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I don’t know about well-dressed, but I’m definitely stressed! Had a nasty bout of allergies over the past weekend that I’m still getting over. I’m not one to call in sick at the slightest bit of discomfort although I was uncomfortable for sure. I really hate missing work. I hate missing out on pay, but that just meant my recovery took longer than it had to. Still coughing and feeling tired all the time. :( On the bright side, I’m working from home ’til next week! I hope this goes away soon.


Trench coat from Singapore (similar), Aeropostale jeans (similar), Refresh booties, H&M knit hat

Check out that gross slush. It’s finally up to the 40s, and I’M SO HAPPY. I wore this outfit last Sunday for a late lunch and grocery trip. I’ve had the trench coat for years. I remember it being pretty pricey, and I feel bad that I don’t wear it enough. It’s on the cutesy side which I’m quickly getting over as I get older more mature. lol Perhaps I should sell it?


Eyeliner: L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Carbon Black
Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Really Red

Quick review on the eyeliner: it’s okay. It glides on smoothly in the beginning when it’s nice and sharp, but it doesn’t sharpen very well so application can get awkward over time. If you want something more precise, I say stick with liquid liners.

And I love this hair length for the flippy do’s. <3 I'm planning on coloring my hair soon, so I better enjoy my dark hair while it's still here! I might go for red this time. What do you think?



    Keep it! Tho I totally get getting rid of cutesy stuff haha, I’m cleaning out my closet soon (for the 3rd time in less than a year) because it’s not as GROWN-UP as I want it to be.
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    1. Haha idk, snow is terrible! I hate it. XD

      Yeah, I want a more grown-up wardrobe too! Planning on cleaning out my closet this spring. I don’t know why I held on to things I don’t even wear. T_T

  2. If you’re stressed you do not look it AT ALL so you’re definitely well dressed ;) I love the trench coat! It is so freaking cute. I was shopping for coats not that long ago and I wish I could’ve found something as cute as yours. DON’T SELL IT! You look wonderful in it! Perhaps whenever you’re feelin’ cute, you would bring it out to wear again.
    Connie recently posted…AestheticsMy Profile

    1. Yeah, I had a hard time looking for a similar trench coat to link! Most I found were very expensive. The Etsy link was the most reasonable I found. :’D

      Did you get to buy a coat? I’d love to see it!

  3. Dressing ‘well’ definitely helps with easing some stress by giving you a confidence boost. That’s how I feel with wearing dresses at times. Hopefully by now, you’re feeling a lot better. I felt the same way about leather jackets, but I’m wearing them all of a sudden *_*. I like the darker hair colors on you :). Are you planning to go cherry red or dark red?

  4. You look so cute in that outfit. Yeah, unfortunately, when I am stressed I don’t well dress. :(( Actually my clothing style is weird. Sometimes I wear hats like berets or my fez.

    Or any random Sailor Moon accessory. I am weird lol
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