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iOS 7 lock screen iOS7 home screen

Since I made a post about Android customization apps, I thought it was only fair to do one for iOS too. I currently own an iPod Touch and it’s the only Apple device I have now. I love it for its pocketablity, and I always have it on me when I do chores. I’m either listening to Pandora or a tech podcast while cooking and washing dishes. It makes housekeeping much, much easier for me (I really hate doing the dishes) .

iOS doesn’t normally allow for much customization unless you jailbreak your device. I’ve never had to jailbreak mine, and you won’t have to for this purpose of this post. Nonetheless, Winterboard themes are really cute! But for me, I use two apps to customize my homescreen.

Line Deco Pettato Memo

Line Deco

I mentioned Line Deco in the Android post. It also works for iOS! You can mix and match different deco packs, and each pack comes with a wallpaper bundle. I’m using the Spring Memories icon pack. How cute is it?

There are a few cons for Line Deco. Not every app is customizable. For example, I couldn’t assign the Camera app with a custom icon so I’m stuck with the default one. But I consider it essential so I just keep it on my screen anyway. A lot of apps are excluded at the moment, but here’s to hoping they get updated soon. You also can’t remove the default app icons from your screen, since that equals to deleting the app. I have them hidden away in a folder on my second screen where I can easily ignore them. If you’re a stickler for organization though, that’s something to consider.


My second app is PettatoMemo. It’s like a memo widget. It lets you create an icon with notes in it, and you can choose the design to match your screen. I have mine placed on the bottom left of my screen. Creating the memo isn’t as streamlined as it is on Android, but it’s nice that Apple is catching up in terms of personalizing your device.

I hope more customization apps come out for iOS. I love personalizing my devices. I know Apple already has a beautiful design language going on, but I insist on more cute things. I hope this post helps you Apple owners. Let’s make everything cute!


  1. I love Apple devices for its simplicity! But it doesn’t hurt to customize it ;). It’s a bit of a bummer how you need to jailbreak it/install mods, but I kind of understand that Apple wants to have things “uniformed”. It’s odd how you can’t edit the icons for default apps :o. Maybe one day? :D.

    I really love how flowery your iPod’s theme is! It almost makes me want to customize my boring iPhone, haha :P

    1. You don’t have to jailbreak to use Line Deco at least! It’s pretty tedious to use though, but I don’t like to root/jailbreak in general so it’s all I’ve got.

  2. This is a really neat solution for Apple products – your iPod looks super adorable! I will definitely have to give these apps a go! My biggest peeve with the lack of customisation on Apple is definitely not being able to remove default apps (or at least be able to hide them completely).

  3. I’ve actually never considered customizing my iPhone just because I knew it wasn’t an option, like it was for the android phones haha. So this was actually really cool to learn!

    Anyways, thanks for the tip and your iPod Touch is really cute! haha

  4. Niiice. I love seeing how you customised your iPod Touch! It’s really pretty. I’d do the same to my Android phone, but I’m happy with what I have right now XD;;; Maybe one day when I’m really bored . . . or when I upgrade my phone to a new model!
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    1. What model do you have now? When I had Samsung, I didn’t like Touchwiz very much so I was always looking for ways to make it invisible. :P

    1. I’ve been thinking of customizing my computers too. I just don’t know what theme to go with. I usually go for dark, calming themes to ease my eyes.

  5. with android, theme customization comes off so easily and not much of tweaking, unlike in iOS, or so I thought. at first I didn’t know it’s possible to change iOS theme without jailbreaking the device and jailbreaking is bad since it causes the OS to lag more often (I’ve tried this just so I could play tap tap for free last time).

    I remember loading up my android phone’s memory just for theme customization – I used GoTheme, if I recall correctly. it’s fun but at the same time, I grew tired of customized themes and now I’m fine with the restriction of iOS. imo, there isn’t much of a change for theme customization in iOS (e.g winterboard theme; the changes aren’t as distinctive as what android would have) but adorable wallpapers really make up for it.

    I have LINE deco in my folder too! It’s a really adorable app packed with adorable deco icons and wallpaper. as expected from LINE, to be honest.

    I’ve never tried pettato memo, probably because I don’t take notes so often and I always use the default iPhone notes to keep track of things (so I don’t bother looking for a better looking note app, eh)

    Nonetheless, I like that iOS keeps itself to be simplistic yet neat and organized. Honestly, I wouldn’t want iOS to be another clone of android with too much customization and stuff; I kinda think it’s going to stain the iOS design principle a little – like I said, Apple devices are known for their sleek look. then again it’s just my opinion.
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    1. Apple definitely knows design, and I always found it fascinating how iOS and Android were foils of each other (walled garden vs completely customizable). Both have their pros and cons.

      I don’t specifically prefer one over the other. It’s great that people have these options. In fact, the more mobile operating systems, the better. Competition is great for consumers. It keeps prices relatively low and drives innovation. Apple and Android have been inspiring each other for a long time. I think the “phone war” people like to get up on their pants about is silly.

  6. I have the same with your theme however its so perfect that im so frustrated why the badges are not alerting in the cute icons instead its still alerting the default one. Its so frustrating that whenever i need to check my facebook or emails,i need to go to that folder where i hide the original icons. Do you have any solutions on this issue?Or i missed out something in the instructions?I hope you can reply and help my misery.HAHAHA

    im one addicted to custom icons…plssss

    1. That’s just a limitation in iOS. :( The custom icon just redirects to the actual app, it doesn’t replace it. That’s also why you can’t delete the default icon because that will also delete the app itself. I usually just pull down my notifications.

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