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Happy new year, everyone! I was going to skip a yearly recap post, believing that I didn’t have a very interesting year when it’s clearly the opposite. Things are a blur to me nowadays with so many things going on. I hardly have time to sit down and reflect on what I’ve accomplished because there’s always more to do. I feel like all my significant events this year happened years ago. I barely even remember anything from six months ago. Welp, that’s what this blog is for.

So here we go, a little recap of 2014!

This year, I…

All in all, an awesome year. :)

Did I complete my New Year’s resolution?



My resolution this year was to do my nails more often. I was really good the first few months. I painted my nails every week, and I even learned how to do some nail art! But I got busier and busier and I started neglecting my nails again. One day, I realized my polish was chipping really badly, so I just took it all off and I haven’t looked at my polish collection since. Maybe I should start again this coming year…

Six Selfies


There’s a six selfies tag going around on Tumblr, but I wanted to do it here. I changed up my hair a lot this past year. I went from black, waist-length hair to light brown, chopped it off to shoulder length, went blonde, cut it even shorter, and then back to black again. I never want my hair to stay the same. Here’s to even more transformations in 2015!

Goals for 2015

Keep learning, keep improving. Finally finish my Rails side project. Learn even more recipes. Get a better camera.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2015. This year might have been great for you, might have been absolute crap. If it was great, I hope the next year is even greater. If not, then you did awesome getting through this year. It might not feel like it, but you showed strength to see the end of the year. Stay strong; we’re here for you. I believe in you. Don’t give up!

Signing off 2014 with all my heart,


  1. Your 2014 seemed exciting! Happy new year, Raisa! I wish you a prosperous new year ahead and of course your new career. :) Keep being awesome.

    Also, you have great eyebrows and hair and basically everything!
    Kristine recently posted…2014: Yearly RecapMy Profile

  2. if i put “do my nails often” in my list, that list will rot in its grave and will never find way back to the world of living. hah. i don’t do lists like that but let’s just say i did, i’d never bother to actually do my nails. my toe nails are ugly and messy like an ogre’s but i never care about them LOL i probably should? but eh, i’m so lazy. besides i wear shoes all the time :P and only own like very few sandals.

    i like your black hair but i also miss your blonde look :( aww, i kinda miss mine too but i don’t wanna go back to super bright color anymore. or maybe i will, someday but not blond because i’m kinda obsessed with redheads now haha.. sometimes i look in the mirror and i miss my black hair too but eh, i’m so fickle i always wanna change hair color! >__<

    happy new year and good luck with facing 2015! i have to buy new armor and weapons for 2015 or maybe ask varric to help me steal some from the merchant..seeing as how we're both rogues and rogues tend to steal :P
    Alice B recently posted…En Garde: 2014 In The BoxMy Profile

    1. I keep my nails short and neat all the time, so I don’t mind them not being painted all the time. I hate long nails tbh. ._. Remnants of my strict conservative upbringing haha.

      I wanted to roll a rogue next! I still haven’t rerolled in DA:I. It keeps crashing on me. T_T

  3. Happy new year! Moving and switching careers are pretty major events in 2014! I’m glad you had a good year :)

    That’s too bad you didn’t complete your resolution, but those are cute nails! I wasn’t that successful with most of my resolutions either, haha. Wow, you changed your hair a lot! I wish I did that more often to change things up a little. All of the styles and colors look great on you :D

    I hope you have a great 2015, and good luck on your goals!
    Cat recently posted…Gaming year in review: 2014My Profile

  4. Happy New Year, Raisa! Hope you will have a blessing year!

    I totally feel you about things being a blur. I could barely remembered what happened between January and March 2014 *__*. I’m glad to see that you’re still keeping up with your blogging! It’s always great to see the community stay without having to exchange people so often. It’s so cool how you know how to do nail art! I’m the same when it comes to painting nails too. I broke my index finger nail a few months ago and I’m waiting for it to grow again before going on a painting spree again (sorry if I grossed you out :'(((().

    I like how fashionable you are too!!

    Good luck with the goals you have for the year! I’m sure you’ll make the best out of everything and definitely don’t give up! Keep your head up in the game :).

    1. Happy new year! I hope you have a good one too! :D

      It’s not gross, don’t worry! I don’t grow my nails very long so I haven’t broken mine yet. I feel like long nails get in the way with everything. XD

  5. I think the only person who would have thought you didn’t have an interesting enough year would have been yourself, and the same applies to everybody else! I think my year was boring but who knows how you guys will feel? Maybe I will write about it next! :)

    I love how you change your look every once in a while, in fact several times in one year. I think I definitely need a new hairstyle and a new color, but my hair type only has so many options. I know a few people who have looked exactly the same for ten years and I just don’t understand, ha!

    Happy New Year!
    Liv recently posted…Happy Quiet HolidaysMy Profile

    1. Happy new year!

      Yeah, I know people who never change anything for years Like, I guess I admire them for sticking to one look, but I’m all, don’t you get bored? My mom wants me to have long, black hair 5ever. I’m always rebelling against it.

  6. I hope you have a really great 2015. It’s good that you were able to make some changes this year and hope you are in a happier place. I love the photos, the selfies are awesome. The pink hair wig(?) is so cool. :D
    Kya recently posted…Bye Bye 2014!My Profile

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