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I recently took a short break from blogging and social media. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by work, side projects with ridiculous self-imposed deadlines, and my renewed art hobby. Being constantly “on” doesn’t help my mental overload, so I unplugged for a few days to focus on cleaning out our place and Pokemon Silver. This game was so magical. It still is after all these years.

I started with Pokemon Red when my mom gave me a Gameboy Color for my 11th birthday. My friends and I would trade after school until we had all 150 Pokemon, and all we got was a lousy certificate. Still, beating the Elite Four and catching Mewtwo for the first time were just a few of my fond childhood memories. Pokemon was my life up until I discovered HTML in seventh grade.

I got the Silver version a couple of years after beating Red. I was blown away by the new ~*technologies*~. A system clock! Day and night cycles! Berries and apricorn! And I can revisit Kanto? A m a z i n g.

I had an awesome time, yo. I can’t put my finger on why, but Silver was just so… good. It’s my favorite version ever. I have the Generation IV remake on my 3DS, but nah. It has to be the Generation II Silver. Nothing compares.

So yeah, I’m replaying it on an emulator and I’m having a blast. I’m stuck in Ecruteak City right now since I’m severely underleved. My current run is slowgoing because unlike during my childhood, I now have inescapable responsibilities, like work and chores. Ugh adulthood!

Did you have a favorite childhood game? Do you have a favorite Pokemon? Mine’s Clefairy! ^_^


  1. Don’t laugh… but my favorite game was Math Blasters. LOL. Clearly not a video game. Actually, my parents were totally against video games. The only computer game I could play were of the educational variety. (My childhood sucked balls.)

    For some reason though, I wasn’t a big Pokemon fan.

    Speaking of emulators, my boyfriend is always using his computer to play old Pokemon games using an emulator for Mac. I think it’s great that we can still play old school stuff with computers these days.
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    1. Yeah, I have another emulator to play old school Final Fantasy. :D My family is big on gaming, and my mom let me play since I still read for fun and did well in school.

      I loved educational games too! We had this Mario typing game that was so much fun. XD And Carmen Sandiego!

        1. OMG I forgot all about that game! We played it in primary school. There was also some other one about exploring the human body in a bus…. I can’t remember what it was called. :(
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  2. Aww, that is so cool. I am glad you are really enjoying that. :D Sometimes you do need to unplug.

    I used to play Doom a lot when I was a kid, it was kind of the first game I was ever addicted too. xD
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  3. I totally get about wanting to do other stuff than what you do for work and whatnot! I’m sure if I had a computer job of some sort, I’d so not want to get on after being on it all day.

    Seeing this post makes me miss gaming. I haven’t done any serious gaming since last fall . . . my interest in my hobbies fluctuates, and I have to be in that right mood to do certain hobbies, and gaming is one of them, unfortunately X_X; I hope to get in the mood to game soon. I’m seriously overdue for one!
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    1. I understand! I don’t game as much as I used to because the passion comes and goes for me nowadays. I tend to go hard at it, feel burned out, and then wanna do something else.

  4. I guess I was always a gamer, and not even realized it! Growing up, I had the first version of Gameboy, Nintendo, and all the rest (except Nintendo 64 and Gamecube, and Ps3). I always loved playing Super Mario Bros. and my dad’s and my game Bugs Bunny (I can’t remember the name — but I know it had all the Looney Tunes characters or just Bugs Bunny and the Texan.). I never really thought about it before! You just brought back childhood memories and maybe a future blog of Things I Miss!! Thank you!
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    1. Awesome! XD My family loves gaming, so it’s always been a normal thing to me. My uncle kicked butt in Super Mario. I was never good at it. :’D I did love Mario 64!

  5. Hilarious!!! My brother was obsessed with Pokemon. I never had a Gameboy, so I can’t really relate, but I got to play on his when he let me sometimes. It was fun, wait I can relate I guess haha, I loved Pokemon Red! I loved playing Kirby when I was 12. I didn’t have a Gameboy, like I said, so I just played with my brother’s when he wasn’t playing with his or something. Well, the thing is, we used to go on a lot of family vacations (still do), but when I was 12, we went to Vietnam & we traveled by bus A LOT which meant long asssss journeys up & down the country. HOUR journeys & for some stupid reason, I never thought to bring anything for entertainment while my smart brother had like 2 Gameboys & a bunch of games. So they were all click clackin’ away while I sat there…bored. So dumb. My friend let me borrow her books though (read them all, felt so da smartz) & I got to play some Kirby.

    NEOPETS WAS MY CHILDHOOD YEEEEHAWWWWW. Adulthood…is hard. Actually I also loved Starcraft, Diablo, & The Sims. Those were my 4. Now it’s all about those damn iPad apps hahaha because who has time to game these days with a full-time job &/or school!?
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    1. GURL LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY SIMS. I made a custom neighborhood that’s a constitutional monarchy, and it’s part Game of Thrones, part Downton Abbey, with womanizing dukes and scandalous princesses, and it is glorious. I’ve been working on it for years.

      Haha I’m so bad at Starcraft, I just don’t know how to play it! The one time I tried it, I shot my own units. :’D

      I’ve never actually played Neopets! ._. *hides* I often hear that’s how a lot of people started out with HTML. I feel like I missed out lol.

      1. UM RAISA you need to take screen shots or videos of this & put it on r/thesims like right meow. People will eat you up. This sounds amazing. Please….share…maybe even like make a blog with the stories???!?!?!??! I AM GUILTY OF LOVING TO READ SIMS STORIES. I don’t know why, wait yes I do, because it’s hilarious to see what happens to people’s sims when they push them over the edge. I have a friend who told me her sims were dating & the girl got pregnant. So when she had him come over, she had her girl sim tell him the news. Guy sim walks da eff out like nah bitch it ain’t mine bye. So mean. My friend was so devastated……

        Starcraft is so hard to play. The fact that it’s like football in Korea is prettttty intense…& they have bootcamp on how to hot key. I’ve come to terms with being bad at it, it’s okay.

