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Here’s what I’ve been up to the past week in screenshot form! Quite a bit’s happened since my last entry, and I’ve been feeling anxious about said developments on top of my new job. I’ve been channeling all my anxiety into productive activities and tons of communication with friends and family. Yay for healthy coping?

Cooking with Yummly


I’ve been cooking more often and learning new recipes which I’m super excited about! I’m getting into the holiday spirit by planning a Pinoy-style Christmas dinner on the 25th. That’s also motivated me to try out new things in the meantime. I stumbled upon Yummly during my search. Why didn’t I know about this website before? I’ve already bookmarked a handful of recipes to try. I love how it gives me recommendations based on what I liked too!

New Theme in the Works


I’ve begun gathering resources for a new blog theme. I loved this current theme when I completed it. I thought I’d keep around for a long time, but a few days ago I took one look and I felt sick of it. Everytime I launch a theme, I always feel like I’d never change it again. Obviously not.

I’ve mostly been downloading patterns and brushes off of various sites. I kinda want my next theme to be a sort of throwback to old trends. Of course, I’d share all my resources once I make a new theme! Might not be for a while though. I also have other projects in the works.

Getting More into Social Media

I still don’t get Twitter, but I’ve been making an effort to use it more. Having blog friends as mutual followers definitely helped with making it more enjoyable. If you have a Twitter, I’d love to follow you! I like to tweet a lot of webdev and also silly stuff. I don’t take it very seriously, like everything I do online ever. Speaking of which…


Tumblr is officially where all my social media efforts go to die. Isn’t it beautiful? :’)

How was your week?


  1. when you mentioned anxiety, i was reminded by the panic attack i had like two days ago. that sucks (-_-);;

    unlike you though, i never actually told anyone when my anxiety gets in the way or is acting up, haha. neither my family or my friends but that’s a story for another day.

    i look at yummly and all i could think about is how i wish i can have my own kitchen and the skill to actually cook. this is also one reason why i want to live alone in a flat where i can access the kitchen without anyone’s interference. i can’t do that at home so… haha because i get kicked out of the kitchen all the time :))

    pfft, you’re not the only one who feel that way with your layout. every time i web code, i always think they’re not good enough. i always think they lack of something and i never actually appreciate what i designed LOL (even though people tend to be like, “it’s good enoughhhhhh” and i’m like, “no it’s nooottt”)

    i think your layouts are cool though. they’re simple and clean and run on good technicality – i mean, you know your codes. you know their validation and stuff, i suppose so that’s why i think your work’s cool.

    my twitter is full of garbage now and the garbage just keeps on increasing lol and people need to understand that my tweets tend to be sarcastic 90% of the time. that’s my humor :P all evil and rotten haha

    since it’s still wednesday, i haven’t completed the week yet so… but so far, my head’s not in the game. i’m in holiday mood. all i care about is skipping classes lol i just want to sleeeeeep and hibernate for 12 hours else i can’t function properly :((
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    1. Aww, I hope you’re feeling better! I used to be that way too. I’d just bottle things up inside. It depends on your support system. I didn’t have a good one back then, but my friends now and my spouse are really supportive, so I feel like I can be open with them. I hope everything works out for you!

      I didn’t learn to cook for real till a few years ago. :P Like you, my mom would constantly kick me out of the kitchen, haha. But now that I’m on my own, I really enjoy it.

      I’m glad you like my themes! I’m working on the new one now. It’s going okay, I guess. ._. I’ll know how I really feel about it once I finish it. To be honest, I do a lot of studying and coding practice in my spare time (I have to, there’s always something new to learn), so it’s not without a lot of work. ^_^ I’m actually putting off testing my Rails app right now. That’s why I’m doing a new theme. XD

      Hahaha I’m sure your Twitter is like good garbage. Like my Tumblr is trash but I like to think it’s good trash.

  2. Oooh, I’m now curious about what your next theme will be like! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I know what you come up with will be fabulous!

    Yay for Yummly! I haven’t really used it much, but I’ve seen it around and used it like once or twice. I’ll have to utilise it more in the future. Unfortunately, I’m not too fond of cooking — I have to be in a MOOD to cook, which is far and few in my lazy lifestyle!

    I hope you come to an understanding with Twitter! I just see it as microblogging. I primarily use it to whinge about stuff . . . and to spread fangirl joy XD Oh, and if I ever get to feeling clever, it comes in handy, too.

    Anyway, congrats on the new job! Don’t overdo it and exert yourself into a field of negativity!
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    1. Thank you! I keep hitting a wall with my new theme. I don’t know what I want~

      Haha I’m really lazy too! I’m trying to change that now, I need to grow up. T_T

      Tbh I’m feeling overwhelmed doing both tumblr and twitter! I tend to ignore one for the other. I’m still trying to figure out a balance. :’D

  3. I wish I could cook but I’m a failure at it so for safety purposes, I dont try anymore lol. Maaaan, I wish I could conjure a layout out of nowhere. I’m on my christmas break but I don’t feel like doing anything D: I just wanna sleep all day

    I followed you on twitter because online friendship is wonderful. my handle: ohpenda

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  4. I like your little twist in making this week in screenshots! Hope you’re doing great on your new job so far! It’s great to make homemade meals, it’s cheaper and healthier!

    Good luck in making a new theme! I’m trying to make a new one but bah, I have no motivation so far *o*. Twitter is a bit hard to catch on to at first but you’ll get used to it with time ;).

    Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks! Everything’s been going great so far. The theme might take longer than usual haha. I’m trying to focus on Rails right now. :’D

  5. Yummly! It’s my favorite app! Haha. They’re also giving recommendations on ingredients that you always search. Gaah~ I miss the Christmas feels~ also try, there are lots of easy yet delicious recipes out there.

    Merry Christmas!!
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