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My Favorite Things is a monthly blog linkup to showcase the things you love! Every first Tuesday of the month, Eirene and I hold this linkup to make friends and discover some great stuff. :D I can’t say enough how thankful I am to everyone’s who’s been submitting. Not only do you guys keep this alive, you all have awesome things to share. Rock on!

This month, Eirene is holding the linkup on her book blog! Head on over to submit your entry, and maybe pick up a title or two. :D



My ultimate favorite this month is Pushbullet. It syncs all of your notifications across your devices as well as send files from one device to another! Whenever I get a text or call, I get a little popup on the corner my computer screen and I can even send a reply from it. This is so useful for me since I tend to ignore my phone at home in favor of chat clients. I also get notifications for new emails and tweet mentions so I’m way more on top of things now. Pushbullet is awesome!




My best friend introduced me to the Carmilla series on Youtube. Finally, a vampire romance I can get behind. 8D I watched the whole thing in one night and I went to bed at 6am. Sailing the SS Hollstein feels so good~ I hope season 2 comes out soon! Supposedly, it gets released on Spring 2015 so~

If you’re a fan on Pride and Prejudice, I also recommend The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! That was the first vlog-style adaptation I followed, and I enjoyed it a lot.



Cities: Skylines

If you like simulation games, you’ll love Cities: Skylines! I have zero architectural skills (lol these power lines), but I’m still having so much fun building my own city. The part I love most is watching the buildings go up and my citizens go about their day.

The game has a built-in Twitter called Chirpy that lets you know how the citizens feel about the city. They even use hashtags! XD I have a sustainable city that uses green energy, so they’re very happy so far! I’ve been getting a lot of fires though. T_T And traffic is getting bad! Argh, how do you plan roads??



Free! Special Episode

I know I mentioned this before, but I just had to add it to my faves. XD

NEVER FORGET MARCH 18. :’D My friends and I wouldn’t stop freaking out and mass reblogging about Free!‘s special episode. Bless. It’s ridiculously over-the-top and I love it. I’m also so happy that there is finally justice for Sousuke. ╰(*´︶`*)╯ Bahaha what a magical day.

phhhoto-1 phhhoto-2


Last but not least, Phhhoto! I signed up a few days ago, and I really like it. I’m not very active on social media but I love looking at other people’s moving pictures. It’s only available on iOS at the moment, but they’re working on an Android app so hopefully that gets released soon. Fortunately, I have my iPod Touch so I guess I’ll be taking it out with me from now on. Add me if you have one too! I’m raiscake.

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  1. Ahhhh! That moving photo thing would absolutely drive me nuts! It’s great for those who love those things, but so not for me! I guess I wouldn’t survive in a wizarding world if I had photos constantly moving on me LOL.

    Pushbullet reminds me of Boxcar, which was so unreliable. I am not certain if I’ll use that, but it’s a good resource to know about if you need an app to track all your notifications.

    Thanks again for doing this awesome link-up! I am so glad I joined in to do it regularly! ^^
    Tara recently posted…My Favourite Things: April 2015My Profile

    1. Haha I wish there was a way to edit the speed and duration! Maybe it’ll be features in the future.

      I’ve never tried Boxcar, but I really like Pushbullet. :D The only drawback is my phone has delayed notifications. If i leave it alone for a long time, it goes to sleep and I get everything all at once when I turn the screen back on. Then I get endless pings on my computer. :’D

  2. I am glad that the linkup is doing so well, it’s a really wonderful idea. :D

    I really really want to try Cities: Skylines. It looks so awesome. I tried SimCity but it was a bit…… you kind of reached a point and couldn’t do anything more and it felt blah. That game looks excellent though. I don’t think my computer could handle it though. -_-
    Kya recently posted…Good NewsMy Profile

    1. What’s your computer specs? Maybe you can run it on low graphics? That’s what I did when I just had my laptop. :’D

  3. I haven’t used Pushbullet yet! I’ve heard a lot of really good things about it. I was looking for a solution like it, since I use a Macbook the new Yosemite OS update that basically syncs all Apple devices and allows you to reply to messages, update social media, etc. I couldn’t really utilize it because I have an Android. I even looked at getting an iPhone again, but I really really love my phone now. I think Pushbullet will be my best bet and kind of a workaround to the functionality I don’t have a use for on my Mac.

    1. Pushbullet works flawlessly on Mac. :D What phone do you have? I was thinking of going back to iPhone too actually, haha. It’s hard though because I bought a lot of apps on Android, and I do like it as a platform. I would keep my phone around longer if it didn’t have that awful camera defect. :(

      1. I just saw your reply in my email today. Ooops! Better 10 days late than never, I guess. Hahaha I have an LG G3, which is okay. I’m thinking of getting the S6 since I’m due for an upgrade here in a couple weeks. Who knows. My Macbook’s on it last leg actually, so it might just be more practical to replace it for the long run.
        Shayne recently posted…For Friends In New Places (A Short Blurb)My Profile

  4. Pushbullet sounds really useful! I see many of my Steam friends playing Cities: Skyline, haha. People seem to describe it as “SimCity done right”, so I’m thinking about looking into it.

    I’m behind on Free! :( I haven’t watched the second season yet. All of the GIF sets I’ve seen of the special episode makes it look so funny though! I need to catch up!
    Cat recently posted…Wedding MemoriesMy Profile

    1. I heard that about Cities: Skylines too! Sadly, I’ve never played much SimsCity to compare, but I’m having a lot of fun with it for sure. :D

      It’s okay, I’m behind on a lot of shows too. :’D

  5. The link up sounds like a great idea! I’ve seen this done on Youtube but it never crossed my mind that it could be done on a blogger platform as well. Although I guess Youtube is a type of blogger platform, only via videos? haha

    I’ll definitely do it for the next one (hopefully I remember)! Also, Carmilla sounds so interesting. I had no idea that there were TV type/Vlog adapation shows on Youtube. So many things I have never heard of!
    Rezina recently posted…A Fresh StartMy Profile

  6. Cute! I’m having trouble keeping up with A Day in the Life as is, so another monthly linkup would be a failed one, but happy to hear about the success of your MFT one! They’re definitely interesting to see because you never know what new things you’ll discover. All my devices are Apple, so PushBullet is redundant, but it’s nice to know it exists for those who have multiple platforms from Windows to Android!

    Your new city simulation game looks pretty similar to SimCity haha so that’s also out for me too, but I had the same problems you did. Just had to upgrade my roads & make sure fire departments were built everywhere. The only problem was moneyyyyyyy, you need it to make your city better.

    You know what YT series I really got into lately that you might enjoy? The Most Popular Girls in School. It’s just so funny to me because they’re Barbies & their voices kill me every time. New YT series for you while you wait for the next season of Carmilla.
    Tiff recently posted…Shrimp Wontons & a Colombian WeddingMy Profile

    1. I keep seeing gifs of that show, but I’ve never checked it out. I shall put it on my to-watch list. Thanks Tiff!

      You’re free to join us whenever you can, or just sit back and reap the benefits, haha! I’ve gotten into a lot of things thanks to this linkup. :D

  7. I like the idea of “My Favourite Things ” Link up. I try keeping up with Georgie’s A day in the Life link up and for two consequent months I some how have managed! (yay)
    I hadn’t heard of Pushbullet yet…. seems like a good one…. I’ll surely give it a try! :)
    Bhairavee recently posted…Exam and Movies!My Profile

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