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Or as my best friend put it, “GO RIN OR GO HOME.”

I’ve been dreaming of and basically stalking the Pinterest tag for magenta hair for a couple of months. I still liked my dark hair, but I was also itching for a change. I figured the winter to spring transition was the perfect time to take the plunge! I was a little scared because I’ve never had brightly-colored hair before, but I’m so happy now that I’ve done it.


This was my hair before. My natural hair is black, but I was blonde last year so I used a black dye to go back to my real color, and then I just let my hair grow. It’s faded a lot in the last five months, and you can see above that the blonde is definitely showing through. It faded in streaks so for a few months, it looked like I had blonde highlights which was cool. By the end, the patches were really obvious though.

I read a lot about black dye being the hardest to remove, so I was nervous about going through the whole thing. I did a lot of research, ordered my hair tools, and hoped everything works out.


Here’s my arsenal for the operation: L’Oreal Hi-Color Hilights Magenta, Ion Sensitive Scalp 30 Vol. Developer, Soft ‘N Style Colorist Tool Kit, and L’Oreal Hair Color Remover.

The first step is to remove the black dye from my hair. Since it’s already faded significantly, this step was a lot easier than I thought. I just followed the directions on the box and left the remover on for an hour. I was able to rinse everything out easily.

roots1 roots2

Sup blonde, long time no see! It’s a bit orange now, and since I’ve been growing my hair out for five months, I have a serious roots situation going on.

Well, so far so good! I predicted an ombre effect to happen since there was a major shade difference between my virgin and bleached hair. I don’t want to bleach anymore, so I might just ride the ombre out.

After waiting a day, it’s time to dye my hair! I planned to take pictures, but I got dye on my gloves and I didn’t want to touch my camera. I pretty much did the exact same steps I wrote out on my hair dye post last year. I mixed 30 vol developer with two tubes of magenta dye in a plastic bowl, then I applied it to my hair with a tinting brush. I left it on for half an hour and rinsed afterwards.


Here’s what came out! No filter for accuracy. XD As predicted, my roots are purple and the rest is a very bright pinkish red. I’m not sure how I feel about the accidental ombre, but I definitely love the bright shade!

Now that I have super bright hair, I have to tone down the lipstick. I guess it’s time to finally learn how to use eyeshadow properly. I still can’t blend to save my life. :’D I’ve already got my eye on a few palettes, recommended by Eirene. Thanks bb! <3 I'm also excited to play with nude lipstick and glosses! What do you guys think? Yes/no/gurlfixyourroots? Let me know what you think! Do you have any major changes planned for spring? I wanna know too. <3


  1. Your new hair color looks great on you!! :)

    I’m planning to go a true ash blonde hair color this month.. I’m still waiting for the bleach I ordered online to arrive :) cross my fingers I hope I don’t messed it up.

  2. Awesome colour! I love how you accidentally got an ombre, but that’s all cool. I personally don’t care about roots being a different colour and whatnot since I always grow mine out and never touch it XD

    And you have dimples?! SO CUTE! I have one dimple on my left cheek XD The single dimple in a way drives me crazy since I like things symmetrical, but I like my single dimple :D
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  3. Wow, I love the color of your hair and how bright it turned out! I think it looks cool with the darker roots :) It looks really good on you!

    Now that it’s getting warmer, I plan on cutting off a bunch of my hair. I was growing it out during the winter since it kept my neck warm, haha. I want to cut it above the shoulder now!
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  4. GURL. You rock the colour!! I’ve been wanting to dye my own hair for a little while as well, but with my hardy Asian black hair I’m not sure how that will turn out, lol. It suits you so well and it’s gorgeous and bright! Also, I love your blog. It’s awesome. Do you have Bloglovin too? ^^”
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    1. Thanks! What color did you have in mind? If it’s not too light, you can probably get away with mixing your own dye with 30 volume developer. If you’re planning on blonde or a really bright shade, you’d definitely have to bleach.

      I do have a Bloglovin! :D
      Thanks for stopping by! <3

      1. I would want a sort of black-to-grey ombre (that way I don’t have to redo my roots so often and it’s not as drastic) or some taro purple/purple pink through it, again mostly at the tips and as a nice gradient. I think that if I would want the grey to really show up I do need some bleaching at the tips. Thanks for the tips though! c:
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  5. I love how you can rock different colored hairstyles!! From blond to red, it all looks good on you :D. And even more bonus, you can do it yourself!! The change of redness on your hair looks pretty neat :). Your new hairdo gets my stamp of approval. Ohooo and show pics with lipstick too!! I always think you can’t have too much red…! Or how about with a red dress……

    if it’s me, it’s probably GO GOU OR GO HOME :P i don’t watch Free! anymore but i do like Gou *o* i call her princess Gou~

    your magenta is definitely like mine before i turned to chocolate. i miss my red hair but yeah, bleed too easily :\ speaking of hair dye, i probably need to retouch mine… the highlights are showing again and i have blond streaks in some parts of my hair x__x why is it so hard to remove highlights… i hate highlights ugh. honestly, i don’t know what’s my current hair color; there’s still the hints of dark red and it’s not 100% chocolate brown and i have leftover blond highlights too. good thing it’s not as horrendous as it sounds :P my hair isn’t a rainbow fest.

    some people can rock red / ginger hair and red lips but yeah, i have to agree, it’s hard to look good in that. i tried before and i instantly wiped the red lipstick off LOL it just doesn’t fit my asian face -__- on the contrary, i’m having fun playing with lip colors like corals and stuff; i’ve been wearing nude colors too long it’s time to step up the game. *queen exits*
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