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HTC One M7 homescreen HTC One M7 homescreen

How adorable is my phone? I’m so addicted to making it look cute. I have a worrying amount of non-functional cases and charms, and my collection only keeps growing. Amazon and Etsy have me wrapped around their fingers. I also have no qualms about paying for customization apps if I like them enough. If I want something, I’ll get it. Delayed gratification, what’s that?

I generally don’t mind buying apps since I earn free Play Store credit by doing surveys for Google Opinion Rewards. If you have an Android device and it’s available in your country, you should definitely have it! You only earn 25 to 50 cents per survey but they add up over time, especially if you’re a target demographic. I get way more surveys than my husband as a female aged 18-35. :P

Back to my phone, my current screen setup only has two pages. I find that I never need more than two. I reserve the first screen for my clock widget and apps that I might need right away without having to make an extra swipe, like the calculator and my email. I like to organize my most-used apps in folders on the second screen and access them that way. I never pull up my app drawer anymore. I also have my notes and world clock on the second screen. I normally keep my grocery list on memo, but recently I’ve been posting quotes.

I have two pages of docks too. I have my phone and text messages, as well as Chrome and my camera. The second dock holds my notes, alarm clock, Dropbox, and phone settings. Man, I can’t live without Dropbox. I keep all my important files in the cloud, synced across five devices (two computers, my phone, tablet, and iPod Touch). If one of them happen to go kaput, I won’t have to worry at all. I consider the apps on my dock essential. I can mess with my homescreen widgets and shortcuts all I want, but the docks stay right where they are.

Here are the apps I use to get my setup:

  • Nova Launcher
    If you’re not crazy about your phone’s stock UI, you don’t have to use it! Third-party launchers can replace your homescreen without using up extra memory. They let you have multiple docks and custom icon packs to give your apps a more uniform look. I’d recommend them over stock UI any day! I like Nova for its ease of use and regular updates.
  • SWEET Icon Change and Line Deco
    For the super adorable icons! SWEET Icon Change is my primary icon pack, but its selection is limited even in the paid version. It has the default apps and some of the popular ones in Japan like Ameba and Mixi. Honestly, you might as well get the free version and not miss much. My alternative is Line Deco which is completely free. There are in-app purchases for the “premium” packs, but I never had to buy them. The free ones were more than enough for me. Oh, and Line Deco works for iPhone too!
  • *happy* Clock Widget and Memo Widget *girls*
    Dear SWEET Style dev, please take my money. Aren’t my clock and memo widgets so cute? Best app purchases ever! Both apps come with different designs to choose from, and there’s also the *lovely* Clock Widget if you prefer a cutesier style. This is not a sponsored post, I swear. XD
  • World Clock & Widget
    I don’t know what it is about world clock apps, but they’re all… not what I’m looking for. World Clock & Widget was the least offensive one I found, and that’s only because you can choose black for your background. It’s either that or neon red, green,or blue. I’m talking #FF0000. So, my world clock is the combo breaker of my setup, but I suck at keeping up with timezones so I keep it around.
HTC One M7 homescreen HTC One M7 homescreen

Here’s my previous setup using Atom Launcher with the Flat White Iconpack. Not very different layout-wise, but I had different styles for my clock and memo. I loved how Atom integrated SWEET Icon into its icon pack so everything is uniform. This is my favorite setup. Unfortunately, Atom stopped working on my phone after I received the Sense 6 update. I hope it gets an update soon so I can use it again.

HTC One M7 homescreen HTC One M7 homescreen HTC One M7 homescreen

Here’s a short history of my homescreens in the last year I’ve owned my HTC One. I used Sense UI for a good while before moving to Nova. I was really into picture frame widgets. I loved Nice Simple Photo Widgets for looking seamless with Sense. Just a simple black border that matched the default weather clock perfectly.

After I made the switch, I became obsessed with icon packs. One of my favorites is Click UI. The soft pastels went great with my wallpaper (notice a pattern in all my homescreens btw?). If you prefer square icons, you can try Stark, or Moonshine if you prefer not to have uniform shapes.

Do you have any favorite Android customization apps? I’d love to know! I’m always on the lookout for new apps to try. And I do hope this post is helpful for all you Android users. Check out more customized homescreens featured on my Android Pinterest board!


  1. Wow, your customised UI is great! It’s really pretty and cute ^^ I don’t have a lot of patients to go through all the options and choices to pick the ones I like. I’m happy enough with just changing the wallpaper LOL. That’s good enough for me! ^^
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  2. Cute! But you have to step away from Amazon & Etsy, because you don’t want to be blowing away your hard earned money on things you don’t need, but things you WANT. Maybe just limit yourself to a new phone purchase like once every 2 months or something. I mean, 6 things for your phone every year is kind of a lot, so I think that’s reasonable!

    I personally like the third photo you have set up from your past setups. I prefer simple, professional setups to the cutesy ones only because I don’t want to be on my phone all day long so if it appears as an object of necessity rather than playtime, then I won’t be on it all day, draining the battery. But I do have an iPad & I’ve been playing more games than reading lately….oh boy.

    Sounds like both of us have impulse control problems hahhaa. I stopped using an Android phone a while ago so I have no apps for you. But realistically, should you be getting into another cool app or should you be doing something else? bahaha don’t feed the obsession monster!
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  3. Your phone looks TOO adorable! The widget and icons are cutesy :3. I have an Android tablet I haven’t customized yet. I’ll take a look at Google Opinion Rewards :3. Thanks for sharing~~

    I feel the same way as you with the screen setup! I always try to keep my screen page numbers to a minimum.

    As for me, I haven’t bothered jailbreaking my iPhone so customizing the UI is out of the question. The last time I did customize a UI for one of my devices was when I had the PSP (1001). All of the icons were custom made and I even customized my own browser where I added cute little pixel jello icons in place of buttons like home, favorites, history, and etc. I’ve been looking at android UI’s but haven’t found one that I liked yet :(. Maybe one day, haha :P
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  4. I really adore the way you have it set up. It looks so cute and awesome and would be fun to look out each time. :D

    I like to try and have all of my apps organised and have a small number of screens to go through. When I first got a smart phone, I had so many apps because it was so exciting. I try and just limit it to the essentials now. xD
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  5. Your phone is too cute! I love the idea of being able to customize it like that. I have an iPhone and have no idea if there is apps to do that, should probably check.

    I use Swagbucks in the same way you use Google Opinion Rewards. I do surveys, searches and play games and then usually use the rewards to buy itunes, ebay, or facebook gift cards to buy things. I just got a set of earbuds for my iPhone 5 (I hate the new apple iBuds so I bought one of the older ones they used to have and a cooling pad for my laptop.
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  6. I don’t have an Android, but am not much into customization anyway. However, your phone does look very unique and creative. And it’s good to have a hobby you enjoy.

  7. Aw, I wish this was on the iPhone. I love the way you planned the shopping list! :D I usually write shopping lists on paper and not on my iPhone. If they had the same way you wrote your list, I’m sold. XD; Sadly I don’t use any customization apps. I feel that if I did use them, I’d mess up my phone ;P
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  8. When I got an Android I got obsessed with customising my phone. I enjoyed it a lot but I found that I was wasting time on it. When I reverted to an iPhone, I didn’t miss the customisation. I was the same with my computer until I got a MacBook… OK, not really trying to promote Apple, but look what it’s done to me. :P

    I also don’t really need that many screens on my phone. On my iPhone I put anything less important into a folder, so most of the time I just have one screen. It’s nice to keep things tidy!
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