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It’s been a year since I’ve gone back to blogging. I thought it might be fun list out my annual statistics because I like quantifiable information. The following info pertains only to the previous year.

Little Town Stats

Total Number of Entries: 58
Not bad! There were times when I felt very motivated to write, other times I felt like I had nothing to say at all. I thought of quitting again at one point last year because I was feeling jaded about blogging all over again, but I stuck it out. I hope I can stay for good this time!

Total Number of Images in Media Library: 217 (213 used, 4 unattached)
Yikes, that’s a lot of pictures! Thankfully I have enough disk space and bandwidth for them all. I’ve been thinking of switching to Amazon Web Services sometime because I wanted to serve retina blog images. Haven’t gotten around to it though.

Most Used Category: Life
I still consider this blog a journal, so Life contains the most entries with a total of 19 posts.

Entry with the Most Comments: A Personal Uniform
This one wasn’t cut-and-dry, since I don’t always reply to comments. For simplicity’s sake, I counted my own replies since I left them more often than not.

Entry with the Most Likes: Tie between Blogging with Static Site Generators and From the Ashes She Rose
You guys suck at leaving likes. :P Those two only have two likes each. Just so you all know, I’m cool with you just liking if you don’t have anything to say.

Spam Comments Caught: 54,788
I just emptied my filter, so that included the first two days of the year. Jeez, that’s still so much though! I used to be able to look at my spam filter and clear anyone who was caught accidentally. Now I can’t do it anymore without sorting through hundreds of spam. :(

Tumblr Stats

I have to include my Tumblr trashblog because it is important to me.

Posts with the Most Notes

The lesson here is if you want a lot of notes on Tumblr, you need to singlehandedly anger an entire fandom.

Active Tags

I still miss Free! I want my babies back. </3 And Gekkan is hilarious! Everyone needs to watch it.

What are your annual blog stats? Everyone, post them!

New Theme Sidenote

I shuffled some things around here, and you’re looking at my new theme! It’s called Fleur Rose, a child theme of Papergreen Remix (a previous themes page is now available). Rose gold is my new favorite color scheme. Of course, I had to have it on my blog!

This isn’t the theme I was gathering resources for. That one’s still in the works. It’s slowgoing because I’m editing a lot of the functionality, but I wanted a change right now. This theme is kind of halfway between my old one and the new one. A lot of the functionality is dependent on Papergreen Remix, and the little changes I did are pretty much what I have so far on the new theme. I still feel like something’s missing, so I’ll probably be adding some stuff in the next week.

There is a new feature! If you look at a category page, the subhead returns the description. Check it out! I took some time to write out descriptions for all my categories last night. Some of them are pretty meh, but I’ll rewrite them when I’m feeling snappier.

Let me know what you think!


  1. That’s a lot of spam comments! Dang!

    And 58 posts sounds like a good year of blogging, I’m hoping there’s more to come for this 2015, eh?

    My stats for 2014?
    Total Entries: 70 posts. (My initial goal was 10 posts per month, but school got in the way of everything!)
    Most used category: Academia with 14 posts (Pretty much sums up my life.)

    I think I have too many ties for the post with most comments. The most I’ve got was probably 8 comments and that’s including my comments.
    Kristine recently posted…A quiet start to 2015My Profile

    1. I’m trying to blog more often nowadays, twice a week but I think I’m losing steam. :’D

      70 posts is really good! Nothing wrong with blogging about school. I know I miss it.

  2. Yay, you posted entries a bit more than once a week! My archives might say I posted 15 times last year. But I can stalk up my own RSS feed and it tells me there were 5 posts before I deleted all my old posts. Still, that averages to posting once nearly every three weeks, so I need to improve in that department!

    I have a LOT of images in my media library but I’m sure if I keep going at this rate I will not have enough space or bandwidth! I certainly need to come up with another solution. If Amazon Web Services works out well make sure you tell me all about it. I have been using a retina Macbook Pro at work and my own iMac is just an old piece of junk in comparison.

    HAHA, I know exactly what you mean about Tumblr notes and can certainly see why those posts got so many notes! My own post that has received the most number of notes is this one at 906, but I also got a lot of notes on this one because I pissed off every Skyward Sword Link fangirl on Tumblr.

    I do like what you have done with the new child theme! I also need to start showing category descriptions on my blog, but that’s for future plans since I am not using categories properly at the moment.
    Liv recently posted…Happy ProductivityMy Profile

    1. Have you been looking at blogs on the retina Mac? I always wonder how everything looks on there. I haven’t decided which method to use for retina-friendly images. It takes so much work lol.

      Yay for Tumblr notes! XD I forgot to post my Cosmo sex tip which ended up on Buzzfeed. Oop.

  3. I like the new theme! The colour’s nice :D

    And interesting stats! I also squeed out loud when I saw “Hakuouki” as one of your active tags XD Guh, makes me want to re-play the game for the 190429329 time!
    Tara recently posted…2014 ReviewMy Profile

      1. I am really curious on how it would have been if Shinpachi had an ending route! I was so disappointed that he didn’t get one. I don’t understand why! He’s one of the captains, so whyyyyyy?

        For some reason, my favourite ending is Saitou ending, mostly because the others like Heisuke, Shinpachi, and Sanosuke all come back and beat evil!Kazama in a combined effort. I do also like Heisuke ending, too. I love how he and Kazama join together to beat the crap out of Sannan-san, but I really did hate how Sannan-san turned out in this route . . .

        Anyway! I’ll stop babbling. It’s clear I’ll have to replay this AGAIN. Just gotta decide if I want to do it on the PSP or the PS3.
        Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: Janaury 2015My Profile

        1. I was doing Sano’s route when I stopped. I played three routes back to back and needed a break haha!

          Are you gonna check out the high school AU game? I’m curious. People have been drawing some crossover fanart and it’s giving me so much feels. ;_;

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