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I have a nasty bruise on my arm from my annual flu shot. It’s been two weeks and it’s still there. It swelled pretty badly and the shot hurt a lot, but it was worth it. It’s important to stay on top of your immunizations. Flu season is coming, so be sure to get your vaccine soon! It should be covered by your healthcare insurance for those who have them. Otherwise, you can pay the clinic by cash between $5 to $30. Even better, with the Shot@Life campaign, your flu shot can sponsor a child’s immunization from a developing nation. Unless you’re allergic, there’s no reason not to get them.


Blouse from Taiwan, Old Navy shorts, Tilly’s boots, Pierre Cardin watch

It suddenly got hot here in Philly! Still not as scorching as Vegas, but the humidity makes summer here a tad bit more uncomfortable. I still find it a bit chilly at times. I was telling some people about how I can’t even handle 30 degree weather, and they said I better brace myself for winter then. I don’t get on with the cold at all. Pretty sure I’m gonna be wearing twenty layers this December.


It rains a lot here though. I find it so odd, but I know it’s just me. It barely rained in Vegas, and it doesn’t rain at all during summer in the Philippines. Summer showers are a new concept for me. The weather is typically considered to be a dull topic to talk about, but having lived in three different climate regions, I’m endlessly fascinated by it. I’ve never lived in a place that regularly snows either. I’ve never made a snowman or a snow angel. I can’t wait to give those a try!

Speaking of which, it’s already snowing in Calgary! That’s nuts.


  1. Weather has been crazy here in the Philippines for the past month. Only last week it was so hot and sunny but since the weekend, it had been raining every now and then. My brother now has the flu.

    I have two bruises on my right knee and I can’t remember how I got them. Haha. I remember hitting my knee somewhere but I forgot where or how. XD
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  2. Ah, yes, thank you for reminding me of the flu shot, which is a requirement for my job X_X; I’ll have to do mine in December, when I have to do my annual health assessment. FUN. I hate the shot, but I’d rather do that than the flu mist~!

    And, I am already wanting the cold, the freezing temperatures, and SNOW! :D But I can’t believe Calgary is getting snow already. Just, dayyyyum! Send some over here, Calgary! XD
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  3. The thing I hate about these shots is the nasty bump that appears D:. That happened to me with the whooping cough vaccine a few years ago :I. I heard CVS has some pretty good deals with flu shots. If not, a bit of copay/insurance coverage doesn’t hurt :).

    It sounds like you got adjusted to the weather in Philly. I’d feel the same way if winter hits and it’s 30 degrees. I’ve worn 2 layers of pants when it was just 60 degrees D:. Living in snow for the first time sounds like fun. Hopefully you won’t have to get snow plowed out of the driveway!
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  4. Weather has been crazy in Texas. It was like extremely humid and hot, but now, it’s like mid 80’s and raining most of the time now. I am not going to complain. Yeah, my winter time in Texas will have to be like that, many layers in winter, but alas, that’s just fine. We hardly ever get snow, but we get lots of ice. Blah.

    You look gorgeous! I love your blouse!
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