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Warning: This entry contains some potentially offensive material. If you can’t stomach poking fun at religion (Hell in particular), please don’t read ahead.

This entry also contains spoilers for the Saints Row IV and its latest 4 expansion. You’ve been warned!

Johnny Gat

So this will be a short review of Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell. It’s a pretty quick game as I completed the main quest in four hours. It was a lot of fun though! As always, it was over-the-top insanity and I loved every second of it.

As a quick recap before I get into the expansion, the Saints Row series follows the story of the 3rd Street Saints and the player character’s (the Boss) rise to leadership. High jinks then ensue.

The first two games take place in a city called Stilwater, and at this point, the games are somewhat sensible. Then comes Saints Row: the Third which takes place in Steelport, and they turn up the silliness to eleven, but still maintaining a linear plot.

And then there’s Saints Row IV where any sort of sanity has been tossed out the window, where the Boss becomes the President of the United States but their term was short-lived thanks to a surprise alien invasion. The Saints slowly dismantle the alien lord Zinyak’s control by wreaking havoc on a simulated Steelport…?

It makes little sense but you know what, it’s fun. If there’s one thing you have to be to enjoy Saints Row, it’s 0% serious. And I am 0% serious 100% of the time. Saints Row is a game series for me.

Okay, so back to Gat Out of Hell!


The story takes place after the Saints have defeated the alien lord Zinyak and they’ve rescued all the humans they could find, including Jane Austen who narrates the whole thing. On Kinzie’s birthday, the Boss gets kidnapped by a Juju board and is held captive by Satan in hell, to be married to his daughter Jezebel. Johnny Gat, the Boss’ best friend and certified Disney prince, storms into Hell to save the Boss but more importantly, punch Satan in the face. Kinzie tags along too. It’s her birthday, after all!

The game mechanic is straightforward and very similar to Saints Row IV. You’re encouraged to do plenty of side Activities to build up Satan’s wrath, which you can find on your game menu. After passing certain points in the wrath meter, specific cutscenes take place until it culminates into the final boss battle.

Cutscene musical number ♥

This expansion comes with new powers. You can now fly! I enjoyed barnstorming through Hell, which looks an awful lot like Steelport. You’ll find some characters from previous games return to do in Hell what they did best on Earth: run mega corporations and extort money out of the masses. So Hell isn’t that different from Earth. Hah.

You also get awesome new weapons like the Armchair-a-geddon! This weapon was so fun to use. Who doesn’t want a living chair that doubles as a barrel gun? (That was a rhetorical question. Gun control is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. Remember to keep a clear distinction between fiction and reality, children!)

Overall, Gat Out of Hell was an enjoyable game. But of course, they had to save the best for last. I won’t spoil the ending for you. BUT MY FEELS. ;_; I came for the insanity, and I left with my heart broken down to itty bitty bite-sized pieces. How dare you, Volition. How dare.


I do wonder what the future holds for Saints Row. While I enjoyed the craziness that was Saint Row 4 and it’s expansions, I’m also disappointed that they basically retconned Saints Row the Third’s ending. That was an intense ending that left me with so many questions. I don’t really understand why they’d handwave what looked like a massive plot buildup in favor of a nonsensical alien story.

It’s very possible that they might just handwave everything that happened in SR4 too, and finally resolve SR3. Come on, man. I let Killbane escape so I could save Shaundi. Let me experience the consequences of my actions!

My Boss in Saints Row the Third

My Boss in Saints Row the Third

I also miss the fun of just being a gang leader. I want to collect cars with my RC Possessor and have a reason to drive them around town. I want to pimp out my cribs. I want to take down other gangs. I want to be a gang leader, dangit!

I guess the easy solution is to replay the third game, which is obviously my favorite out of all of them simply for maintaining a good balance between insanity and plot.

Another screenshot of my Boss. She's pretty easy to replicate. :->

Another screenshot of my Boss. She’s pretty easy to replicate. :D

So there’s my thoughts on Gat Out of Hell and Saints Row overall. I love this franchise a lot, but I hope Volition will return Saints Row to its roots. I miss the gang life.

To close this entry, here’s a few more screenshots from the expansion. Have fun!

SaintsRowGatOutOfHell-2015-01-23-22-23-10-04 2015-01-24_00019 2015-01-24_00032


  1. This is not a game I’d ever play, but your review has taught me one thing! For some odd reason, I thought this game was about football . . . because I associated it with the Louisiana Saints . . . so thank you for correcting my poorly made assumption, LOLOL!!!

    I love games/books/films that give me the feels, so I’m glad this game did that for you. :D
    Tara recently posted…Kansai Trip 2015My Profile

  2. I haven’t played any of the Saints Row games, but I’ve been told I’d like them since I like Just Cause 2 :) The Just Cause series shouldn’t be taken seriously either, haha. This game sounds fun!
    Cat recently posted…Project 52My Profile

  3. This game sounds great for anyone looking for a quick game to play without days of going through the main quest! I find it interesting how the game takes a quick turn from city mob to president to aliens to hell!!!! The graphics look great too ;D.

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