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Last week was taxing, but I’m happy to say I’ve been mostly productive. Somehow, I feel much more motivated when I have a lot of things to do. Clearly the most logical time to pile on totally unnecessary, completely non-mandatory activities is when I already have a lot on my plate. I managed my time perfectly though. 10 points for Gryffindor!


My Husband Had Surgery

Last Friday, Michael had surgery for an inguinal hernia repair. He was born with it, and although it hasn’t caused him any pain or trouble, he did want it to get fixed. The entire procedure itself was fairly short. Most of our time at the hospital was just waiting around pre and post op. We had to come in before 6am, so I was pretty exhausted when we got home around lunchtime. Got us some food truck noms when we left and took it easy for the rest of the day. We stayed in over the weekend so he can have a quiet recovery.

Mike is doing very well! He was in a lot of pain the first few days, but each day he gets better. The hardest part is convincing him to let me help him do things since he still has limited mobility. He has a follow-up with his doctor next week. So far so good, so I hope there are no other complications.

I’m Psyched for Mortal Kombat

Over Mike’s recovery weekend, we watched this playthrough of Mortal Kombat 9‘s story mode. It plays like a movie with seamless transitions from cutscenes to battles. It’s a joy to watch. Although it can get gory at times, so be wary if graphic stuff makes you queasy. We set it up on full screen on one of Mike’s monitors and watched in bed. It was a lot of fun! XD If you have three and a half hours to spare, check it out!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that my husband gifted me a copy of the Komplete Edition on Steam! Wow, thank you honey! <3 He really is too sweet. Even when he's in pain, he spoils me. T_T I'm going to give him the best care ever!! I'm quite late however, since Mortal Kombat X was just released! I’m debating whether I should get it because I’m dying to know what happens next. I’m hoping the story mode gets posted on Youtube soon, so I can watch it again like a movie hehe.

I’m Being More Active Online

If you’ve been online long enough, you were most likely a member of a forum back then! I remember my first message board being a Final Fantasy forum when I was 13. I met some really cool people and made friends, though sadly I lost contact with them when my internet access got severely limited. I wonder where they are now. I hope they’re all well!

That forum was the gateway to my learning HTML. XD A few people were building their own character shrines and plugging it at the forum. I was like “Whoa, I want one too.” I signed up for a Topcities account (it looks so different now omg) and made a really crappy Card Captor Sakura page with no actual content. And thus began the early stage of my web development career.

Anyway, I’m trying to be more active again like I did back then! Kya runs Cup MB and Blog Matter, where I find myself lurking hanging around more often than Tumblr these days. I’d love it if you’d join us!

I also moderate the Beauty and Fashion group at Blog Matter. My goal is to share one link a day. It only takes five minutes to find and share a good post, so I believe I can manage that at least. If you’re into hair, makeup, and/or fashion (or hey, maybe you just want to get started and learn a few things), I encourage you to join! I’d really appreciate the support. :)

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Spring is Here!

The flowers are here!! Spring fever is on! I was beyond excited when I saw blooms at the park on my way to work. Yass, keep blooming. Surround me with flowers. 8D This is seriously my favorite time of the year. GOODBYE SNOW, HELLO NICE WEATHER.

How was your week?


  1. I look forward to seeing you more on BM! <3

    And I'm glad Michael's surgery went well. Here's to hoping further recuperation with no complications.

    Mortal Kombat!!! I loved button mashing that game to death on the arcade machines way back in the day. :D Even today, my friends and I make many references to that game.

    Anyway, I'm glad things are okay with you, even if things were hectic last week! <3
    Tara recently posted…Symphonic Selections: Symphony No. 7 ~ 1st MvtMy Profile

    1. I grew up on Tekken and Street Fighter, but I’m looking forward to getting into MK. XD I also button mashed through Tekken in arcades hahaha.

  2. Forums are really something else! I remember joining one when I was only 12. LOL. But it all revolved around artistas because I was crushing on the members of a dance group called Animé. LOL. It was pinoyexchange. Heehee! :)
    Jamie recently posted…Half-finishedMy Profile

  3. mortal kombat is starting to appear on my dashboard! i didn’t grow up with MK tbh because i grew up with tekken as my combat game, followed by bits of soul calibur and guilty gear. i didn’t even play much street fighter. but whatever, the new MK looks sweet! great graphics and all.

    omg i’m so jealous you have lots of food trucks there. there’s only one or two in here that i know of and i never even see them running, pfft. nice to know your hubby’s alright now :D and yaass, what a good hubby for giving you games fufufu~ this is how my future dude should be >:) don’t gimme flowers pfft give me video games!!

    ah, i didn’t know blogmatter’s back up! the comment exchange is no more :( ouch. i’m gonna miss that feature. i….might have forgotten my username ugh. i’ll see if i can remember it later x__x i suck.
    Alice recently posted…Life Is Strange: Chrysalis and Out Of TimeMy Profile

    1. I ship Liu Kang/Kitana so hard. :’D

      I played Tekken growing up. Xiaoyu was my go-to character coz her combos were pretty easy. XD I loved Street Fighter too, although I didn’t get to play it as much.

      Haha, I know I’m really lucky. I’m sure you can find someone who also enjoys games. :D It’s fun when you have one hobby in common!