        You did miss out on Neopets! It’s totally not too late though because the website is still exactly the same & hasn’t changed since … 2002. I frigggin swear. Just take a gander. The only real changes are maybe the toolbar & how the games are displayed, but the quality of the graphics & coding….still prettty much early 2000s. Nostalgiaaaaa.
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          I was gonna make a post one of these days. I’ve talked my friends’ ears off about the Sims. One of them even made a sketch for me from all the screenshot spam I’ve been sending them. XD

          I play Sims 2 so there’s not as much autonomy, but it still does happen! I actually made a Tumblr just for my Sims but I haven’t posted anything because honestly, I feel scared of being judged. I have a personal Sims wiki on my Google Drive, IT’S THAT BAD.

    1. Haha it’s okay! It was popular for a hot minute in the Philippines. GMA aired the anime once a week a long time ago, and then they stopped for some reason.

  6. !!! I love playing Pokemon. You can never get tired of even the vintage Pokemon games ;). Every Pokemon game gets better and better (Well, as far as I know up until black/white).

    My favorite childhood game would probably be the Age of Empires *o*. I didn’t play Pokemon until past middle school. My favorite pokemon would probably be….. Skitty!! But I guess the evolved version would do too (maybe because I’m older now *o*).
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  7. I’m currently replaying the remake of Sapphire, named aptly Alpha Sapphire. To be honest, I never grew up playing Pokemon games, my cousins did that, so I missed out. But I did play Heart Gold which is a remake of Pokemon Gold, which was great. I got hooked onto Pokemon from that moment on. Glad you got a chance to play some Pokemon. It can be relaxing and great fun!

    My favorite Pokemon is Ampharos! ^^

    I grew up on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario.
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  8. My favorite childhood game was Jump Start. I was such a nerd about it, too. I had to have all of them, no matter how young or old I was. Oregon Trail was also a big deal… my friends and I loved Computer Day just for that game!

    My most favorite Pokemon was Pikachu. :p I never actually collected them… they were banned at the schools I was in for some unknown-to-us, the students, reason. :l So, I just watched the series on occasion… but I stayed on PBS a lot more.
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    1. I didn’t get to play Oregon Trail, but I hear so many stories about it from my friends now. :D Apparently, dysentery always claimed everyone haha.

      One of my friends back then wasn’t allowed to watch Pokemon. Her parents thought it was demonic. @_@ I went to an ultra conservative Baptist high school, and games weren’t allowed there. Wouldn’t surprise me if Pokemon was also banned.

  9. oh my god be right back, i’m laughing at your trainer’s name. i love what you did there okay!

    “YO, GURL.” ohmygod, everything is so sassy it’s too bright (and hilarious)..i just want to shout ohmygod raisa over and over again. GURRRRRLLL :))

    the first pokemon game i played was.. ruby and sapphire and then i moved on to fire red and leaf green which were the updated version of pokemon red and green. i bought pokemon crystal once but i think it was the pirated version because it lagged a lot that i couldn’t finish the game. damn local game store. IT WAS A FRAUD and i was so disappointed…and mad….and sad.

    there were lots of fake pokemon games sold here and they’re mostly the for the game boy advance console. i don’t know if you’ve ever seen it but in here, they used to sell one GBA game card (or whatever you call the “disk” lol) with like multiple games…like “100 in 1” kind of thing haha i’m not sure if that’s even the real thing or not. and then there’s pokemon green in 1 of those “too good to be true” cards i owned and the pokemon green was a fraud; it’s super mario bros gameplay but with GREEN clefairy instead of mario HAHA .. how stupid.

    anyway, like you, i began tweaking html when i was 13, 7th grade yes. but even then i continue to grow up with pokemon. it’s such a classic game that you can’t really let go of it. i love pokemon emerald best though. i like the newer pokemon games – from diamond & pearl onward but i miss emerald best. and of course treecko is the best leaf starter imo with turtwig coming up second. i really want to use snivy when i played black-white but sigh, he’s pretty weak so :( and leaf type move pools aren’t as vast as the others right so yea :( same thing with bulbasaur; i love bulba because ugh it’s so cute in the animation but it’s so weak :\

    for some reason, even though the new pokemon is all advanced and modern, we still love the old ones more. i think it’s because we grew up with them haha

    as you can see, i can go on for days talking about pokemon. i stopped playing after black and white though(because no 3DS TAT).
    my favorite childhood game huh… ugh a lot. and i can give not only to represent the game boy but also the PS. from GBA, i’d say… kingdom hearts chain of memories and of course, pokemon emerald. from the playstation, i’d say… crash bandicoot (the racing and the adventure) and probably the dragon spyro. oh, and i love the playstation one dalmatian game! ahhh so nostalgic… OHHH and of course, TEKKEN as well. geez, i need to shut up now.

    wait, as for my favorite pokemon… i can’t choose! i have so many favs i can’t pick the ultimate one. ugh but i really love kyogre….and lugia……and dialga…… see, told you i can’t pick just one. i can probably pick ultimate favorite from each version :P
    my friends are starting to call me a talking pokedex LOL
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  10. I loved the 1st and 2nd generation Pokemons but everything after that just became a blur to me >_> I remember finally collecting all 150 on my Pokemon Red as well, and yeah, that certificate was seriously underwhelming considering the awesome achievement.
    I actually really like the remake of Pokemon Gold/Silver, it definitely does the original justice in my opinion :)
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