Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Mini-Review

Warning: This entry contains some potentially offensive material. If you can’t stomach poking fun at religion (Hell in particular), please don’t read ahead.

This entry also contains spoilers for the Saints Row IV and its latest 4 expansion. You’ve been warned!

So this will be a short review of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. It’s a pretty quick game as I completed the main quest in four hours. It was a lot of fun though! As always, it was over-the-top insanity and I loved every second of it. Read more…

A Vow Renewal Way Away

Michael and I celebrated two years of marriage last November 30. We spent the whole Sunday playing Dragon Age and ordering pizza. It was perfect. We’re a very chill couple. With our fifth dating anniversary coming up, I thought I should share a little bit of our extremely austere wedding with you guys. We both knew we wanted to build a life together (him much sooner than me). We were young and madly in love. Crazy enough, we had our parents’ blessings. Read more…

New Theme (Sort of): Fleur Rose 1.1

My new theme’s been up for a week. It was a very soft launch, you could say. I was so tired of Papergreen Remix, but this theme wasn’t done yet, so I uploaded what I had so far as a child theme. Then I finally felt motivated to finish what I started over the holidays, so I did and put everything up without telling anyone. Some of you have noticed, fortunately.

So this is Fleur Rose 1.1. It went through a lot of iterations before I was finally happy with what I had. Read more…

My Favorite Things: January 2015

First Tuesday isn’t just Senior’s Day, it’s also time for My Favorite Things, a monthly blog linkup to showcase the things you love! Brought to you by Eirene and yours truly. As always, the linkup will be open for a week. Do join us and share your favorite things. (*^▼^*)

Here are the things I’ve been loving the past month:

Google Keep

I’m still using for my grocery shopping, but Google Keep is great for more in-depth note taking. Read more…

Annual Blog Statistics

It’s been a year since I’ve gone back to blogging. I thought it might be fun list out my annual statistics because I like quantifiable information. The following info pertains only to the previous year.

Little Town Stats

Total Number of Entries: 58
Not bad! There were times when I felt very motivated to write, other times I felt like I had nothing to say at all. I thought of quitting again at one point last year because I was feeling jaded about blogging all over again, but I stuck it out. Read more…