      1. omg, i remember fighting with my cousin over xiaoyu. in tekken 3, P1 xiaoyu was dressed in red while P2 xiaoyu was dressed in blue and we fought over the P1 xiaoyu lmao. it was stupid. i didn’t get far with MK and street fighter so i don’t know. but i’ll try MK X later just so i can relate to your world *winkwink*

        yeah, psst it’s my criteria HAHAHA oh my, i really set such high standards for a significant other but eh, i’m sorry not sorry. #INTJproblemstbh
        Alice recently posted…Life Is Strange: Chrysalis and Out Of TimeMy Profile

        1. Haha, let me know if you like MK! I think starting with MK 9 would be fine. It’s like a “reboot” the way X-Men Days of Future Past was.

  4. Just wanted to say hi! I found your website through Blogmatter. :)

    I too have this goal to be “online” more. I used to be active in other forums as well (Oh those early teen years). I lost contact with all my old online friends once I hit college and “quit” this website-owning thing to focus on my major. Now that I’ve just graduated, I hope to get back to this blogging thing again. Let’s see what happens :)

    Also… I hope your husband is feeling better. Hoping for fast recovery and no further complications.
    Kaela recently posted…Millennial ChildhoodMy Profile

    1. Hi Kaela, thanks for dropping by! :)

      I was also gone for about six years before I came back last year. Blogging changed so much while I was gone!

  5. I’m glad Michael’s surgery went well and that he’s getting better each day! I hope there’ll be no other complications too :)

    Ah wow, I haven’t been keeping up with Mortal Kombat, but it’s nice to see that it’s still going. I used to love that series! I think MK2 was the first one I played, and then I played a couple afterwards before I stopped.

    I should try to be more active again too. I’m on BlogMatter but have only posted a few times ^^;; I think that’s cool that you’re sharing a link every day!

    Those flowers are so pretty! I love spring too. It’s the short break of nice weather we get before the Texas summer comes in, haha.
    Cat recently posted…Home Decor – entrywayMy Profile

    1. Thanks! He’s doing great, and the doctor cleared him of everything. :D

      I feel like I don’t have as much time to be online even though I want to. :( I remember being on forums all day after school. XD There’s too many things to do now. @_@

  6. I’m that guy! The guy who does unnecessary things on top of all the crucial, real-life jobs I have to take care of but if I didn’t multitask, I’d never do anything fun. Kudos for managing your time well!

    I’ve never, ever seen or played Mortal Kombat! It was huge when I was a kid (I suddenly feel crazy old) in arcades and such but I didn’t play much in the way of video games so I missed out on that. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, I think video games are only around to kick my butt and make me look lame. xD

    I’m glad Mike’s doing better, sending mucho good vibes for a speedy recovery with no complications!

    1. Hahaha I’m either really lazy and won’t do anything at all, or do all the things!! XD

      I was never good at fighting games either. :’D I grew up on Tekken and I was okay at it.

    1. Thanks, he’s doing awesome. :D Yes, we’re both gamers! It’s one of the things we bonded over, and it’s so much fun whenever we get to play co-op together. <3

  7. I am glad to hear that Mike is doing okay and will hopefully be back to normal soon. It was probably good to have that fixed now, rather then when he was older.

    Thank you so much for helping out and modding that category. :D It’s wonderful you want to be apart of the community. I have found that lately I have been as well. Not just in the sites that I created, but also rejoined a community that actually was the reason I started making websites. Oh, the good old days!

    All the sun and flowers. :D No more snow!

    I am kind of hoping we get snow this winter (your summer), I will take any leftovers, kthx.
    Kya recently posted…FanlistingsMy Profile

    1. I wish forums were still a big thing nowadays, if only so I can talk about my current games! I think it’s much easier to connect with people when video games are involved. :’D

      Please take all our snow!! Does it get very cold in Australia?

  8. I just figured out that the reason I was unmotivated the last few days was because I was not spending my time and energy on things worthy. I’m actually keeping up my pace now! Haha.

    I hope your husband is well now. I just want to send my warm wishes to both of you! :) Lucky you got spring there but it’s a scorching hot summer we got here. Hahaha
    Mimi Gonzales recently posted…MexiMAMA Mexican Diner at Mactan NewtownMy Profile

  9. I’m so glad that your husband Michael’s surgery went well, and I definitely hope/pray for a speedy recovery. He doesn’t seem like he is the type that likes to be fussed over. :)

    I saved the Mortal Kombat video to my Watch List on YouTube…hopefully, I’ll have time later to watch it. I used to love playing it back in the early 90s…maybe this will get me interested once again?

    Yay for being more active online! I think I’m going to par down my online activities and only concentrate on the things I truly love – my blog, Cup MB, BM. I’m definitely spreading myself thin which stresses me out. :(

    I love Spring…but it brings allergies and mosquitoes which I hate.
    Jessica recently posted…Gathering In The HeadMy Profile

    1. Thank you! He’s used to pulling his own weight so it was a challenge to get him to relax and let me do things for him. He’s much, much better now!

      I hope you like the Mortal Kombat playthrough! It definitely got me into the franchise. Better late than never. XD

      I know what you mean about online accounts. I can hardly keep up with all my social media accounts. I used to be on Tumblr all the time, but now that I’m trying out Twitter and BM, I can’t bring myself to check my dashboard these days. :(

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