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My Favorite Things

First Tuesday isn’t just Senior’s Day, it’s also time for My Favorite Things, a monthly blog linkup to showcase the things you love! Brought to you by Eirene and yours truly. As always, the linkup will be open for a week. Do join us and share your favorite things. (*^▼^*)

Here are the things I’ve been loving the past month:

Google Keep

Google Keep

I’m still using for my grocery shopping, but Google Keep is great for more in-depth note taking. I don’t have a full Basecamp account, so I’ve been using Google Keep to take down QA notes for my projects as well as planning out possible features.

Web Font Blender

web font blender

Web Font Blender is amazing for picking out font combinations. I admit to being very finicky about fonts, and this page is great for helping me see how fonts look before I place them on my themes, which takes a bit of time to implement. Plus, it’s fun to check out fonts I’ve never heard of!

Slate Admin Theme


I’ve been complaining about how tired I am of looking at WordPress after having to deal with it all day at work. I take a look at my admin panel once I’m home, and I feel stressed. :’D I was heavily considering switching to another blogging platform just for the change, but I realized that trying to preserve my permalinks and images was gonna take a lot of work. Not to mention my theme’s functionalities will be a pain to convert. It won’t be impossible, but it’ll take a good bit of time. So fine, I will stay with WordPress.

But I’m still sick of the default admin theme. Good thing there are admin themes! I searched around for a few, and I chose Slate Admin Theme. It looks so pretty and nice~ Much fresher than the default theme which is honestly looks dated to me. I feel more enthusiastic about WP again.

Psycho Pass

Heh. (source)

Shirtless Kogami aside, I really did enjoy Psycho Pass. The first episode was seriously messed up, and I knew then and there I was gonna love it. The opening theme is pretty rockin’ too, featuring more shirtless Kogami lol. I love the blatant Kogami fanservice (he’s the only one too). I have simple needs.

There is a plot. I promise.



I was just gonna be a casual Yugioh fan, but hey why not let Joey and Mai consume my life instead?

Michael started rewatching this a few weeks ago. I’ve never seen it before since I don’t think they aired this in the Philippines. I don’t recall anyway. I was mostly laughing at Yugi’s ridic hair and how the game rules apparently don’t exist. Then I was hit with Joey/Mai, and now the anime has me on a tight grip. Why does this always happen to me?

Also Kaiba slays me everytime. Bless the 4Kids dub for his hilarious one-liners. I can’t with his militant aitheism for the shadow games even when it is clearly happening in front of him. Please don’t ever change your hologram-loving ways.

I still don’t understand the game.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite things this month? Just follow the rules below and get posting!


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  1. Thanks for introducing me to a few new things! I had no idea about Google Keep or Web Font Blender, but both look super useful. I also didn’t know about the Slate Admin theme, and it looks really nice. I’ll have to check these out!

    Psycho Pass is on my “to watch” list, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It’s sooo popular in Japan. I saw it everywhere when I was there. It made me wish I had seen it before I went! I never really got into Yu-Gi-Oh, but that might have been because I only saw it on TV with the 4Kids dub, haha. This looks like a fun prompt though!
    Cat recently posted…Year in review: 2014My Profile

    1. One of my hopes for this linkup is for people to discover new things. Yay it’s working!

      I’m watching the 4Kids dub, and it’s so over the top, haha! Some double entendres got past the radar. I love it.

  2. I love Google Keep! So much better than Evernote. I just couldn’t get into Evernote, but with Keep? Bam! I love it! So much simpler and useful since it syncs to my Google account :D

    And thanks for introducing me to Web Font Blender and Slate Admin Theme! Am going to check them out! :D

    I am also joining in for another month of this meme! ^^ Thanks for doing this!
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: Janaury 2015My Profile

  3. Ahhh it was aired in the Philippines and they even have reruns and all. I used to have a YGO phase back then — like going as far as collecting card decks and playing the games on my GBA. But alas, I realised what an expensive hobby it would have been for the past college student me.

    Psycho-Pass is one of my fave anime to come out in the last 2-3 years. :’) And Akane is one of those characters who I aspire to be. Have you gotten to S2 yet?

    1. Oh, what channel? I can’t believe I missed it!

      I haven’t seen S2 yet. I’m on a no Kogami no curr phase right now, haha. But no really, I will get to it sometime. :’D

  4. What a wonderful list! I think I’ll start using Web Font Blender because I struggle finding good web font combinations when I code.

    Also, I love this idea of sharing your favorites! I’ve been wanting to do something similar but I’m in the middle of a lot of unfinished series. Blogging has always been a side hobby for me and it’s been difficult to keep up lately with school and life keeping me busy.
    AnneMare recently posted…Start Up Saturdays: Siren, The “Anti-Creep” Dating AppMy Profile

    1. Yes, Web Font Blender is awesome. :D

      That’s understandable! Real life should always come first. You can always join us next month.

