a lot of people who can afford it? It sounds like this whole meeting was worth it! Especially with the $100 gift card for restaurants! I’ve never heard of cold ramen before; and by the looks of it, it looks yummy. When I went to Vegas recently, I only explored the strip up to the mall along with the Orleans hotel. I should come to you for recommendations the next time I go to Vegas XD
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    1. I’d gladly show you around if we could stay here longer! XD

      Yeah, apparently that’s one way they get people to sign up. They promise freebies, but you have to sit through their pitch. They give you the freebies even if you say no but they said 1 out of 3 couples do join so eh.

  2. This reminds me a lot of the time when I went to South Padre Island with the family I nannied for. The wife’s mother or other relative had a few condos at the resort — the only difference was that it was completely hers, as all the condos in the resort were owned by others. People wanting to stay at the resort could contact the resort for available condos at certain dates, and they’d look over their database and call the resort owners themselves to check to see whether a certain date was available. The condo owners could decorate (from a selection provided by the resort) their condos as they wished, and it was provided “free” (just built into their fees). The resort would take a piece of the price (I think it was about 10%) of the rented fee… I don’t remember exactly, but yeah. And the condo owners could price it themselves. :p …and I’ve really rambled now. :x Sorry. But it reminds me of that. :P

    …which therefor makes me see the deal you guys were being offered as something cheapy/scammy/etc. :( The free stuff you guys got is quite cool, however.

    What state are you in? o.o
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    1. I’m in Nevada!

      I talked to a bunch of people and they all seem to know someone who has a timeshare. They’re the type who can afford vacations every year though. I still don’t understand exactly how it works. XD

    1. Aww, can’t he gift the years he can’t use them? They told me you can if you have a relative who wants to go and such. I mean, he’s still the one paying but hey it’s a gift.

      (Thanks bb! Glad to see your blog is back :D)

  3. Thank you for that info about timeshare because while I was reading your title, I have no idea what it means and I feel like a complete loser. Haha!

    Anyway, the trip sounds fun–comedy shows and free food? Oh my god–heaven I tell you. Heaven.

    I also see myself in you. We would do anything for free food and stuff. Freebies are the key the my heart. We should hang out sometime and see what’s free in the market. Haha!

    Good to see you’ve enjoyed your trip! :)
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    1. I didn’t know what a timeshare was before going either! I thought it was some sort of stock option. :P

      You live in the Philippines, right? Ah, I miss it so much. *_*

  4. This is the first time I’ve heard of timeshare. It’s an interesting concept. I don’t think we have anything like that in the UK or in Europe.

    I’m trying to do more food blogging as I do eat out a lot but I don’t tend to carry my DSLR around with me which is such a shame really.
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    1. I doubt timeshare is feasible for every country. They like to advertise all these locations around the world you can go to, which I think is only great for first world citizens. There’s plenty of countries that don’t require a visa from US citizens.If you’re a Filipino citizen for example, you do need a visa to visit a lot of countries (a US tourist visa is hard to get).

      I can’t be a proper food blogger because I’m always all “yeah this food is really good! Try it guys!”

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