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Mossimo coat, Payless boots, Forever 21 earrings, purse from Syndrome Store, dress from the Philippines

Here’s a bootleg outfit picture from a post-Halloween party last week! It was a Tiki-themed party, but I was too lazy to think of a costume, so I just put on a floral dress plus a flower clip and went out the door. My scarves received some love in my previous entry. Well, here’s one of them in action! They’re so warm and fluffy and long. I love them so.

I like to joke about having a sham personal style because 1.) I don’t buy name brands and 2.) I wear basically the same outfits. I don’t hide the first point. A lot of my items are on the affordable side, and the lot of them are picked up from small market stalls in Asia (shoutout to Divisoria). I can’t look at my clothes’ tags for the brand because, well… there is no brand.

You don’t need to spend a lot on trendy things. There’s definitely a rise in quality when you pay more, it’s true, but save those for things that you’d be wearing everyday. Work shoes, a sturdy winter coat, basic pants and blouses, etc. These things need to last you a long time. For pieces that would be out of style in a few years, there’s no reason to splurge. That’s my philosophy.

Are brand names better? Sure. Are they a reflection of who you are and your worth as a person? Absolutely not.

That said, I wonder if I should keep posting my outfits, as fun as they are. Because approaching the aforementioned second point, I wear the same damn thing all the time. Long flowy top, tight jeans or leggings, and closed laced shoes. There. That’s my fashion blog. Thanks for reading!

I like to call it my personal uniform. It’s chill, it’s comfortable, it’s who I am. I like to think I’ve always had one. Once upon a time, I was a forreals fashion blogger. Even though I experimented with different looks, I always defaulted to a personal uniform. Back then, it was different.

2009 uniform

2009 uniform: Dress, cardigan, and maybe heels #throwbackthursday

I loved dresses so much. I still do! But man, jeans and boots are just so comfortable now. I honestly don’t like to make a fuss about my outfits anymore. My dresses were always a pain to wash, and I was never good in heels. I still like to look good, but comfort and effortlessness are priority now. Hence, the jeans and boots. I like my new uniform.

Tell me a little something about how you dress! I love talking about style, so feel free to share your favorite fashion blogs or plug your own if you have one! I’m not a stickler about shameless plugs (within reason, of course), so go right ahead.


  1. Kind of sad to say, but I really don’t know my own personal style because I’m either in workout clothes (perfect student PT go-to clothes) vs scrubs (when in clinicals). I personally buy name brands, but I only buy those that I know will last a long time and they’re typically solid shirts that go with my favorite shorts or jeans. I rarely ever go shopping for daily wear, so that’s why I justify my urge to buy name brands.

    For winter, I cannot say I have anything too exciting. I wish I could say I at least mix and match, but currently I’ve only worn scrubs with a large beige coat. My fashion sense at the moment is very, very abysmal.
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    1. Nothing wrong with that! I wear the same stuff through the work week. I mean that literally. I have three pairs of black pants and five blue/black long sleeves that I just cycle through each week. These outfit posts are a raging exception lol.

  2. You have great fashion sense. And it doesn’t matter if you feel like you are wearing the same thing all the time. If what you are wearing makes you feel good then that is all that matters. :)

    I don’t buy named brands any more. I use to but I just kept finding cheaper alternatives and I was soon converted. I do wear branded accessories though, like my Ray Bans. They make any outfit look good. :P
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    1. When I still lived in Manila, I always preferred shopping in bazaars and these little stalls we call tiangge. They had some really cute stuff! So brand names never mattered to me. I do appreciate them though! I have a pair of Guess sunglasses that I absolutely love.

  3. I sometimes refer to my personal style as “I don’t even try.” I used to be very tomboyish in my clothing–baggy pants, baggy shirts, no bra (yikes), sneakers. I guess it was mostly caused by my low self-esteem. Now I’ll usually throw on a pair of not-too-skinny skinny jeans or tightish Calvin Klein fake-jeans and a tee, or maybe another cute top.

    I’ve never been big on dresses, but I’ve been looking to wear them more often lately and I don’t really know why. It’s been hard, though, because I’m pretty picky about dresses. I actually just found one I LOVE at H&M, with lacy long sleeves and a circle skirt. I got it in black but have been trying to get it in red too. That search hasn’t been going so well; I guess with the holidays right around the corner red has been quite popular.