  5. Oh I didn’t know you could use Google keep on a browser haha. I used it for my tablet for a while, but lists never last long with me because I tend to forget about them :(

    Web Font Blender looks cool, I’ll check that out! Picking web fonts is hard, so many options!
    Eirene recently posted…My Favourite Things: December EditionMy Profile

  6. Lol raisa changed her theme again~

    welp List has such adorable color scheme :P i’m a sucker for apps with good looking UI design (^^) i don’t usually do a lot of listings but when i do, i use the standard boring looking iphone notepad. I do have fetchnotes installed but it’s just rotting there, barely used :P i have a habit of storing down apps i tend to ignore wth -__-

    thank you for sharing web font blender!! i swear every time i go to your blog, there’s always a useful reference on design related things! very nice :) i’m very picky about fonts too and i get annoyed super easily when i see brands/products with bad font :(
    i think it’s every designer’s problem to be sensitive about these little stuff. i’m also picky with color schemes. those who don’t get it tend to say i’m too critical it’s ridiculous -__-

    ..i never knew we can change our admin theme? i just updated to the newest version of WP and suddenly my admin theme is already using that slate theme. i was only aware that i can change the color scheme of the slate? hm… i’m such a wordpress noob.

    dude, PSYCHO PASS IS AMAZING! i haven’t continued the second season though because i’m annoyed at mika (i wanna punch her) and i’m just so busy over other stuff – video games. yeah, i’m at that phase where i don’t feel like digging some anime at the moment. it’s gonna take months before the phase is over, tbh.

    i miss kougami in season 2 :( he’s gonna be in the movie version though. (kougami x akane djekhflwk!!) i think i’m gonna go ballistic if someone bash psycho pass in front of me. i have no idea which episode are you in now but i hope i didn’t spoil anything? :\

    ah i’m gonna do that favorite things post. it sounds fun and it’s gonna give me an idea on what to post next :D
    Alice B recently posted…Code: Black With A DropMy Profile

    1. Lol I swear this is the last time I will change my theme!

      I love sharing web stuff on my blog, so keep checking for more resources in the future. XD I definitely feel you on being overly sensitive. Like, I look at other people’s font choices and they look so good, then I put them on my own site and wow it looks terrible??? I don’t know what I’m missing. It drives me nuts lol.

      I haven’t seen Psycho Pass season 2 yet! I don’t mind spoilers though. I need to get around to watching it! I started watching Evangelion again because ~2015~ but I also stopped that, oops.

      You can join our linkup anytime! :D It’s pretty fun.

  7. i know righhhttt!! ugh i hate it when particular fonts look good on other’s page but looks bad and out of place on mine. also, when there’s font i really like and wanna use but when i put it to my page, it makes my web looks…cheap. ew, disgusting. i’m not a font master but when i see good ones on ads or wherever really, i’m like “PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS THIS FONT” but yea nobody is ever around to answer me LOL

    i’ve been addicted to brush / handwritten ‘fonts’ lately. and it annoys me how people can write beautifully using tablet but when i do it, my writing looks like a stupid chicken’s. ew. disgusting. again.

    ah, i forgot evangelion, man. i was never a huge fan of it. i appreciate it for being great but yea i was never an addict for it. have you watched code geass? it’s a good mecha anime too though i hate almost all the characters there except for the main dude and his green haired female sidekick. other than them, the other characters are too much of a hypocrite. but it’s a good mecha anime, i swear :P aldnoah zero is also one with good soundtrack. it’s too…fast paced but yea, it wasn’t terrible either.
    Alice B recently posted…Code: Black With A DropMy Profile

    1. If you’re using Chrome, you can install the WhatFont extension! :D I use it all the time.

      Writing on a tablet takes a lot of practice! It feels different from writing on a paper. It’s feels really weird at first.

      I have seen Code Geass! The ending was okay. I’m not sure what I was expecting for the ending, so I was blah about it. I shipped Lelouch/Euphemia oop.

  8. I didn’t know about Senior’s Day :oooo. I remembered using Google Keep on my Android tablet before! I love its simplicity of its color schemes and flatness.

    Web Font Blender looks pretty neat! Especially since it utilizes Google Fonts and gives you a live view. I always had to manually change everything to see the real results a few refreshes later. WordPress is awesome! But I totally understand if you have to look at it all day @___@.

    I remembered about the sensation of Yu-Gi-Oh! I remembered it’s still popular in high school as of a couple of years ago. Kaiba is a badass but he picks the wrong side most of the time!!!!

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