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My Favorite Things

It’s time for another round of My Favorite Things! Every first Tuesday of the month is the day for sharing anything you’ve been loving the past four weeks, hosted by Eirene and yours truly. She’ll be handling this month’s submissions, so please head on over to her blog to send in your entry. The linkup will be open for a week. Tell us what your favorite things are!

I realized that this linkup is the perfect chance to share my latest fandoms. I’ve been downplaying just how obsessive I can be on this blog, but you need to look no further than my Tumblr to see what shows/games/anime I’ve been obsessing about. Fandoms are important to me. I’ve made friends through liking something in common, and we bond over new entertainment all the time. So not only do fandoms endlessly amuse me, they’re also great for making friends!

Dragon Age: Inquisition

blackwall omgblackwall

Surprise! I bet you thought you’d seen the last of DA:I. Given that I just wrote a full review of Dragon Age: Inquisition, you’d think I’m done talk about it. Hah! How wrong you are. Listen to my feelings more!

I haven’t been playing since I finished my first run. I’m focusing on my projects at the moment, but I plan on re-rolling this weekend. I can’t wait! Solas, wait for me~ I hope the bugs would be fixed by then (HA), but more importantly, I hope this hair mod gets released! I want beautiful Inquisitors. :”>

Kuroko no Basuke


Free! left a gaping void in my heart that has yet to be filled, but I’m trying to move on with Kuroko no Basuke. This anime’s been on my list for a long time now, but I never got around to seeing it until a few weeks ago. I like it a lot! Kise is my favorite, but Midorima slays me everytime. I don’t even know how to describe him. Ugh you tsundere dork. Of course, I’m rooting for Seirin above it all. Eirene and I love Hyuuga, haha. Hyuuga-senpai-niichan tbh~

(I’m certified weeaboo trash.)

I’m nearly done with the first season. I’ll be catching up on it this weekend too. :D

This Song

My aesthetic.

That’s it for my entry on this month’s Favorite Things! Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite things this month? Just follow the rules below and get posting!


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  1. Fandom is a great place. HP fandom and Slayers fandom were what got me to meet so many great people RL and online! And all the goodies fandoms provide — fanfics, fanarts . . . GUH. Those things certainly keep me occupied! :D Right now Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fanfics are consuming my life (in a good way XD). Heck, I even spent all of this past weekend doing nothing but reading fanfics on my Kindle!

    I will try and do this for this month! Just gotta think what “theme” I’d stick to . . .
    Tara recently posted…Slow Cooker ExperienceMy Profile

    1. Yes, I’ve been reading fanfics before bed on my tablet! The DA fandom is working overtime on fanworks. I love it, haha. I should contribute too sometime.

      I can’t wait to see your post! You don’t need to stick to a theme. :D

  2. I think fandom is the reason I have my close friends – I am not sure how the uninspired people around me do with their friends when they aren’t a fan of anything! One of my friends is bored all the time because she doesn’t have fandoms and I’m struggling to give enough time to each of my fandoms.

    I need to read your review of DA:I. I wanted to buy it but since the first game is still on my backlog I thought I’d wait for a discount. But there’s every reason to give me an excuse to buy it sooner if the reviews are good!
    Liv recently posted…Being ThankfulMy Profile

    1. I know people who like to go to hiking or be outdoors in their spare time. I enjoy those activities fine, but I always think, man I can’t wait to go home and watch/game.

      I feel you on being spread thin on fandoms. I admire people who can draw and write fanworks regularly. It takes me forever to write a chapter. I have a fic that’s been needing an update for two years. Meep.

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