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Blouse from Taiwan, Aeropostale jeans, Shoes from the Philippines, Cat Purse from Syndrome Store

Overdue outfit post! I haven’t been able to blog as much because I’m still going through a rough adjustment period after moving. I got sick shortly after starting work, and I’m only now getting better. I find myself homesick a lot too. I know I’ll get used to things here eventually and this will all pass, but it’s hard not to think about Vegas everyday. I still see it as home.

I sometimes find it hard to specify where my clothes came from. A good lot of them were purchased while I was traveling; some I just don’t remember getting. I do know that I highly recommend Syndrome Store for cute stuff! I love looking at their selections. I want them all! Still sticking to my resolution of buying only classic pieces. I picked up a fitted blazer last week that would be great for both work and outings. Here’s to hoping it lasts me a long while!


So fashun~~~ Michael always likes to take stolen shots of me after I tell him I’m done taking pictures. This is me failing to get mad at him.

Oh, and before I forget again: I got a haircut! I also dyed my hair a little bit darker. There isn’t a Sally’s in my area so I’m back to using box dyes. I’m not too crazy about my new color so I think I’m gonna bleach it again. The ash is starting to look bad too. I need to warmen up my hair. I might go golden blonde. We’ll see!

It’s crazy to think that just earlier this year, I had long virgin hair, but I’ve never liked looking the same year after year. My goal is to be able to tell how old I am in pictures with my hair. It’s been working so far! My college pictures are very discernible.


  1. I absolutely love that blazer! I’m not a huge fan of them, but this one catches my eye. You can definitely pull the blazer off. :).

    Re: I’m not one to gamble. I dislike it in fact. I’ve only gambled twice since I turned 18 years ago. I’m glad that there are people like you and me and my boyfriend that don’t blow their money on gambling. Like you, I had to ask one of the janitors how do you know when to clock out? He was the only one that showed me as the other employers were busy. It isn’t because I’m stupid, it’s because I’ve never gambled before. So no knowledge whatsoever prior to asking the janitor. LOL.
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  2. I like your current hair style! It makes me want to try something similar. I’ve just been growing my own natural hair out since I’ve highlighted it in May 2013, permed in September 2013, and dyed the tips in 2014 . . . so I feel like I want to change my hair, but at the same time, I don’t want to damage my hair either, LOL.

    But anyway, cute outfit and purse. I like that style, simple yet elegant with a touch of cuteness ^^
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  3. Cute outfit!! When I forget where I got a shirt, I just refer to the brand & hope that people can just google it because I certainly don’t remember haha. I love your shoes! I just recently got some blue boat shoes myself. Wanted ones in the color you have, but they were sold out. :( :(

    Love that your hubby still takes pics of you when you’re done haha, cute!

    Hmm it’s always tricky dying your hair. Honestly, don’t bleach it. Damaging your hair is reallllly not worth it unless you can somehow find a way to do it safely & effectively. I bleached my hair to a friggin platinum blonde (I wanted that Rihanna red hair to stick) & my ends are friedddddd. Sadness qq all day every day, so I’d just advise you to dye it lighter, maybe add a few highlights, but avoid da bleaccchhhh.
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  4. That purse is too cute! And you are also too cute B) I love your outfit – you can definitely pull off lighter colors well (which is something I’ve never been able to do, /o\ oh well!)

    I love your hair, too ^_^
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  5. I’m sorry to hear that you got sick :(. Hopefully you’re feeling a lot better by now. It will take time to adjust to your new living space. But it will happen eventually :).

    Some of the outfits in Syndrome looks cute! Guys can be a bit of a klutz if they’re “forced” to take pictures. I feel like that about my boyfriend sometimes *o*. You’re rocking your new hairdo/color :)~

  6. aw, getting sick sucks :( hope you’re all well now. fingers crossed on that.

    i’m not the homesick type because i like the smell of new places though sometimes i’m anxious about being the alien in the area, however, if i lived in vegas previously like you do, i’d probably miss it too.

    omg syndrome has so many adorable clothes!! they even have harajuku section waahhh!! i’m worried about the shipping though. it’s always the shipping cost that makes me not wanna purchase things from online stores overseas. sigh. and it’s not just clothes, the same can be said for books and other items too. sigh.

    i like your cat purse :) anything with cat is adorable for me haha

    ah, you made me miss my bleached blonde head :( ….which was ruined after a failed pink dye job and now i’m sticking with normal asian raven black hair, sigh. i don’t think i’d go for blond and crazy bleach jobs anymore in the future. probably only for my ends but not the whole head.

    what brand of box dyes did you use? i used to love experimenting with box dyes too, mostly on japanese brands because they have bright and variety of colors. too drying though :(
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    1. Shipping cost isn’t that bad, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks to receive it. I try to order mine in bulk to save a little bit on shipping.

      I use L’Oreal. It’s alright… I’ve used Palty before too because I love the packaging, but they don’t have that in my area either. -.-
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  7. Gah, cute outfit! I’m looking to do something different with my hair. I’ve never done anything adventurous with my hair, so definitely looking to change it up a bit :) Love your hairstyle!
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  8. I really love the outfit it looks so nice. :D The purse is just awesome.

    That is really cute, the extra photos. I think they are special as well, because you’re just being normal (or trying to get mad haha).

    I really love how your hair looks. It looked nice before as well, but it really has a cool flair to it now. :D
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