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Steam’s summer sale ended on June 30, and if you’ve been following my Tumblr, you’d see I was posting some sweet deals while it was happening. I hope I managed to convince someone to buy because they had some really awesome games on sale! For their own benefit, of course. I’m not trying to recruit anyone into my fandoms so we can geek out together or anything. Completely for their own benefit.

My own purchases this year are pretty modest because 1.) whenever I’d place a game on my cart, it’ll say I already own it oops, and 2.) Michael already owns it so there’s no point buying a game I could access already. I did pick up a few recent titles. I spent less than $20 for these which is not bad at all.

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon was my first purchase. I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled into this game, but I sank an entire day on this. I had so much fun developing my own games, even though my success was very hit or miss. I did really well in the beginning (the “Game Boy” era), but I stumbled a lot once the game’s equivalent of Playstation came around.

The game aligns its events to things that actually happened in the gaming industry, such as Sega’s downfall and last year’s Xbox One mess. That was helpful because I knew to completely ignore consoles that were inevitably going to croak. I tried developing games after actual games too. Not all of them worked out, but I’m happy to report that in-game players also enjoyed Elder Scrolls and Fallout. By the way, I named my company Bacon of Light, after my friend’s WoW guild. :P


Terraria! So the first time I played this game, I ended up in a sinkhole with no light nor means to get out, and I’ve been stuck there ever since. I’ll have to get my friends to play co-op with me on this one. My steam username is raiscake, if you’d like to add me btw! My online profile is painfully inaccurate, but I’m trying to be online more often.

Fallout 2

Well okay, I’ve already played Fallout 2, but I didn’t have my own copy so I figured I should complete my collection. Fallout 2 is the bomb, and if you’ve played New Vegas, you’ll definitely like this one. It takes place in the same area so you’ll be very familiar with the factions. It’s turn-based however, so gameplay works differently.

In fact, if you want to play Fallout chronologically, it would be Fallout -> Fallout 2 -> Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout 3 takes place in a completely different area with its own set of conflicts that have nothing to do with the others. I won’t go into a FO3 vs. FNV rant (the latter is my favorite, but I love both), however in my opinion, you can enjoy Fallout 3 independently. For a lot of gamers, it’s the gateway to the series. But seriously though, New Vegas, you must play it.

I have the first Fallout from but never managed to get the second one from them. GOG also held its own summer sale (as did other sites), but I only paid attention to Steam this year because I’m too mainstream. GOG is a great place for older games though! I recommend them as well.

Goat Simulator

Yes, Goat Simulator! I was watching Steam closely throughout the sale for this game. It is everything I imagined it to be and more. I licked a car and it burst into flames. ‘Nuff said.

Did any of you acquire any new games recently? I’m always on the lookout for new titles!


  1. I have a Steam account, but I haven’t installed the thing on my new computer yet. It gave me so much trouble on my old PC that ran on Windows XP. I assume with my new PC specs, I won’t have issues, and with it being Windows 7, but I just can’t be arsed to get it again. PC gaming is really not my thing — though I do have games I want to play on the PC. But maybe I’ll get it again one of these days. I know I’ll definitely play the Starfighter visual novel when it comes out!
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    1. It’s hard for me to justify getting a console when all the games I play have PC versions. I even have a USB controller if I ever want to play that way. Hakuouki’s fandisc was released in English recently though, and that’s a PS3 exclusive right now so that’s one reason for me to buy lol.

  2. LOL– goat simulator? That sounds like a fantastic game, haha. Very random, but now I’m intrigued. I’d actually like to get on buying a new game for myself right now, but the options for Mac are limited :(
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    1. Yeah, I used to have a Macbook and I’d play WoW on it. It worked fine, but I got terrible fps when I did raids. More and more games are coming out for Mac though! :D

  3. I never make the most out of the Steam summer sale. Like you I have someone else who owns a load of games that I can play instead of buying my own. :P

    Have you heard about Rock Simulator? You play a rock. Honestly, these simulator games are getting sillier and stupider. But it’s all fun. :)
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    1. Rock Simulator sounds RIDICULOUS! I looked it up, and it seems like they’re placing a lot of emphasis on detailed backgrounds. I guess it’s more of a visual experience than an actual game?

  4. !! I remembered about seeing Steam having its summer sale. I was hoping that they would have NFS for sale but no dice :(. But there were some cool games! For these games, 20 dollars doesn’t sound bad at all.

    Game Dev Tycoon sounds interesting! I’m not too fond of it, but is it like the other Tycoon games where you make something (like the roller coasters) and try to make money in game?

    I’ve heard of Fallout being a good game. The game is somewhere in my bucketlist of games to play XD. And I remembered seeing Goat Simulator on Steam! I was a bit baffled because you’re literally living the life as a goat. I’m amazed that it sells!

    Hopefully you’ll have fun playing these games :). As for me, I *recently* acquired Need For Speed: Most Wanted because I wanted to try out the cars without breaking the bank XD.

    1. Yeah, it’s a regular tycoon game, but I found it fun since you can pick the genre, game type, console, etc. Made huge profits making a vocabulary game series on the Game Boy. XD

      Let me know if you ever try Fallout! The later games have mods that make it a better experience. :D

  5. Goat Simulator has me curious… I may just check it out. Though recently I decided it was time to move from my PC to my Mac, and I am prepared to play very few games. :( I was going to get back into gaming but it doesn’t look like I’m that interested anymore.

    I did play Terraria with my friends for a short time. My Steam profile embarrassingly only says about an hour. I’m heygeorgie – if I haven’t added you by the time you read this. I’m totally not logged in right now and you may not see me online much. LOL.

    I think Doom was on sale a short time ago and Steam emailed me because it was on my wishlist, but I resisted… :P
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    1. Goat Simulator is on sale again for the weekend! :D Gaming’s been a huge part of my life, and I don’t think that’ll ever change. I do often think I need a more productive hobby. I have all these things to do that never take off because oops I’m playing a new game right now.

      I’ll add you next time I go online! I don’t actually use Steam community very much so who knows when that’ll be haha!

  6. I watched this streamer on Twitch play Goat simulator & I was practically crying because it was so funny. I don’t know if I’d want to play it, but I definitely enjoyed watching someone play it & see their reactions to what would happen to the little goat when it ran over people hahaha.

    I need the 4th season of the walking dead to come out so I can play it & stream it already. I’ll add you on my steam account the next time I play!! Didn’t catch any steam sales (thank goodness or else I’d never leave my house!!), but you’ve sure got tons of new fun games to play!

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