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Another outfit post~ I’ve been eager to go out a lot now that the snow’s finally melted. I went on a date with Michael last Saturday, and it was a ton of fun! I enjoy going down to Center City on the weekends. I also work in the area, but I usually head straight home after I get off, so I don’t get to explore and eat out very much. There are a lot of good restaurants here!


August Moon poncho sweater, Mossimo snood (similar) and cardigan (similar), American Eagle jeans, Diva Lounge boots (similar)

I originally planned to wear my black Chelsea boots, but it was drizzling the whole day, so I settled for my patent lace-ups. Weather-appropriate clothing is very important, and the forecast should always be a factor when putting together an outfit. :D

I took Mike to Hiro Ramen House, one of my favorite places to eat here in Philly. If any of you are ever in town, I highly recommend them! They’re right on 11th and Chestnut. It’s a tiny place, so seating’s very limited and they only take cash. Make sure you come early and make a withdrawal if you don’t normally carry money with you.

031415-6 031415-8

I had takoyaki and their Porfilio bowl. Their food has a bit of Western flair in them. The takoyaki came with side vegetables, and my ramen had corn bits in them. Nonetheless, they were very good. The bowl is a very large serving too! I couldn’t finish mine. :’D


Mike had Hiro’s Inch of Heaven. Mmm this was so good too! I could tell he loved the place because he was happy to help me with my bowl after he finished his. XD


Boba tea from Tea Do in Chinatown! It got a little chilly, and Mike gave me his hoodie. Thank you honey. <3 It kinda matches my outfit, so it worked out. XD 031415-5

And yes, I am now a sun! Just when I thought I’ve gotten over my round face insecurities and felt ready to be out in public without hair hiding my face, I see badly-angled pictures of me and LOLOLOLOL PAPERBAG THAT MUG. I shall be a sun sticker from now on. It was nice knowing you all!


RIP my old face.

P.S. I bought a new camera! Got the Sony RX100 III. I will be posting a review after I’ve used it some more. :D


  1. The outfit’s cute! :D And oh, those dishes . . . MMMM. Looks so good. If I ever go to Philly, I may have to hit you up and have you take me to all the wonderful places you know :D

    And huzzah for new tech toys! I look forward to your review :)
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  2. I feel like I’ve been holed up all winter so now that it’s over the outside world definitely feels more appealing, going on more dates and eating out is so lovely :) Poncho sweaters are so crazy comfy, love the one you’re wearing; simple and chic! Super pretty, and loving the pictures (I assume it’s taken with the new camera? Looks awesome.)
    Wild Hearts + Green Tea recently posted…How to De-Stress & Refresh in 7 Little WaysMy Profile

  3. Love your outfit, especially the poncho sweater and snood! You look great in it :) I think that’s cute that Mike’s hoodie happened to match with your outfit, haha.

    Yummm, the dishes at the ramen place look delicious. I like it when ramen comes with big pieces of meat like that. Now I want some too!

    That’s awesome you got a Sony camera! They make great high end compacts. Looking forward to your review of it!
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  4. Whaaaat. You are so adorable, how could you sun yourself out, that is just not right! *pokepoke*

    I am glad that you had a good time. It makes me feel hungry now. xD
    Kya recently posted…Twenty EightMy Profile

  5. I love your outfit <3 You're so pretty too, don't bother putting sun stickers on your photos next time!!!

    Ooh, that ramen place sounds (and looks!) good. I love ramen and your bowl looks delicious!
    Claudine recently posted…#DearMeMy Profile

  6. Love, love, love the boots! It’s so nice to see a fashion post where sensible shoes being worn. I’m so use to seeing inappropriate heels and feeling bad that I don’t own a single pair of heels. Your whole outfit looks great!
    Holly recently posted…Mailbox by Nancy Freund (Review)My Profile

    1. Thank you! I don’t wear heels very often anymore. I’m terrible with them and I do a lot of walking, so I need comfortable shoes. XD I do see some fashion posts with bloggers in stilettos on the ice and ??? What if you slip?? D8

  7. I’m in love with your poncho <3 and that snood. If only there's snow or cold weather in Philippines I would have an excuse to wear them. Otherwise, I would get death stares from wearing them hahaha.

  8. While you’re happy the snow is gone, I’m hoping a miracle would happen for snow to happen in LA….. A BIG miracle that is ;D. Hurray for date night! The ramen looks so traditional with the pink swirl slice and boiled egg!! I’m glad to hear that you both liked the place ;). You definitely made Mike’s hoodie work on you!

    Hurray for the new camera!

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