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I will now show my internet age and admit it: I don’t get Twitter. I signed up six years ago and never use it much. I can’t wrap my head around constantly updating something in 140 characters or less. And hashtags, what’s the deal with that?

It’s odd because I use Tumblr obsessively, and I totally get that. In fact, I often post short blurbs that could definitely qualify for Twitter. But I don’t because I don’t see the point. Perhaps it’s because a lot of my online friends are on Tumblr, and anyone I stumble upon there is generally on the same wavelength as me. My dashboard is really just my mutual follows reblogging each other. Plus, I can show off my true colors as pure weaboo trash and no one bats an eyelash. Tumblr is where I belong.

I don’t know much people on Twitter. That’s the number one reason I don’t get it; I feel like I’m voicing my tweets to the void. I’ve yet to click with it. I have been making an effort to use it more often, and I mostly tweet about webdev things. If you’d like to help me understand Twitter better, feel free to add me! I’m @SWEETraiscake. I’d love to have more friends on my feed. I really do hope to use Twitter, as it seems to be an integral part of the webdev community.

But you know, I generally don’t get these new social media finaggles. Medium is another one that baffles me. I get that it lets multiple users publish articles, curated under varying topics. Mass guest blogging, if you will, but not really because it’s not reverse chronological. I’m sure it’s great for bringing traffic to your own blog, but if I want to write a meaningful article, I want it on my own blog. That’s the reason I keep one in the first place: to consolidate all of my writing. I don’t get it.

Have I been away from blogging too long? Is that why I don’t get these things? I know the purpose behind them and I understand the appeal, but I can’t get myself into them. Social media looks so exhausting.

How about you? Are there some things on the internet that you don’t get? How do you maintain your social media presence? I could use some tips.


  1. I find Twitter being useful trying to get companies attention LOL. Like one time I tweeted about USPS doing a weird route, and they responded to me, apologising about the service or something. I use Twitter to keep in contact with a couple of people also, but I primarily use it to write blurbs that I don’t want to write on my Facebook XD;;

    I added you on Twitter, btw. I’m “aigoos” :)
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  2. I used to be a Twitter addict and I would always have a tab for Twitter open on my browser whenever I am in front of the computer.

    I primarily used Twitter to get updated with news, fandom, and friends before but now I also use it as a link repository for my blog or instagram posts. I’m not as active as I was before but I still pop in from time to time.
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  3. I can’t say I get Twitter either. “Everyone” says it’s so good to promote your blog posts, and I guess that’s why I created an account. But although I probably get some reads from there, I don’t see the true meaning with it.. I mean, people don’t really communicate there. It’s very rare that people actually respond when I tweet them. Those I already know do, at least those that I consider to be friends to me already, but most other people don’t. Now I’d be happy to delete my account because it’s more like talking to myself there, but I’ll keep it because one of the Irish musicians we know are on there, and also, it’s a good way to throw out questions to my web hosting people and get quick replies (yes, they do reply!)
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  4. I first got twitter last year, I think. I was at least 6 years overdue. I don’t even know why I decided to sign-up for an account. Like you, I don’t get twitter and I don’t even use it as much either.

    I did follow you on Twitter, though!
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  5. I love twitter. Twitter is where I go to say things I can’t say on Facebook, because I don’t actually follow people I know it real life on twitter.

    The most useful things about twitter is the ease of being able to get in touch with companies, particularly if you need to complain. If you make your issues with them public then the problem gets resolved a lot quicker.
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  6. I’m pretty much the reverse of you. I don’t get Tumblr at all, however I’ve used Twitter religiously since 2008. I love it for its social interaction capabilities and breaking news. While there are people who misuse Twitter and solely tweet to be assholes or complain to companies, it’s a wonderful social network..enough so that I dropped Facebook two years ago in favor of only having Twitter.
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  7. When I signed up for Twitter at first, I was wondering what’s the point?! Fast forward to today, I use Twitter quite often for little snippets of what I want to say.. It’s a great venting place for ~useless things~ until someone has way too many ~useless things~ to say and tweets every other second :x.

