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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target men’s cardigan, DKNY men’s shirt, Aeropostale jeans, re(FRESH) booties

I don’t like winter very much. I guess it’s neat to live in a snowy place for the first time in my life, but all I’ve learned is how much I hate the cold. I use to complain about how freezing it was in Vegas, but oh how little I knew. Screw snow.

I’ve been feeling so down lately, and I’ve been blaming it all on the weather. Feeling tired and sad all the time. I’m trying to take it in stride and take better care of myself. Making sure I get some exercise and good food, and taking it easy after work. It’s been lifting my mood some, but I still can’t wait for spring.

On the upside, I’ve squared away all my paperwork. Taxes, healthcare, and immigration are all done! I can’t wait to receive my refund. Money dollarz $$$, aww yiss.


I stole the shirt and cardigan from Michael. Significant others are so useful when you have nothing to wear, heh. In truth, it’s just too cold to look cute. I haven’t even been going out much because I want to stay inside where it’s warm and cozy. Ugh winter, go away already. ( ̄。 ̄)


  1. Winter always feels really dreary! I’ve gotten too used to Texas weather that I don’t think I can handle snow anymore. When it gets cold here, I don’t really want to go outside either.

    That’s great that you’ve finished all your paperwork already at least :) I still need to do my taxes, sighhhh.

    I love your jeans and boots! I wear some of my husband’s clothes at home because they’re too big on me, and it’s just comfortable to wear baggy clothes, haha. I hope you’re feeling better!
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    1. It’s snowing again today, and the temperature’s been dropping to single digits. NO. DX

      Haha, I’m the type to do homework and papers as soon as I can. It stresses me out a lot when I haven’t done them yet. :’D

  2. At least you look good even when you’re miserable from cold. :) I don’t think I’ll ever survive living in a cold place for a long time too. Maybe I’d enjoy it for a while but I’d also definitely miss the warmth after a while. Hope you’re getting lots of warm and cozy there! :)
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    1. Yeah, the first few days of snow was cool. But after almost slipping on the sidewalk every other step (even in snow boots!) and not being able to see past my nose during a squall, I am so done. XD

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