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anime merchandise

My best friend of over fifteen years is attending grad school in Japan. She is super sweet and amazing, and I’m so happy to call her my waifu for laifu (I’ll show myself out). She accepts me just the way I am, which is free-range organic anime garbage. I was floored when she told me she sent me anime merch from Japan. !!! I love my bbcakes so much. <3

So many Free! Eternal Suffering items.ヽ(・∀・)ノ Summer last year was a roller coaster of emotions thanks to this anime, and when the special episode was released a week ago, my dashboard exploded with so many Free! posts. What a magical day. :’)

Here are some close-ups of my haul:

rei body pillow rei body pillow

I HAVE A REI BODY PILLOW CASE LOLOLOL. This actually works out because I’ve been meaning to buy a body pillow. I had one in Vegas that I left behind, but I sleep so much better hugging something soft. XD Now I just have to convince my 3D husband to let me bring one of my 2D husbandos to bed.

free! folders

Bless KyoAni for bestowing upon us the swimming anime that beget all this shirtless packaging. Nyahaha. These are plastic folders, and I gotta say, the print quality is really nice. Bbcakes got me Rei and Sousuke, my two faves. <3 Well, really I love them all. XD They are all precious water babies. I forgot to take a picture of the front (oops), but I do have this outtake of me and Sousuke from my previous post because I am a trash can.

rei cellphone charm

Beautiful butterfly phone charm~ I’ve been keeping my phone bare so I think I will attach this to my work bag. I hope the office cats don’t chew it off. @_@ On second thought, maybe I’ll attach it elsewhere. No one will harm my precious.

hakuouki towel

Bonus Hakuouki! (≧◡≦) I should replay this game for the normal ending, not that it hurts any less than my favorite routes. :’D This freaking otoge. I came for the romance, and I ended up with a powder-crushed heart. It hurts. (╥﹏╥)

Anyway, this item is a mini-towel. XD The print is patterned after the Shinsengumi robes. I almost don’t want to use it. I wrapped it around my neck when I was letting my dye sit, and I was so scared of ruining it. I’m not sure what to use it for now, haha. Definitely keeping the packaging at least!

gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun towel

Last but not least, a Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun shirt! <3 The anime is HILARIOUS and an absolute recommendation! There's not a single episode where I wasn't laughing my butt off. The shirt came out wrinkled when I opened it, but I'll be hand washing it sometime. I hand wash and drip dry most of my favorite clothes. It's not too terrible since I do it while loading the rest of my laundry, and it's worth it to preserve the clothes' shape and colors. :D So that's my small anime haul. Thanks again to my bb gurl 4 lyfe! I can't wait to visit her!


  1. Nice haul! The Hakuouki towel is awesome :D Guh. Now I want to replay the game, too! And if I do, I’ll replay every ending!!!

    But going back to the haul . . . man I need to go back to Tokyo and go back to Animate in Otome Road. I need to do some serious animanga shopping!
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    1. I haven’t finished all of the routes yet! I’m gonna complete Saito next. :D

      Yes, I plan on going there when I visit! My best friend sends me pictures whenever she passes by. So much otoge merch! :’D

    1. I’m not sure about girls, but apparently having a waifu relationship with a fictional character is a real thing for some guys out there. @_@ I’m just joking when I say it, but I guess whatever makes them happy!

  2. So many cute things! I’ve been meaning to watch Free! as well but I’m caught up in Yowamushi Pedal at the moment (。・ω・。) (which is awesome. I didn’t know bike rides could be this intense LOL) I’ve seen stuff from the last anime (the racoon and the girl with the bows) but I never knew which anime it was. Now it’s going on my watch list c:
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    1. It’s super cute and light-hearted and then gets heavy quickly at the end. :’D I’d classify it more as slice of life than sports because the focus is much more on the friendship. If you like anime like that, give Free! a try!

  3. That is so awesome that your friend is attending grad school in Japan.
    I have always wanted to visit there.
    That is some awesome anime merchandise you have there.
    But my favorite is the Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun shirt. It is so cute.
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  4. Yay, nice haul! When I was in Japan last year, there was so much Free! merchandise! Including UFO catchers filled with body pillows, haha. I went before I had watched Free! though, so I didn’t buy anything from that series :(

    The phone charm and shirt are really cute!
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    1. I can only imagine! I haven’t checked yet, but I’m guessing eBay sells some merch from japan. The markup must be insane!

  5. I don’t know how I was not into anime as much as my non-Asian friends. The most anime I got and liked was Beyblades. And I’m not sure if that is what anime-lovers would call anime. LOL. XD

    Looking back though, I’m pretty sure I would have loved a lot of anime if I gave it the time.
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    1. That still counts! XD Anime was kind of a polarizing topic among my classmates when I was a kid. No regrets, I really enjoy it!

  6. aahhhh! you’re so lucky to have a bestfriend like that! Im so jealous now, i have to buy myself anime merch specially totoro because its been oh-so long since i last bought one :( Anyway, im sorry for commenting out of the blue, im Sarah btw, nice to meet you :))

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for dropping by. It’s great to meet you!

      I don’t buy a lot of fandom stuff for myself, but I get fandom gifts from my friends sometimes. XD Have you tried ordering them online?

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