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Pink scarf Pink scarf

Faded Glory pea coat, Tilly’s boots

This outfit post is super late because I’m no longer blonde! I dyed my hair back to black the night after I took these pictures. I wasn’t feeling the light hair anymore, and the roots were being a pain. I’d have to bleach my hair every two months to maintain the blonde, and I’d rather not do that. So I picked up a box of black dye and colored my hair an hour before I had to sleep last Sunday.

I was so not used to black hair anymore! And my friends here have never seen me in my natural hair color, so they were pretty shocked. Took a day or two for me to get accustomed myself, but I’m happy to say that I love my hair again. Black hair feels a lot more “me” right now.

Anyway, I got dressed up for Halloween! It was a very last minute decision. I was going to sit this year out, but my internship had a costume contest and I figured it might be fun to join. There were only maybe ten of us who entered, but we all had fun parading in costumes. Our office held a little fashion show for us later in the day so they could vote on the best costume.

I dressed up as a schoolgirl since it was the only one I could find on short notice. I played it extra by taking peace sign selfies every two seconds when it was my turn to walk. Everyone ate it up, and I got third place! There wasn’t a prize for third place (BAH), but I did get a free loaf of bread from one of my co-workers. Sweet. We were running out of bread at my place.

Schoolgirl costume Schoolgirl costume

Hot mess pictures of my costume~ I tried to take a proper photo when I got off, but I was really tired after this week and it showed. This costume was so low-effort. (◡﹏◡✿) But hey, here’s me with my new hair!

Did you wear a costume this year? Regardless, I hope you had a good Halloween!
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  1. Oooh, nice hair! I think you look great as a blonde or a brunette :) I personally look better in lighter colour hair, but like you said, maintaining the colour and all is a pain and not good for our hair! I’ve been growing my own hair out, but my ends and whatever is still bleached and dyed, haha.

    Anyway, cute Halloween costume! And yay for winning third place! You didn’t exactly get a prize, but it’s still something that you won ^^ I didn’t wear anything. I just don’t really care for Halloween any more, except for the sweets :D
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  2. Those are some great boots. I recently developed a strong love for military boots, and the ones at Tilly’s look just like the ones I have from Cathy Jean. Awesome :D

    My costumes are always so low effort XD normally I dress up as a Gryffindor student, but I don’t have a proper sweater so the long-sleeved top I use is a pain to get on over the white dress shirt since it’s so form fitting and the shirt instead. The second costume I’ve done this year is a witch. Very plain. Just threw on a new black dress, knee-high orange and black socks, boots, and a witch hat. Ta da :P

  3. I feel you for the blond hair thing. funny because when I read this post, I remember my own hair experience; how it went from blonde to black (now) and how it undergoes the breakage and such due to the stupid salon not giving me the kind of shade I wanted and end up damaging my ends even further because of how they washed my hair so… “enthusiastically”

    I didn’t completely dye my hair in black though, I guess… I used a dark brown toner on my blond hair and despite it looking black, it actually shows tint of brown under sunlight haha dyeing your hair completely with black dye will be the end of it. I’ve experienced it. the other time I dyed my hair in total black, I couldn’t get other colors to be absorbed properly. I used brown but it end up being half orange-ish on my head; salon guy told me that black dye is the hardest to remove as it absorbs all color and if I want to dye my hair another color, I have to bleach it. so yeah, black dye scares me. so I guess the safest to temporarily have “black” hair is to use super dark brown dye instead.

    I remember my friends were the ones freaking out when I went back to having black hair haha I was all down about it at first because I love blond so much but yeah, the damage and the constant bleaching were awful so… :( and now that I’m accustomed to my black hair, I don’t think I’m gonna be ready to go back having light colored hair. I can’t imagine having dry hair anymore >___< I'd probably go with ombre someday, like a weird combination of black-sea greenish but yeah, not sure either. you start loving your natural hair after seeing how the strands break and occupy your pillow like little furs and then seeing them break even when you just lightly comb right through it :(

    and now people think my hair is a wig since it has healed from the damage and constant breakage LOL like "is that a wig? why is your hair so thick and shiny and IS THAT A WIG"

    I think black hair looks good on you :) I never actually appreciate black hair before since I think it's really boring and bland; I think people born as a blonde or brunette or red hair especially are beautiful….and then I grew away from those mindset and I have come to appreciate black hair now. Besides, I find some caucasians actually love and envy asian having black hair! my favorite is still when asian girls have this straight bangs and straight black hair haha i think we they are sweet like that.

    Ah I love your seifuku costume! I want to own a seifuku too :( my favorite japanese uniform, though, is the one with blazer haha I love that version so much.
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  4. Mmm, bread.

    Your costume looked cute! Congrats with coming third. I’ve never gone trick or treating, but I dressed up this year and last year for a Halloween party at a friend’s house. Went as Little Red Riding Hood last year, and Agnes from Despicable Me this year. Wasn’t much of a costume, but more like a childish outfit that I assembled from clothes found in my closet, accompanied by a huge unicorn plushie, of course.

    I forgot about the issue with the roots after colouring/bleaching. Bleaching every two months does not sound good for the hair. At least you had the guts to go blonde!

    I like how my hair is approximately the same length, colour and style as yours, ke-ke. (Trying not too sound too creepy here.)
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  5. It sounds like a lot of work to maintain the blond hair if you’re not a natural blond hair *o*. It’s cute that you dressed as a school girl! Even more that you made the outfit work :D. Congratulations on getting third place too!

    I didn’t plan on wearing a costume but my aunt had me wear one for work *o*. I was a pi-arrrrrrrrrr-ate

  6. The hair color change looks wonderful!! I have been blonde for a couple years now. I definitely understand the struggle. I want to go back to brunette, but I’m afraid I won’t recognize myself! It took time to get used to the blonde. Also I use it to look more tan. Ahh… the problems of the pale ones haha.
    Your costume was totally cute. Congrats on winning third place! I went as Marty McFly from Back to the Future… I’m weird like that.

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