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I’m loving my phone’s new look! Paring it down and keeping it simple for now. My HTC One M7 is a beautiful phone, and I’ve hardly been able to look at the build quality because it’s covered in a case all the time. It’s very slippery without one so it’s necessary for me who drops things all the time. I got a clear shell case for the grip and also minimal bulk. Wow, my phone is so slim by itself. *_*

phone1 phone2

Here are screenshots of my new theme. Finally, my world clock matches my theme. XD I’ve blogged about customization apps for Android before, and here’s a couple more for you Android users out there: Dashclock and Notro Icon Pack. I’m using Nova Launcher as always. And they’re all free! :D

My contract ends this coming September, and I’m still not sure if I want to upgrade. My phone’s camera unfortunately got the purple tint after one year. I only get it in low-light pictures (see here). Otherwise, it works fine outdoors and of course, the rest of my phone still works great. I can’t justify getting a new phone when it’s really a minor thing, and I plan on using my actual camera more often anyway.

I guess I’m just pressed that I have this one defect on an otherwise perfect phone for me. Ugh HTC, why?? You were the chosen one. :(

Edit: (Mar 15) I also put a new theme on my tablet!

tablet1 tablet2

The calendar widget is from Line Deco. <3 I used my Google Play Store credit to buy a few coins. I spent them all on widgets. Meep!


  1. I love your customised themes for your phone. I want to try it out, but I’m not too crazy about going into indepth customisation. Knowing me, I’d spend hours on it trying to find the right combination, and that’s something I’m not willing to do right now XD

    And hrm, getting a new phone because of one minor thing . . . that’s tough. I like my current phone, but the case covering is chipping along the edges, and that’s driving me nuts. Because of that, I was tempted to get a new phone since my two-year contract is completed this month. But the practical side of me says, “Tara, the phone still works good, you’re capable of doing what you need to do on it, so no getting a new phone unless it completely dies!”
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    1. Yes, my plan was to use my phone until it dies. XD Before I had a smartphone, I had my old Sony Ericsson for almost five years.

  2. I have an iPhone. I’m a little bit sad cos I can’t customize it but I don’t really mind cos it would be tedious for me to change it. My cousin would love to have this phone!
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  3. This is super cute! :) I have an old (but trusty) iPhone, and I’m thinking of upgrading soon. One of the reasons why I wanted an android is the customization/themes, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to let go of the iOS that I got used to… Hehe. :)

    Great job with customizing it! Wee!
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    1. I feel you! I kinda wanna go back to iPhone fo rmy next phone, but it’s so hard to let go of Android. Especially when I have paid apps on there!

  4. I like the simplicity and flat look of your phone’s theme! I love slim clear cases because it shows the phone for what its true beauty really is without all of the protection. I’m a really clumsy person so I need the bulky case *o*. I’m already wanting a new iPhone even though my contract is still going on :D. Maybe by September, you’ll find a new phone to want ;).

  5. I HAVE AN IPHONE and I showed the lock screen and homepage to online friends before and they were like “wow Helga that’s the most Asian thing I’ve seen all day” lol.

    I really want the 6+ but I can’t justify it when save for my battery, my 5C still works great (and I’ve only had it a year).
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  6. I’ve heard from some HTC users that this phone overheats a lot. is that true? my father’s friend also changed from samsung to lenovo because samsung overheats a lot which is bad for us – this, though, can be proven because my father’s phone overheats a lot and then shut itself down :P (and then he’d look at my sony and said, “i should have bought sony too…. *sulksulk*”)

    i always like testing out themes but i choose not to download non-official ones now and by non-official, i am referring to themes from apps like Go Launcher which requires a “helper” app (in this case, the Go Launcher) in order to use the icons, etc. i used to use Go Launcher a lot but i feel like my phone lags a lot because of it so :( thus, i only download themes from the sony mobile corp on google play ^^;;

    do you like to customize keyboards too? do you happen to use japanese keyboards?
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    1. Yeah, my phone gets really hot if I use my mobile data for too long. I read that overheating is what causes the purple tint. :(

      I really like Nova Launcher, and it gets regular updates so I’m very happy with it. I used to use Go Launcher on my old Galaxy Y. XD I still have Go Locker, and yeah it’s still pretty slow. -.- I might change to another locker.

      I have Kii keyboard, but right now I’m just using the default keyboard. I’ve only used the Japanese keyboard on iOS, but I enjoy typing on it. Also helps me brush up on my Japanese lol.

      1. yea, the japanese keyboard on ios is nice. the way to change from global / english to japanese keyboard is also a lot more comfortable than android’s where you have to slide down the tab or hold-press the empty space (this, i assume is the way for samsung? for my sony, i have to slide down the tab every time i wanna change keyboard)

        sadly, the one on ios isn’t modifiable xD
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  7. Your theme is so pretty!! If only my HTC One V is fast enough for customization. But it isn’t! Sometimes even if I already received a message, it won’t even load. It sucks. Huhu!
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