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I find summers very cool here on the east coast. In reality, it’s been on the upper 80s, but here I am thinking how lovely the day is. I guess when you’ve spent summers that’s over 110° F (43° C), anything 2-digit is a godsend. I’ve even been sleeping without the fan on because I’m cold in the morning. Not looking forward to winter though!

Aeropostale jeans, Predictions saddle shoes, Aldo watch, Foster Grant sunglasses, purse from Taiwan

Aeropostale jeans, Predictions saddle shoes, Aldo watch, Foster Grant sunglasses, purse from Taiwan

It’s been a while since my last outfit post! Sometimes I feel like I’m not a ~*real fashion blogger*~ because I post outfits so sporadically, and a lot of my stuff is cheap. I don’t even remember where I got the top. It’s a no-name brand so probably Savers or some such.

I’m actually planning on transitioning to a more classic, timeless wardrobe. I’ve never paid much attention to trends, and I don’t want to be flighty about my style anymore, so I’ve resolved to buy pieces that will look good for years to come and nothing more. Of course, that would mean splurging on said pieces but if they’ll last me a long time, it’s worth it.

Still no internet at our place, but we should be getting it installed this coming Thursday! I’m warming up more and more to our apartment. It’s starting to feel like home, though I’m not too crazy about the wood floors. Looking into a few rugs to make our room seem more inviting. And perhaps a large ottoman? How do you all decorate your floors?


  1. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the weather so far. Hopefully it won’t be too bad when winter comes.

    Some of the clothes on the classic, timeless wardrobe looks nice! It’s good to have clothes that will be trendy for a while. I noticed that high-waisted jeans are becoming a trend these days after 2005.

    My floors at home are wood floors. I like wood floors because it’s easier to clean and cleaning up spills isn’t a hassle but that’s just me :p.
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    1. I don’t like our wood floors because it seems low quality. Hate the color and it’s kinda bumpy? But hey, we didn’t pick this place for its glamour. :’D

  2. Anything over 80 degrees is too hot for me X_X; I have to sleep with the fan on, or I’ll be too hot! I am already awaiting winter. I am so not meant to live when the temperatures are over 65-70!

    I am not sure how to describe my flat’s floor. It’s like . . . maybe cement with these plastic covering on them? The covering is supposed to emulate a beige colour wooden floor, but it’s not? We just put carpets here and there in our rooms. We don’t do much else to decorate the floor.

    Anyway, glad to hear that your move is transitioning well with you! Take cares!
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    1. Ahaha, anything under 30 degrees has me frozen solid. I don’t do well in the cold at all. ._.

      Your floor actually sounds nice! I wouldn’t mind fake wooden floors. I think it’s because ours isn’t very well made so I hate it.

  3. Girl, check out Pinterest for house decorating tips & congrats on the new apartment!!

    Ah it’s okay, you’re clearly a part-time fashion blogger & a part-time lifestyle blogger. You’ve got tons of other things to blog about. :) Maybe fill in the gaps with some beauty stuff since you used to do that, right? :D Also, fashion bloggers that get their clothes from thrift stores are much more interesting than those that just buy them from expensive brand name stores. Love the outfit, btw!

    It’s been fairly cool on our coast too haha! Nothing like 110 unless….you’re in Vegas of course.
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    1. OH DUH, I didn’t even think about Pinterest. Thanks bb!

      I don’t miss the desert heat at all, but I do miss the wide open spaces. I want my free parking spaces back. :’D

  4. I’m aiming for a neutral wardrobe! I love colors but I want to look more grown-up so hopefully, I’ll slowly outgrow patterns and pinks.

    Been shopping at Uniqlo lots lately, too.
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  5. Glad the weather is nice there. It’s been too hot here in Texas. I hardly love it. I’m just stuck in my house, because it is TOO crazy to be outside. I’ll burn to a nice lobster red.

    XD I too, have wood floors, but they are newer, so they aren’t too bad. I really like it better than carpet.

    You look nice! Nice outfit.
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  6. Quite a few similarities! :}
    Not waiting for the winter cold either..
    and also not into latest trends blah-blah etc.. I get what I like (for different reasons), always nice to know there are like-minded out there!
    And for the floors? how about some cute, colorful, comfy & cozy rugs..
    Kind regards
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