    I let things flow naturally when it comes to social media/blogging. Anything forced or tried too hard tends to become bad. *___*. But baby steps!!

  8. I am with Tara on twitter being a good place to get a companies attention. I have a twitter account and added you. I have a plugin that posts my blog posts to twitter but other then that I don’t use it much. I try but like you I just don’t get it. I understand has tags but hate mini updates. I suppose I could just cross post from facebook even though most of my posts and status updates are more then 140 characters.
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  9. I don’t get the idea of hashtags on twitter. I mean, yeah people use them to expose their tweet for wider audience but nah, I’d never use that with a publicly opened account unless it really serves a purpose like #[insert video game name here]… otherwise, the whole randomized hashtag created by oneself like #iamboredsoidothis is just not something I’d do.

    back when I had a huge circle of online friends, I’d use twitter everyday to chat with them. now, I don’t really care anymore, probably because a large group of friends means sooner or later someone is going to be/feel left out – at least that’s me on my part. so I find myself jumping to a new twitter account with very select few who know about it – smaller circle of friends but better communication and network, I suppose.

    but yeah, tumblr is so different. I swear I go on tumblr like every day and only close it when I’m torrenting something (because internet speed sucks when tumblr and torrent are both open!) unlike you though, it’s not like I follow all the people I know on tumblr (real life or online)…. in fact, I follow most blogs I find awesome and most of them are strangers with cool gaming blogs. nevertheless, I don’t care because like you said, I can show my stupidly weaboo trash self there; I can flail about anime boyfriends and gaming trash (read: super awesome characters) like no tomorrow. I like that freedom, yeah.

    I guess with twitter and especially when you have public account, it’s like…there’s a barrier preventing me from being who I completely am. there’s an image I have to guard or something like that. that’s why I don’t really tweet much. public accounts are dangerous but eh they’re helpful for me to showcase my photographs and work, etc or to get quick professional responses like once when I asked Adobe about their Adobe creative cloud and they replied right away. yeah, there’s that convenience.

    I guess the way I view on having opened account on twitter is that I can only tweet about general stuff; like video games, for example. but I can’t really dig into deeper, more emotional stuff – it’s dangerous. it’s crazy how people can judge you based on 140 characters. I’ve been there and it sucks.

    then again I guess I understand twitter more than facebook, something I never had and don’t wish to sign up for. for me, twitter is more of a… micro blurb blogging but restriction lies on personal issues.

    I’d be lying if I say that bloggers don’t like getting hits and known. I mean, I know I do. Of course I’m flattered when someone acknowledged my photographs and my writing, it makes me so happy and embarrassed and appreciated for doing something I know I can do. still, sometimes, over-promoting oneself (or one’s blog) isn’t really what I wanna do. like, people who drop comments like “hey check out my blog in return” on my post tend to annoy me. I’m probably horrible for feeling like this but it’s really one of my pet peeves.

    social media IS tiring. I agree with you on that. when foursquare was booming, everyone around me was using it. and now, everyone around me is either using snapchat or path and they’re forcing me to use them too. feeling tired and not seeing what I’m going to do with them, it’s obvious I’d decline. I think the idea with me and social media is that, if I can’t see the purpose of having them, I’m probably not gonna use it. ever. sometimes they get repetitive too, or so I feel.

    I guess I don’t get lots of things I don’t fancy. like roleplays on the internet, for example. my friends do that and I don’t get the appeal of them. still, it’s not like I can throw this opinion onto their face – they’d scream at me and say I’m an inconsiderate garbage or something LOL and i mean it’s not just internet stuff, i don’t get why people play visual novel games too – i don’t see them as real video games because you don’t use tactics or you don’t learn how to gain money or experience points through choosing which guy you’d date but again, some people like playing them so I don’t have the privilege to say “PLEASE STOP PLAYING”….

    ANYWAY, i checked on your tumblr earlier and decided to follow it ;) i see you have some gaming posts too so i suppose i’ll check it out :D mine’s columbiarcadia, btw.
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