    I still wear sneakers, but I’ve expanded to include flats and boots–PARTICULARLY military boots. I have two pairs of military booties from Cathy Jean, they’re pretty much AMAZING ;) and CJ usually has great sales too, so it’s pretty easy to get boots at a decent price.
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    1. Haha I stopped wearing sneakers for a while. I thought I was ~over~ my Converse phase, but recently I saw some really cute Nikes and yikes, I want a pair.

    1. You should post some of your dresses! I’d love to see them. I left my floral dresses in the Philippines, so I have to start my collection again. T_T

  4. I am kinda the opposite, for years I ONLY wore jeans/pants and now I am moving more towards dresses/skirts. This is probably do to two reasons: 1) I work in a more professional atmosphere, and 2) I’m gaining weight and my dresses don’t show/feel it as much (my jeans are getting too tight to be comfy). I was mostly a jeans & t-shirt girl during college and it’s been shockingly fun to develop a more personal, put together style.
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    1. Hmm I gained weight these last few years too (but I guess that doesn’t say much since it was basically the freshman 15) and the way I dress now hides it better, I think. I’m a bit top-heavy.

      I think my style is becoming even more uniform because lately, all I’ve been wearing is black. XD

  5. Uhm…right now? My personal uniform consists of flats – ballet, tennis shoes, etc. with skinny jeans/leggings/yoga pants and over-sized tops. This is mainly because I’m lazy and I can’t really afford to get any new clothes. :( Oh, and I’ll throw on the occasional cardigan. As for designer items, it depends on what you mean by designer – most of my jeans are from AE but I don’t consider that designer. Designer to me is Michael Kors, Kate Spade, etc. So I don’t own any of it. :)
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  6. Who says you need to wear heels with dresses? I wear Toms, and flats with my dresses which is a hundred percent more comfortable, but those dresses are for summer and for spring, not winter and fall. But you can guess my outfits have changed now. I’m rocking my sweatpants, pants/jeans, and comfortable snow boots. Lol

    Cute outfits!
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    1. Yes, flats all the way! I got a pair of flat snow boots recently, and they’re soooo comfortable. It’s like walking on warm clouds haha.

  7. You look wonderful! :) How I wish I could also figure out what my style really is. I usually end up looking like a bored little woman who happen to throw some shirts and pants on her way out. Hehe :3

  8. I love your dresses too! But, I think being comfortable should be a priority. It’s never a bad thing to want to look good but, as I always say, beauty does take time..

    I used to like to dress up but now I find so much happiness in jeans and a white v-neck shirt (preferably belonging to my boyfriend, too). Then I accessorize whether it be necklaces or a scarf. :)
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  9. I like how fashionable you are!! It’s great that you don’t buy brand names because you make the brand, the brand doesn’t make you. :D!. There are so many expensive clothes that are poor quality and the other way around where the cheaper clothes have good quality. I suppose it’s all in choosing what is good.

    Dresses are always fun to wear but are a pain to wash :(. You gotta handle them with extra care or else they will go bad!

    I’m not much of a fashionista myself. I’m too lazy to dress well sometimes *o*. I just out on a hoodie and jeans and I’m good to go on a lazy day XD.

    1. Haha I definitely feel you on the lazy days, which is 4 out of 7 days for me to be honest. I wear a hoodie over my house dress. I look ridiculous but I’m warm and comfortable.

  10. I live in New Zealand, and because we’re a small country, everyone’s fashion is kinda… the same. There are only so many clothing retailers and so everyone shops at the same shops and therefore everyone looks the same. Especially when I was in uni and it was a student town so everyone had as much incentive to dress up as everyone else; ie. none at all.

    After going to the US for a year and spending 99% of my time in Florida, I had a plethora of summer dresses and generally *different* outfits. Plus I met a friend who wore outfits from thrift stores and had a wonderful 1980’s vibe to her wardrobe.

    Now I’m back I’ve decided to base my look in a “vintage” style. I’m using the dresses and buying more to fill out my wardrobe that I cleaned out once I got back. The style doesn’t have to be expensive, which works well for me! I’ve cut my hair to make it more fitting and my makeup routine didn’t even change that much. I didn’t realise how much I was leaning towards a vintage style to begin with.

    I love your style! It’s very unique and I love being able to wear clothing that doesn’t have a label. It makes your clothing and style just as unique as you are!
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    1. Yeah, people are generally more chill about fashion back in Vegas. I always felt like I was overdressing. I grew up in Makati, Philippines and it is definitely extra over there! That’s what I’m accustomed to.

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