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Update: (Feb 20, 2016) I’ve set my old posts back to hidden as they were too embarrassing. 😳 Sorry!

Following my last importing fiasco in which I accidentally deleted all my recent entries, I finally managed to bring in my old blog entries from over six years ago. Behold, my newly filled up archive!

I admit, I went through a bit of clean up and deleted some of the more embarrassing entries. My teen blog was not a good look. So many gratuitous selfies and dumb posts about my ex. Ugh, teen Raisa. I’m judging you so hard right now. But it’s nice to have most of my old blog back. I thought I lost it forever, and despite cringing at my old self, losing years of writing would’ve made me sad. Yeah I was stupid, but that was an honest record of my life.

My archives date back to 2006 at the moment from when I first moved to CuteNews and then eventually to WordPress. In reality, I’ve been blogging since I was 13 (in 2001!) and I still have those entries on Blogger and Diaryland. I was thinking of importing them here too, just to have a complete chronicle of my life since I’ve been on the internet, but then I read my old entries, and well… you can read it yourself. Here’s a lovely sample from 2003:

Whee! Omi’s here!!! >.< School is the ultimate anti-blogging weapon. Bleh. Blogging has become quite a topic for journalists. I've read newspaper and magazine articles talk (*cough* criticize *cough*) about bloggers. Interesting... thay ask 'Why post your entire life, what you had for lunch, what you and your boyfriend fought over, why you haven't posted for a while, to the entire public if they don't care???' Err... to answer that question... I don't care if people don't care. ^^;

Yeah… no. So the much earlier years of my blogging career will remain hidden. Though it’s funny that the media was apparently giving blogging the same type of criticism that social media is receiving right now. Problogging for revenue wasn’t a thing then, and blogging was very much akin to a diary. How times have changed.

Fun fact: I owned this exact domain six years ago! I was surprised to find out it was available again last year and at the regular registration price too. I thought for sure that someone would snag it and try to sell it off for a few hundred dollars. I guess no one else wanted it. That’s the reason I started blogging again; I wanted my domain back. Little Town doesn’t really have any meaning to it besides me liking the phrase, but I’m so glad I could have this domain again. It was meant to be.


  1. I wouldn’t mind getting my old entries from when I was 14 or 15 or 16, but then again I wouldn’t know where to start because I had so many domain names. (I can’t even remember them at all either!) On top of that, my blogs came and went cyclically and it was never constant until I started to realize the importance of having a constant log of my life (circa college hah).

    I soooo remember blogging when I didn’t know the beauty that is CMS and archives. (gone are those days lol). I also started blogging in 2001 just like you, but I was 11. Damn. That was 13 years ago?
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  2. Congratulations on getting all of your posts back! I feel you about old posts :I. I went through my posts a couple of months ago and cleaned out any “lame” posts *__*. I think all of us have regrets, haha.

    I hate those criticisms. Pretty much, if you don’t like it or that person or that blog (whatever), don’t read it and don’t even bother! *___*.

  3. Haha I recently went through some old blogs of mine too, sadly most of my old blog entries were lost after I was hacked a few years ago, but some are still available to see on web archive. Although they were cringe-worthy, I’d do anything to go back to the times of blogging about my homework and how fit my year 8 art teacher was, haha!
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  4. haha oh my, cutenews. i remember starting out with it too before the spams came crashing in on a big wave which prompted me to move to…um, fanupdate before finally landing on wordpress. i honestly forgot when did i began blogging – i think it was when i was 13 too and learning how to do html and css and made crappy fixed layout that looked like utter garbage on smaller screens haha oh man, the horrible nostalgia that was…

    i remember writing crappy posts in crappy language too and by crappy language i mean using silly onomatopoeia like “yaaaaaay” or “weee~ i’m back!” and stuff like that LOL looking back, i realized how i wrote like a pre-schooler, geez. what was i thinking. now, i care more about my sentences before typing down anything; blogging has become that important for me even if i don’t make profit out of it (yet, HAHA!) i guess the more your blog grows, the more effort will be put into the words typed or the photos published.

    the magazine talk criticizing about bloggers really ticked me off LOL i literally clicked my tongue like “whuuuuut” when I read it. then again, blogging wasn’t a huge thing back then. now, everyone goes to bloggers for sponsors and stuff…pfft the tables have been overturned!!
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  5. hahahahah the usage of your emoticons….so cray. It’s okay, I cringe when I think of my old entries too, so I don’t look bahaha. But I totallyyyyy agree with that person criticizing bloggers though. Why DO people think it’s necessary to post about their life online where everyone can see it? I only did it when I was younger because others were doing it & I couldn’t think outside myself, but now OBVIOUSLY I’ve grown up & realized it’s a bad idea unless I have some sort of reflection or lesson I learned to talk about. I mean, each blog has to have a point. A theme whether it’s just everything about your or makeup or food or fashion or whatever. Can’t exactly problog if you don’t have a theme, so I’m glad that that happened & not diaries getting super well-known unless they were hilarious (Tucker Max).

    Well, I’m really glad you migrated over from CuteNews to WP because…CuteNews was a disaster! Glad to see your old posts are back. They ARE indeed a part of you & genuinely reflect how you felt at that time, emoticons & all. :)
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  6. I’m the type of person who likes to forget cringey things, so the idea of getting all of my posts back gives me the heebie jeebies. I often find myself second-guessing blog entries I’ve written only DAYS ago, so I like the fact that my old blog entries are dead and gone (mostly, let’s pretend doesn’t exist!).

    It’s awesome that you were able to recover your old posts though, and be proud of the fact that you’ve been blogging for this long, despite the entries that make you a bit ashamed. Haha.
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  7. Cringe-worthy old blogging days, oh my how I feel that, the tormented livejournal entries of a 14 year old.

    It’s always so awesome when you discover you can have your domain, Comadiary was surprisingly cheap + easy and unreserved too, and I was overjoyed!

  8. Diaryland was the place to be. xD I tried to get my old entries, but somehow my account didn’t reactivate properly or some weird thing and many got lost. :(

    I think it is good to be able to have all the entries. You can always decide if you want to share them or not. :D
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