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A&F parka, thrifted knit sweater, BDG cigarette jeans, shoes from JCPenney

I went to a holiday party last Monday hosted by my former agency, and of course I had to look Christmas-y. I’ve had this granny sweater for years. Admittedly I don’t wear it much, but it’s great for holiday parties. Not quite ugly sweater chic, but the rams are apparently a great talking point.

As always with every party hosted by the former agency, I got T U R N T. Open bar is such a dangerous thing. I then proceeded to drunk text/tweet my friends because that’s always a good idea, followed by drunk shopping at the nearest drugstore. Guess who now has a stash of batteries and facial masks? The commute back home was me trying to look sober at the station and failing miserably. I always say never again whenever this happens but~

I had a lot of fun with my former co-workers. I miss them all so much! I was practically begging them to take me if they ever need a freelancer. Plz.


I took these pictures first thing in the morning, and I look like a potato. See how round my face is without all that hair. ಥ⌣ಥ My mom used to call me tomatohead over it. I was thinking of cutting my bangs back in, but I don’t have the patience for it anymore.


  1. A&F always made comfy parkas!! But I don’t like how big it actually is sometimes D:.

    I’m glad you survived the open bar celebration! I can’t imagine going drunk shopping! I’ll keep note of that the next time I try to do anything funny, haha. Even though you went through a lot after the bar, at least you had fun at the party! :)

    1. I love oversized parkas! XD They keep me so warm up here.

      Haha I had tons of fun! And I really did need batteries, but then I was all yo I haven’t exfoliated in 5ever and drunk me was very sad at the thought.

  2. Open bar? Did that mean your drinks were free? I’m amazed you were coherent enough to even drunk shop, haha! If it were me, the idea of shopping would have never entered my own mind!

    And that ensemble looks really cute on you! The parka really looks nice, and it’d be something I’d consider wearing, too :D
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  3. Cute outfit! The parka looks comfy, and I like the design on the sweater :) Open bar really is a dangerous thing, haha. I’m quite a lightweight, so I try not to drink much when I’m out. I’m glad you had fun at the party!
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