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One of my ultimate life goals is to own a cute little starter home and decorate the entire place by myself. Now I’m not a certified interior decorator, but as an avid Sims 2 player, I do believe I have the credentials to design a room fit for the modern living space. It’s as simple as going on Build Mode! (´・ω・`)

A home is still a far and away reality, but it’s never too early to start planning and it’s always fun to talk about! I put together this little living room collage using Modani‘s furniture. How awesome would it be to have a dream home scrapbook?

Modani Furniture collage

My ideal living room is minimal, unassuming, but elegant. It’s clear of clutter and excessive items. I want… nothingness. I want to sit down on the sofa and empty my mind of work, chores, husband, everything. It’s just me on that gorgeous leather sofa, my favorite fleece blanket, and a light book (gosh, I haven’t done this in forever).

An all-black furniture set with little colored decor has been on my house wishlist for a very long time. Check out their sexy modern sofas! And how cute is that butterfly sculpture? They have a cat sculpture too! I’ve been on a blue kick lately, so I was definitely feeling that wallpaper too.

Someday I will have this living room (minus the silly Photoshop floor pattern -.-).

What do you want in your living room?


  1. Like my layouts, I like my designs in real life: simple and minimalistic too! If I had to choose a color scheme, it would consist of warm colors. I’d keep my decor down to one black and white painting (probably provided by the boy). I also want a black leather seats/couch. And wooden floors. I love wooden flooring.
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  2. I like the collage you put together! “Black with hints of color” is actually what I’m going for in my house right now. I’m trying to do black furniture with red and orange decorations for our family room. I’m still searching for a modern black sofa to replace our old sofa!
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  3. I used to Pinterest all the living rooms that interest me, and most of them had really minimalist but creative arrangements! That first page of your future scrapbook is rather cute. I think by the time I get to arrange my own home I would be overwhelmed by what I want! But everything has its own time. :)
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  4. I laughed so hard at your Sims 2 experience comment! I work at an interior design store, and when they asked me why I thought I was qualified at the job interview, I told them I had wicked Pinterest boards and the best home in my Sim neighbourhood. #nailedit

    Love your blog, so glad I found it! :)

    1. Hi Jen, thanks for dropping by! :D

      I love the Sims 2! I’m hooked on looking for nice houses for my neighborhood. It’s like house shopping, but free.

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