2014 in Review

Happy new year, everyone! I was going to skip a yearly recap post, believing that I didn’t have a very interesting year when it’s clearly the opposite. Things are a blur to me nowadays with so many things going on. I hardly have time to sit down and reflect on what I’ve accomplished because there’s always more to do. I feel like all my significant events this year happened years ago. I barely even remember anything from six months ago. Welp, that’s what this blog is for. Read more…

Designing a Living Room

One of my ultimate life goals is to own a cute little starter home and decorate the entire place by myself. Now I’m not a certified interior decorator, but as an avid Sims 2 player, I do believe I have the credentials to design a room fit for the modern living space. It’s as simple as going on Build Mode! (´・ω・`)

A home is still a far and away reality, but it’s never too early to start planning and it’s always fun to talk about! Read more…

It’s Cold Outside

A&F parka, thrifted knit sweater, BDG cigarette jeans, shoes from JCPenney

I went to a holiday party last Monday hosted by my former agency, and of course I had to look Christmas-y. I’ve had this granny sweater for years. Admittedly I don’t wear it much, but it’s great for holiday parties. Not quite ugly sweater chic, but the rams are apparently a great talking point.

As always with every party hosted by the former agency, I got T U R N T. Read more…

A Little Movie Marathon for the Holidays

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope you all have a blessed holiday. ♥

This time of the year always puts me in the mood for movies. Whenever I was home from college, my sister and I would snuggle up on the couch and put on a DVD every night. I won’t be with my family this year, but I’m still keeping the tradition alive.

Our favorite type of movie? Chick flicks! They’re just fun, you know? I don’t have any more reason than that. Read more…

The Week in Screenshots

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past week in screenshot form! Quite a bit’s happened since my last entry, and I’ve been feeling anxious about said developments on top of my new job. I’ve been channeling all my anxiety into productive activities and tons of communication with friends and family. Yay for healthy coping?

Cooking with Yummly

I’ve been cooking more often and learning new recipes which I’m super excited about! I’m getting into the holiday spirit by planning a Pinoy-style Christmas dinner on the 25th. Read more…