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Update: (Feb 23, 2015) I realize now that I didn’t touch on much about how well this tablet works. I’ve since a short review on the Nvidia Shield at a later post, My Favorite Things: November 2014.

Nvidia Shield

I received a bunch of awesome coupons from the post office after officially changing my address, and one of them happened to be 10% off a single item in Best Buy. I figured now’s the time to get something I’ve always wanted: a tablet! Say hello to the Nvidia Shield!

It was a tossup between Nvidia and a Nexus 7, but I felt like the Nexus display was just a smidge too small plus Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chip looks very promising. The site boasts 5 hours of extreme gaming although I haven’t tried it myself. I’ll have to install some emulators on it sometime. I bought a tablet mainly so I could watch Netflix and read comfortably in bed. My iPod Touch is great for music when I’m doing housework, but the screen is too small for my eyes now (I’m an old lady deep inside).

Nvidia Shield Unboxed

The box came with the standard items: micro-USB cord, charger, and a starter manual. I forgot to take a picture of the stylus. The tablet comes with a stylus that goes in a designated slot in the tablet which is great for sketching or writing down notes. If you like to play Draw Something then this would come in handy.

Nvidia Shield 2014

Here was my initial setup. Of course, I had to have a cute theme! I’m using Nova Launcher with Click UI. The clock widget and wallpaper is from SWEET Style. I’ve been meaning to write a post about my personalization apps on Android for sometime now, so watch out for that.

All in all, I’m in love with my tablet. It’s so much more enjoyable to read and watch in bed with larger screen. It’s much, much lighter than my laptop so I can easily take it with me anywhere plus it doesn’t have any heat issues. And for $270, it’s not a bad purchase at all!


  1. Nice tablet! I personally don’t have a need for one. I read, too, but I’m happy with my Kindle as an e-Reader, and I use my phone for other “tablet-y” stuff. XD; Who knows. Maybe one day I’ll get one, but I’ve no use for one at the moment.

    Let us know how the emulating turns out on the tablet. I didn’t know you could do that, but now that’s something I’d enjoy doing — playing old SNES/Genesis games on the tablet :D
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  2. That tablet sounds like a steal! I also am curious as to what sort of games can be played on that tablet. I have the Surface 2 RT, but I only use it for school or some code editing. I would download games if I had the time to actually play, though!
    Kristine recently posted…What is the point?My Profile

  3. It looks like a pretty cool little tablet, last winter I bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and have to say I don’t like it much. I did install some emulators (nintendo, snes and n64) and some other apps but I wish I had gone with an iPad now :(
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  4. The Nvidia Shield sounds so cool! Especially since you can play actual games on it! Hopefully it’ll be up to par with your expectations ;). I wouldn’t like reading heavy texts with a small device *o*. I haven’t played Draw Something in ages!

    Do you see yourself customizing your tablet further than what the Android Market provides? Like make your own icons and etc?

    For $270, I think you got a good deal! It’s about half the price of the ~main~ tablets and still gets the job done!
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    1. I actually made a set of social media icons (haven’t released it yet)! I was considering expanding it for Android, but I’ll need to improve my vectoring. I have this certain aesthetic I’m obsessed with right now so my icons would reflect that.

      The tablet costs $300 but I got 10% off with my coupon! Still a very sweet deal. I tried games on it and there’s no lag at all. And I just love having a big display for doing stuff in bed. My laptop is too bulky.

  5. I had no idea NVIDIA even made tablets! I love their graphics card & in fact, I would rather have an Nvidia graphics card in my computers than the … other ones, man I can’t even remember what the other ones are..something an A…who cares, congrats!

    I love tablets! When they first got reintroduced, I thought, “….why would you…need it…” & then I got one & thought, “I can’t breathe without you. You are my life force. I need you. You need me. I love you.” I’ve been able to read so much because of it too! Except…if you install games on it, you won’t do very much reading, more gaming if anything haha
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  6. The NVIDIA Shield looks great! I’ve actually been thinking about this and I’m definitely going to give it a bit more thought after seeing your post. :) I have an Gen 2 iPad right now so I think it’s time for an upgrade.

    Glad you’re happy with your purchase! I feel like tablets are so necessary right now since everyone likes to read or watch something sitting/lying down. An iPod Touch is much, much too small for videos.

    Let us know if you ever try out those emulators/games on it! I’d love to hear what you think about its performance on this aspect ^-^
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