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My Favorite Things

Eirene and I are starting a monthly blog linkup! The theme, as you’ve probably guessed, is My Favorite Things. On every first Tuesday of the month, we will be co-hosting a linkup showcasing our favorite things. It would be awesome if you guys could join us. This month’s linkup will be open for one week, so please submit an entry and let’s get to know one another. (◕‿◕✿)

Rules on how to enter are located at the end of this post. Here we go!

My New Phone Case

HTC One M7
I don’t own any true clear cases for my phone which is a shame because HTC makes such gorgeous flagships. Aesthetics were a huge factor in me picking out the HTC One, and I ended up covering it with a case all the time. Oops.

I ordered this clear snap-on case on Amazon a few weeks ago for a change. I was getting bored of my previous case as always, and I felt like I’ve ordered every case for my phone ever. But I saw this one, and the blue trims were really cute. It’s not as fluorescent as the listing suggests, but I still love the color so much. Plus, I can finally show off how pretty my phone is! is an incredibly simple app. Just fire it up, and make your list. That’s it. It’s snappy and works fast, and you can choose your favorite color. I love it!

My Scarves

My mother-in-law gifted me these scarves shortly before we moved away. She’s seriously great and I’m lucky to have such an awesome mother-in-law. I heard a lot of horror stories about in-laws, but mine have been so kind and patient. And these scarves she gave me are so warm and fluffy. I’ve been wearing them all the time now that the cold’s arrived. 谢谢妈妈!

This Owl Purse

Owl Purse
I’ve been looking for a black purse for AGES. I was always on the lookout whenever I went shopping, but I never found one I liked enough to buy. I saw this purse last week at H&M while looking for knee-high socks and I fell in love instantly!

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield 2014

Okay, this is kinda cheating because I’ve owned this tablet for a few months now, but I just realized that I never wrote a proper review for it save for a sort of unboxing. I’ll write a very short review now.

The battery life is great; it holds a charge really well on standby. Sometimes a rogue app will do some serious wakeclocks and drain the battery (haven’t found out which one), but a quick restart fixes it. The display is crisp. Some people have complained about the lower than flagship-type pixel density (294 PPI) but at this point, it’s just nitpicking because it’s seriously a good display. Keep in mind that higher PPIs have diminishing returns.

And this tablet flies. The Tegra K1 chip does its job well. Very fast and very few stutters. And it sells for $300 which, for an 8-inch tablet with a future-ready chip, is a fair price. It is on the heavy side, but nothing one couldn’t handle.

Oh, and also: front-facing speakers. Yass.

I’m still loving my tablet. Now that the honeymoon phase is over, me still enjoying it is a very good sign. So if you’ve been thinking of getting a tablet for yourself, do consider the Nvidia Shield!

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      1. I’m tempted to because it really is a cute bag, but unfortunately I have a load of bags already :c I can’t risk falling into this terrible, horrible, no-good habit of buying buying buying. DX

        I think I’ll do the linkup tonight, since I’ve settled on using WordPress now.
        Holland recently posted…Hmmm.My Profile

  1. This seems like an interesting blogging project :) I may have to do it!

    And that List app looks awesome. Reminds me of a simpler version of Google Keep!

    The owl bag is cute! Not something I’d use, but if I were a fan of owls, I’d get a bag like that :D
    Tara recently posted…The Bag StoryMy Profile

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  3. Oooooh that new case is pretty! They should make more transparent cases for the HTC phones since they’re absurdly gorgeous haha. Actually, they should just make more cases for HTC phones period.

    Also lol, oh so that’s where you put that Mando stuff we were talking about last night. I thought you were writing your mom-in-law an email or something. But yay for great parents in law! <3
    Eirene recently posted…October Faves!My Profile

    1. I know right. I’m still so pressed that companies don’t support HTC phones. Bye with their flop tastes tbh.

      Haha, my in-laws like to message us on Line group chat but I can’t read anything so :’D

  4. I’ve done it! :D The link up seems fun.
    I love clear cases and yours looks gorgeous. Thanks for introducing because I love the clean look of it. It is very useful.
    好温暖。真幸福!I love my Slytherin scarf and scarfs in general when I am in a cold place. tehee!
    Owl designs are always a hoot! :D
    Silver recently posted…These are few of my favourite things…My Profile

  5. Love the Scarves. I have a light Afghan scarf that i keep on me at all times – much like you, they were gifted by someone special. Totally glad that I brought my scarf with me now that it’s hitting freezing temperatures.
    Kat Argo recently posted…Eternal FlameMy Profile

  6. I’m liking this idea of the “favorite things” series! Clear cases are great because the phones are already beautiful in general, why have a case that covers all of that? As much as I like snap-on clear cases, I need bulky cases that will help protect my phone when I drop it (which is a lot). looks like a really simplified app! Scarves are awesome for keeping you warm and making you fashionable :). Hope the series becomes a success!

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