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I-70 East

We’re now in Columbus, Ohio! We have one more day of driving left, and finally we’ll be at our new home. We took our time on this drive to give us a chance to enjoy some of our stops. It’s still pretty rushed, but it hasn’t been that bad at all.

We stopped by Denver the other day and had a quick lunch at Ling and Louie’s in Northfield, and then it was back on the road. We decided to play A Game of Thrones audiobook to keep us entertained. I was never that into audiobooks since they put me to sleep all the time, but Michael enjoys them and now I appreciate why. It’s a different experience, however still enjoyable and I was able to visualize the narrative more easily. When I read, I tend to gloss over the finer details especially after a while when I zone out a bit.

Spent one night in Kansas (which is… an interesting state), and then another day of driving till we reached St. Louis.

Fun fact: Panera Bread is called St. Louis Bread Company in the city. I have no idea why. It’s the same food and decors but a totally different name.

Here’s a lame shot of the arch just for ~proof~. We were on a tight schedule, so there wasn’t much time for exploring. I took this picture when we were driving away. :’D

We reached Illinois earlier today and had a delicious lunch at the Firefly Grill in Effingham. Beautiful restaurant with very good food! I loved the exterior! Here’s me being all caszh outside the restaurant. I was dressed for comfort for most of our drive. I did have a proper outfit when we were out and about in St. Louis, but I hated how the pictures turned out. Oh well.

One thing though: THERE IS SO MUCH CORN. I first noticed a lot of corn fields in Kansas, and okay it’s a flat state so it makes sense. But then we crossed over to Missouri and there’s still corn. Sure, fine… they need a lot of corn to feed farm animals as well as produce ethanol. Then we hit Illinois, and the corn doesn’t stop. Why so much corn? And then we get to Indiana AND THE CORN NEVER ENDS. Why four states worth of corn???


  1. Oh, I think it’s great you’re on a cross-country trip! I’d sure love to do that one day if I’m ever in the states.

    I laughed so hard at your corn comment. I thought you’d see more wheat fields than corn! Guess corn is more popular?!

    Thanks for sharing your photos! It’s great to see the visual aspect of your trip.

    Drive safe for the remainder of your trip! Enjoy the East Coast!
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  2. Hurray on making it through Ohio! I’m assuming you’re already moving along the road right now. It’s great that you enjoyed the audiobook despite of usually being bored of it.

    At first when I saw the picture, I was thinking “Why is the Panera Bread logo on the cup?” That’s a bit weird; but looking it up- Panera Bread originated from St. Louis so I’m guessing they want to keep it original there.

    It’s crazy how there are so many corns being grown! It makes me think of how corn is used in so many things; especially corn syrup (soda!)

    Hope you’re on a safe trip!

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